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Morrowind:Redoran Council Hall

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Guild Hall:
Redoran Council Hall
(view on map)
House Steward Neminda
Console Location Code(s)
Ald-ruhn, Redoran Council Entrance
Ald-ruhn, Redoran Council Hall
Ald-ruhn, Practice Room
Ald-ruhn, Malpenix Blonia: Trader
Ald-ruhn, Tuveso Beleth: Smith
Ald-ruhn, Council Hostel
Ald-ruhn, Morvayn Quarters
Ald-ruhn, Boldrisa Andrano's House
Ald-ruhn, Galsa Gindu's House
Ald-ruhn, Goras Andrelo's House
Ald-ruhn, Guls Llervu's House
Ald'ruhn, [-2,7]
The Redoran Council Hall

Redoran Council Hall is located Under-Skar in the Manor District.

MW-banner-House Redoran.png

If you have the Entertainers official plugin installed, a copy of The Battle of Molag Beran can be found in the Morvayn Quarters.

Inside the Redoran Council Hall

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

House RedoranEdit


Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Boldrisa Andrano   Dark Elf Agent House Redoran Oathman(Oathman) 7 66 94 0 30 Boldrisa Andrano's House Trainer
Mistress Brara Morvayn   Dark Elf Noble House Redoran Councilman(Councilman) 19 142 138 90 30 Morvayn Quarters
Deval Beleth   Dark Elf Pilgrim 4 63 86 0 30 Tuveso Beleth: Smith
Galsa Gindu   Dark Elf Noble House Redoran Hireling(Hireling) 7 71 100 0 30 Galsa Gindu's House
Goras Andrelo   Dark Elf Scout House Redoran Oathman(Oathman) 7 90 94 0 30 Goras Andrelo's House Trainer
Guls Llervu   Dark Elf Priest Service House Redoran Lawman(Lawman) 10 77 106 100 30 Guls Llervu's House Merchant;
Spell Merchant;
Malpenix Blonia   Imperial Trader Service House Redoran Kinsman(Kinsman) 12 112 116 100 30 Malpenix Blonia: Trader Merchant
Mivanu Andrelo   Dark Elf Savant House Redoran Lawman(Lawman) 12 89 142 0 30 Goras Andrelo's House
Mivanu Retheran   Dark Elf Savant Service House Redoran Lawman(Lawman) 12 89 142 100 30 Council Hall Merchant; Trainer
Mondros Balur   Dark Elf Master-at-Arms House Redoran Oathman(Oathman) 17 187 106 100 30 Morvayn Quarters Trainer
Neminda   Redguard Drillmaster House Redoran Kinsman(Kinsman) 14 133 100 90 30 Council Entrance
Nilos Talds   Dark Elf Warrior House Redoran Hireling(Hireling) 14 161 100 100 30 Morvayn Quarters
Tuveso Beleth   Dark Elf Smith House Redoran Oathman(Oathman) 18 182 108 100 30 Tuveso Beleth: Smith Merchant; Repairs
Vonden Mano   Dark Elf Master-at-Arms House Redoran House Father(House Father) 20 208 110 0 30 Practice Room Trainer


  • The door to the Morvayn Quarters is on the ground floor of the Redoran Council Hall, but there is no corresponding map icon with the name displayed. This is because there is another door (to Galsa Gindu's House) immediately above it, with its own icon covering the one beneath.


Map of the Redoran Council Hall
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