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Artifact: Warlock's Ring
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Shares Appearance With Nothing, it has no appearance
Weight Weight 0 kg
Shalidor's Mirror, Fortify Speed, Heals

"The Warlock's Ring of the Arch-Mage Syrabane is one of the most popular relics of myth and fable. In Tamriel's ancient history, Syrabane saved all of the continent by judicious use of his Ring, and ever since, it has helped adventurers with less lofty goals. It is best known for its ability to reflect spells cast at its wearer and to improve his or her speed and health, though it may have additional powers. No adventurer can wear the Warlock's Ring for long, for it is said the Ring is Syrabane's alone to command."Codex Scientia

The Warlock's Ring is a ring artifact that can be obtained by taking part in an artifact quest. Per the Codex Scientia, this quest can be started anywhere but Morrowind. The artifact itself will be found in Elsweyr or Morrowind.

Quest DialogueEdit

Quest-starting Rumors
  • "I've heard that there's some guy in town who knows the newest wherebouts [sic] of one of the surviving relics of the Arch-Warlock Syrabane, a ring or something. I bet he's going to ask for a lot of money in exchange for the information, but the Warlock's Ring is supposed to be quite powerful. He's in the [Tavern name] to the [Direction], if you're interested."
  • "If the Mages Guild or the Necromancers knew he was here, his life wouldn't be worth a copper, but over to the [Direction] at the [Tavern name] you'll find a chap who knows how to find the lost Ring of the Warlock. I'm certain he'll want some money for his information, but I couldn't say exactly how much. Whatever amount, it's worth it."
  • "Ever heard the tale of the Arch-Warlock Syrabane who once saved [Province], in fact, all of Tamriel? Well, there's a gent over [Direction] at the [Tavern name] who says he knows how to find Syrabane's ring. If he's telling the truth, any amount of gold is worth his information. The Ring of the Warlock has all the defensive power of Syrabane if you can wield it."

Tavern Encounters

  • "You want to know about the Warlock's Ring, kid?" The man to your left quaffs his ale and turns to you, his eyes red from fatigue. "Name's [NPC name]. I can see from that look in your eye you're interested in power. Well, the Ring has all the defensive power of its maker, the Arch-Warlock Syrabane. Whether you can control it or not isn't my concern. All I can do is show you how to find the Ring, and I'm going to need [Amount of gold] gold for that."
  • "I don't know what good it'll do you, kid," replies a deep [Province] voice behind you. You turn to see a figure standing in the shadows of the [tavern name]. "From the looks of you, you ain't no Syrabane. It'll protect ya from certain things, but folks are known to get a bit foolhardy with that power. Might be dangerous. Still, I'll tell you exactly how to find it if you're interested. And because I like your guts, I'll only ask for [Amount of gold] gold. What do you think?"
  • The man next to you laughs when you mention the Warlock's Ring. "You'll want to talk to me about that then, [PC race]." His dark eyes lose their humor. "In the hands of the Arch-Warlock Syrabane that Ring saved all Tamriel. In your hands, perhaps it will be nothing more than a good defense against an aggressive Battlemage or Nightblade. Still, I am in no position to chose [sic] to whom I wish to share my information about the Ring's location. If you have [Amount of gold] gold for me, all my knowledge is yours. Agreed?"


  • "There's a fine line between shrewd bartering and outright insults, and you've crossed it. Make a legitimate offer this time."
  • "Ha. Make me a less amusing offer or stop wasting my time, [PC race]."
  • "Not even close, [PC race]. Is that the best you can offer?"
  • "What a disappointment. Goodbye then. I'll be at [tavern] for [number of] more days if you change your mind."
  • "Sorry we couldn't help one another, [PC race]. I'm staying here at [tavern] for [number of] more days, so if there's a change in your courage or your purse size, look me up. Goodbye."
  • "Fine. Please excuse me while I look for truly adventurous parties. The offer and I will be here for [number of] days and then we're leaving fair [Settlement name]. Free advice: come back with gold."
  • "I understand your position, trying to get the best price you can. Let's say [Amount of gold] gold, shall we?"
  • "No, no, no. Let's try again. I'll tell you everything I know for [Amount of gold] gold."
  • "I'd like to, but I can't accept that. Would you agree to [Amount of gold] gold?"

New encounter after rejecting the quest:

  • "I wasn't sure I'd see you again, [PC race]," says [NPC name], coming to the bar at the sound of your voice. "I haven't had any other takers yet, but my offer for showing you the way to the Warlock's Ring stands at [Amount of gold] gold. Are you prepared to pay that much?"
  • You hear a cough behind you and [NPC name] appears, looking somewhat dejected. "Good to see you, [PC race]," he says. "I haven't had any luck yet. Seems anyone who believes the Warlock's Ring exists doesn't have the gold to pay for my information. Are you ready to pay the [Amount of gold] gold?"
  • [NPC name] stands up from the far end of the bar and comes to join you at the mention of the Warlock's Ring. He is still in his black costume, and his mood reflects that color. "Oh, it's you again, [PC race]. Listen, I was just talking to someone else who seems interested, so if you don't have the [Amount of gold] gold we discussed last time, don't waste my time."'


  • "All right, I suppose we can do business then. The secret of Syrabane is in the province of Morrowind, in a place called the [Dungeon name]. You will find a map there to the dungeons where the Warlock's Ring is said to return by Syrabane's post-mortal magic. I have inscribed the location of this map onto your continental map. I hope you use the Warlock's Ring wisely. It is a powerful aid in reflecting spells..."


  • Page 120 of The Codex Scientia erroneously refers to the artifact as the Amulet of the Warlock.