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Tribunal:Adamantium Ore

Tribunal: Alchemy / Items: Ingredients
Adamantium Ore
Adamantium Ore
Value 300 Weight 50.0
Alchemy Effects
1st Burden Burden
2nd Restore Magicka Restore Magicka
3rd Poison Poison
4th Reflect Reflect
# Samples 0
Ore Raw Adamantium  % 60
# Rocks 20
Mined Adamantium Ore
An Adamantium Ore deposit
A deposit in volcanic rock

Adamantium Ore can be mined from Raw Adamantium deposits found in various locations beneath Mournhold. The primary use of Adamantium Ore is to obtain custom Adamantium Armor from Bols Indalen.

Only twenty Raw Adamantium rocks exist, each of which only has a 60% chance of containing ore, and none of the rocks respawn, except on the Xbox version. Therefore, you may want to save before entering cells containing the ore rocks, and reloading if any are empty, to maximize the number of ore samples you obtain (saving and reloading after the cell and its contents have been generated will not work). The twenty Raw Adamantium rocks are found in the following locations:

While Adamantium Ore is technically an ingredient, you might want to think twice before using it to make potions. Restore Magicka and Reflect effects are readily available on more common ingredients. On the other hand, Adamantium Ore is the only way to create custom Adamantium Armor, which includes the strongest medium helmet in the game. The rest of the set loses that title to the Stalhrim armor from Bloodmoon (the Adamantium helmet has an armor rating of 70, compared to the rest of the set's 40, while Stalhrim armor is 50). The following chart details the amount of ore necessary for each piece of armor:

Armor Ore Gold
Cuirass 10 6000
Pauldron * 7 500
Bracer * 4 600
Greaves 6 6000
Boots 3 4200
Helm 4 3000
Total 45 21400

* Numbers given are for each. Double them for a matched pair.

Although 45 pieces of ore would be necessary to make a complete set of Adamantium Armor, at most 20 pieces of ore can be obtained on the PC version of the game. If you are playing this version and wish to avoid killing people to complete your set of armor, you should use your ore to create the Adamantium Greaves and Pauldrons – all other pieces can be found in various locations under the city (as detailed at Tribunal:Adamantium Armor). Even so, the greaves and pauldrons alone require 20 pieces of ore, meaning that every possible piece of ore must be mined.

Adamantium Ore is by far the heaviest ingredient in the game, being five times the weight of Scrap Metal or Raw Ebony, which are the heaviest without the Tribunal expansion. Bringing the companion Calvus Horatius and/or a Pack Rat along to help you carry them may be a good idea. Alternatively, you can use Mark and Recall spells to facilitate the mining operations.


  • In the Xbox version of the game, Adamantium Ore can be made to respawn inside any of its rock containers, simply by leaving and re-entering the area, without even the need to wait as one would for a respawning plant. With this big difference, you don't actually need to worry about the number of rocks you find, because you can easily get infinite pieces. ?