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Morrowind: Places: Strongholds
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# of Zones 10
Almsivi Intervention Ald'ruhn
Divine Intervention Buckmoth Legion Fort
Ash Creatures
Console Location Code(s)
Kogoruhn, Bleeding Heart
Kogoruhn, Charma's Breath
Kogoruhn, Dome of Pollock's Eve
Kogoruhn, Dome of Urso
Kogoruhn, Hall of Maki
Kogoruhn, Hall of Phisto
Kogoruhn, Hall of the Watchful Touch
Kogoruhn, Nabith Waterway
Kogoruhn, Temple of Fey
Kogoruhn, Vault of Aerode
Ashlands, [0,14]
Kogoruhn, Ashlands Region

Kogoruhn is an ancient Dunmer stronghold.

It is in the far northern Ashlands, southeast of the Urshilaku Camp, and due east of Falasmaryon.

Kogoruhn, whose name means "Unbreakable Home", is the lost stronghold of the Sixth House, House Dagoth. It lies in ruin, and its location is generally forgotten. Its propylon chamber, if it had one, no longer exists, and the stronghold is not part of the propylon transportation system which links the remaining Dunmer strongholds.

The stronghold may seem akin to the other ancient Dunmer fortresses scattered around Vvardenfell, but is in fact much more dangerous, as it is inhabited by a variety of both leveled and set ash creatures and daedra. Outside of Ghostfence, it is the primary Sixth House base, and also features extensive tunnels under the stronghold, with connections inside the Ghostfence just to the east of Vemynal.

The stronghold contains some very valuable items, some of which are required for the main quest. The Halls hold relics of House Dagoth, as well as fallen adventurers, one of whom carries the unique claymore Fury and an incomplete set of glass armor. There is also a glass halberd beside the table near the dead adventurer. A dead Khajiit in a nearby cell is carrying an ebony shortsword. Other notable items are a Sixth House Bell Hammer in the Temple of Fey, an ebony spear sticking from a desk in the Hall of the Watchful Touch, and a dwarven mace lying on a crate in the Nabith Waterway. Finally, in the Bleeding Heart section you can find a pair of daedric gauntlets, an Orcish warhammer, and the Shadow Shield, which you will need to acquire to complete the Path of the Incarnate.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Feril Salmyn Male Dark Elf Warrior 13 0 25 0 0 [0,14] Dead

Unique CreaturesEdit

Dagoth Baler Ash Ghoul Undead 16 300 (Grand) 240 300 Hall of the Watchful Touch Repair Merchant (0 gold), can speak
Dagoth Daynil Ash Ghoul Ash Creature 16 300 (Grand) 240 300 Charma's Breath Repair Merchant (0 gold)
Dagoth Delnus Ash Ghoul Ash Creature 16 300 (Grand) 240 300 Hall of Phisto Repair Merchant (0 gold), can speak
Dagoth Elam Ash Ghoul Ash Creature 16 300 (Grand) 240 300 Bleeding Heart Repair Merchant (0 gold)
Dagoth Fervas Ash Ghoul Ash Creature 16 300 (Grand) 240 300 Charma's Breath Repair Merchant (0 gold), can speak
Dagoth Girer Ash Ghoul Ash Creature 16 300 (Grand) 240 300 Dome of Pollock's Eve Repair Merchant (0 gold), can speak
Dagoth Ralas Ash Ghoul Ash Creature 16 300 (Grand) 240 300 Nabith Waterway Repair Merchant (0 gold), can speak
Dagoth Reler Ascended Sleeper Ash Creature 20 330 (Grand) 280 340 Dome of Urso None Can speak
Dagoth Ulen Ascended Sleeper Ash Creature 20 330 (Grand) 280 340 Vault of Aerode None Can speak
Dagoth Uvil Ascended Sleeper Ash Creature 20 330 (Grand) 280 340 Temple of Fey None Can speak
Dagoth Uthol Ash Vampire Ash Creature 30 340 (Grand) 300 350 Charma's Breath None Can speak

† Dagoth Baler is unique among ash ghouls in that he actually is considered undead by the game; for example Turn Undead spells will work on him.

  • Note: All unique creatures in Kogoruhn have an Alarm stat of 0, and a Fight stat of 90.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

Tribunal TempleEdit


Writing on the floor in the Dome of Urso
  • For an easier time getting the Shadow Shield, it is possible to enter Charma's Breath directly from Red Mountain, which bypasses a large majority of the entire dungeon. Be prepared, though, to fight or evade the ash vampire that is immediately inside that entrance.
  • In the Dome of Pollock's Eve there is "THE DREAMER IS AWAKE" written on the floor using blood red daedric letters. The same phrase is found in the Dome of Urso, but it is written with the Latin alphabet.
  • In the Vault of Aerode, in a room with a bonelord, there is a House Dagoth symbol drawn on the floor in stacks of gold coins totaling 284 gold.
  • Kogoruhn returns in ESO as part of the Forgotten Wastes.


Kogoruhn, and the Sewers and Caverns underneath