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Skyrim:No Contest

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Take part in a fishing contest.
Quest Giver: Viriya
Location(s): Morthal
Prerequisite Quest: Heart of Gold
Next Quest: Crustacean Extermination
Reward: Warlock's Ring
ID: ccBGSSSE001_Misc_Morthal
Added by: Fishing
Face the fishing challenge issued by Brutius of Morthal

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Viriya and read the contest notice.
  2. Travel to Morthal and make a wager with Brutius.
  3. Locate the fishing spot east of Morthal.
  4. Defend yourself.
  5. Read Brutius's Journal and fish up the Warlock's Ring.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

This quest can be started after Heart of Gold has been completed by talking to Viriya:

Know of anyone in need of fishing work around Skyrim?
"You're headed to Morthal. It's all in this note."

She will then hand you a notice about a fishing contest in Morthal. Read it and then head to Morthal to meet up with Brutius, speak to him:

I'm here for the fishing contest. Are you ready to begin?
You're Brutius? I expected someone younger. You're just a feeble old man.
"I don't have to take that from you!"
Shall we make a wager, then?
"How much?"
100 gold.
500 gold.
1000 gold!
Where shall we hold the contest?
"Here's where you need to go."
The fishing spot
The fishing spot with Myrwatch installed

The fishing contest spot is east of Morthal and will be marked on your map. When you arrive you will find out the contest is a trap, with Brutius and two bandits ambushing you. You may have to wait a little while for them to arrive. Brutius and the two bandits are all mages and will use magic attacks against you.

Once you have dispatched of the ambushers, loot the bandits who both have a full set of vagrant robes on and then search Brutius for his journal. The journal tells of how Brutius has been leading other victims to the same ambush and how he dropped his ring in the river. Look for the fishing supplies by the river to fish for the ring. If you don't have a rod, Brutius has one on his body. Eventually you will fish up the Warlock's Ring, ending the quest.


  • The fishing spot for this quest is just across the river from Myrwatch, added by the Myrwatch Creation. This Creation previously made mention of the Warlock's Ring, but this reference was removed soon after its release. It can therefore be assumed that the tower being fully in frame when you retrieve the ring during this quest is not coincidental.

Quest StagesEdit

No Contest (ccBGSSSE001_Misc_Morthal)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 A fisherman named Brutius is challenging anyone who would face him to a fishing contest. He requires his challengers to make a wager on who the better fisher is. If I want to test my fishing abilities against him, I should meet him on the docks in Morthal.
Objective 0: Talk to Brutius in Morthal about a fishing contest
10 I placed a bet with Brutius that I could best him in a fishing contest. He marked where we will have the contest on my map. I should meet him there when I am ready to face him.
Objective 10: Meet Brutius at the fishing spot
Objective 15: Defeat Brutius
20 It seems that the fishing contest was nothing more than a trap. Brutius and several other wizards ambushed me as soon as I arrived at the location for the fishing contest. I will have to defeat them before I can find any answers.
Objective 20: Defeat the ambushers
30 I defeated Brutius and the rest of his ambushers. I should search him to see if he kept a journal of his misdeeds.
Objective 30: Search Brutius
30 I defeated Brutius, who turned out to be a wizard disguised as a fisherman. I wonder what other secrets he might have been keeping. I should search him to see if he kept a journal.
Objective 30: Search Brutius
40 On Brutius's body, I found a journal. I should read it to discover what secrets he's been keeping.
Objective 40: Read Brutius's journal
50 It seems that Brutius was a wizard that has been luring unsuspecting fisherman into the woods under the guise of a fishing contest, only to slay and rob them. Of note is an enchanted ring that he recently lost in the river at the fishing spot he lured his victims. I might be able to claim it if I try fishing there myself.
Objective 50: Fish up Brutius's lost ring
200 Finishes quest  Tamriel is a better place without Brutius preying upon the citizens of Morthal. I also managed to fish up the Warlock's Ring, the ring Bruitus [sic] lost at the spot near the river where he lured his victims.
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