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Bloodmoon:Snow Bear Pelt

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Snow Bear Pelt
Snow Bear Pelt
Value 2 Weight 1.0
Alchemy Effects
1st Drain Fatigue Drain Fatigue
2nd Fortify Speed Fortify Speed
3rd Resist Common Disease Resist Common Disease
4th Night Eye Night Eye
# Samples 0
Creature Snow Bears % 100
Found Hirstaang Forest
Snow Bear Pelts
A Snow Bear

Snow Bear Pelts are collected from the bodies of snow bears. Each bear will produce two pelts. They can be used to create custom snow bear armor. Brynjolfr outside Thirsk can provide this service for you. His prices are as follows:

Armor Pelts Gold
Cuirass 5 6000
Pauldron* 2 1000
Gauntlet* 2 1000
Greaves 4 5000
Boots 3 3000
Helm 2 2000

*Numbers listed are for each piece. Double them for a matched pair.

Snow Bears are very rare and can only be found in a few places:

  • Hirstaang Forest, [-19,18] (2 Bears)
  • Hirstaang Forest, [-23,16] (1 Bear)
  • Hirstaang Forest, [-24,16] (1 Bear)
  • Hirstaang Forest, [-26,19] (1 Bear)

They will respawn every couple of days, so you can eventually collect enough pelts to produce a full set of armor.

You can also acquire five snow bear pelts from Lassnr as a reward for completing the quest Tymvaul in the Well.

The locations of the snow bears can be seen on the (map).