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Hackwings are described as both large birds and flying lizards with saw-like beaks, both expressions which are often interchanged. They travel in large flocks and have the tendency to swarm when they feel threatened. They strike quickly in an attempt to wound or knock down their prey. They will fly off after wounding their victim, only to come back when the victim is almost dead from blood loss. Their victims are then ripped apart with the hackwings' saw-like beaks.

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A hag

Witches who have been corrupted by dark nature magic. They are not to be confused with hagravens. At least some hags can produce an a aphrodisiac known as Hag's Breath[1].

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A hagraven

Hagravens are creatures of corruption and decay that appear as a horrific cross between an old crone and a bird. Usually they are extremely hostile to outsiders, but they retain the ability to communicate. They are equally dangerous up close or when casting spells from afar. They can often be found in the company of Reachmen clans, who often revere hagravens as their Matriarchs and leaders, or dwelling in secret groves and lairs in the wilderness with other witches and hags. Few creatures match the cunning, depravity, and repulsiveness of the hagravens. They will take through savagery what they cannot win through guile.

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Haj MotaEdit

A Haj Mota

Haj mota are large amphibious creatures with a jagged shell and a powerful webbed tail. They are ambush predators and wait patiently in concealment until its prey comes into their attack range.[2] They spew poison and are known to burrow underground. Haj mota mostly inhabit Black Marsh and the Verdigris Haj Mota can be found there, often hidden in algae-covered pools where its color acts as camouflage, but Haj Mota can also be found in the marshes of Hammerfell's Hew's Bane peninsula. The beasts are exceptionally hard to tame, although hatchlings are sometimes kept as pets.[3]

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The ghostly apparition of a hare

A long-eared animal that is often hunted. Herma Mora is sometimes depicted as a hare.

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A harpy

Harpies are fierce, carnivorous, feminine humanoids with the wings of a bird. They are common nuisance around the Iliac Bay area, particularly in Lainlyn, but are found wherever there are rocky cliffs and crags suitable for their nests. They also build their nests in abandoned ruins. While their maniacal nature makes them somewhat less-than-brilliant tacticians, their sharp talons and frenzied behavior often force kingdoms to abandon lands to their use. Mercenary groups like the Fighters Guild are sometimes hired to clear out harpy nests for groups that pass through their territory, such as traveling merchants. Harpy feathers are very valuable, prized by tailors and quill merchants alike. Harpy down can be spun with fine sheep's wool to make a sturdy material for mages' robes. Harpies tend to smell foul.

For more information, see the main lore article.

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A Harvester

Harvesters are intelligent, four-armed Daedra who serve Molag Bal. Their duty among his servants is to preside over sacrifices or the stealing of souls. They act alone, and care little for concepts such as societal rank, unlike the Dremora. Harvesters have the torso of a woman and the body of a serpent. They have piercing blue eyes just like their master. Barbed gauntlets adorn their wrists, matching the harsh spikes running down their backs and the frilled crown of horns atop their heads. Dark plates of ebony are fused to their skin.

Despite having many arms, their hands are not as suited for wielding blades as one might think. Instead, Harvesters opt to utilize the arts of conjuring and illusion. They possess the ability to tear a mortal's soul straight from its body. Harvesters feast on mortal vitality using their powerful sorcery. Said vitality appears in the form of dark orbs that emerge from their victims and gravitate towards the Harvester. When broken, these orbs will return the victim's strength.

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A hawk

Hawks are birds found throughout Skyrim. They are hunted for their beaks, feathers and eggs, which can be used as alchemy ingredients. They are territorial animals who rarely venture far from their nests. Though predatory, they only hunt smaller birds and vermin. Trained hawks have been used to convey orders during battle.[4] Undead variants are known as Bone Hawks.[5]

The ancient Atmorans worshiped the hawk, alongside several other animal totems.[6] Nords often associate the goddess Kyne with the hawk,[7] and are known to use stylized motifs of the bird in their architecture, crafts, and clothing.[8] Similarly, the Khajiiti goddess Khenarthi is sometimes represented as a great hawk.[9]

The hawk's keen sight, accuracy, and rending claws inspired the sword-songs of the Ra Gada, and they were known to engrave their blades with the wings of the hawk.[10] During the Chimeri exodus to Morrowind, Saint Veloth was supposedly guided by a great hawk in the sky.[11] The town of Santaki was home to an order of knights named after the hawk during the Third Era.

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Hell HoundEdit

A hell hound

These canines are actually from the nether planes, usually summoned by some powerful being to perform a service. They can attack with their powerful jaws or fire breath.[12] They can be found near lava.[13] Similar creatures include the Timber Wolf, Snow Wolf, Dog, Wolf, Bonewolf, Skinned Hound, and Death Hound.

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Helstrom Ancestor LizardEdit

A Helstrom Ancestor Lizard

Helstrom Ancestor Lizards are a variant of Ancestor Lizard, tree-dwelling swamp lizards native to the Black Marsh and believed to be the ancestors of Argonians. This green-skinned variant is named for the city of Helstrom.[14]

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A Hemonculous

A Hemonculous is a blood wraith associated with profane blood ritual sacrifices.

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This article is about the Daedra. For the island of the same name, see Herne.

A Herne

These Daedra are slightly intelligent hunters seen in service to Mehrunes Dagon and Clavicus Vile. Possibly somewhat related to the Morphoid Daedra and the Scamps.

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A heron

Passive birds that inhabit Hew's Bane, the Gold Coast, and Summerset.

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Creatures that inhabited the forests of Valenwood prior to the arrival of the Aldmer's arrival to the province.[15]

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Hircine's HareEdit

The Hare takes the form of an Indrik

During Hircine's Great Hunt, participants hunt a target, or "Hare". While the Hare of the Great Hunt that is chosen can be an unfortunate mortal,[16] a shapeshifting creature may be chosen to be the hare, whose form is dependant on the hunt Hircine determines.[UOL 1] [17]

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A hoarvor

Hoarvors are large ticks that drink blood to survive. They can generally be found among dense foliage and in damp locations. Riverbeds and filth-ridden areas are a good place to find them. Hoarvors are not quick to strike a lone enemy. However, in groups or in the presence of abundant food, they are known to strike swiftly and with ferocity. They don't hunt so much as they come upon their prey. Hoarvors will commonly feed on sleeping, injured, dead and dying creatures. They are skilled at locating areas of strong blood flow from which to feed, where they drink from using a proboscis.

Hoarvor infestations are notoriously difficult to stamp out. Simple things like a drunkard left passed out in the streets at night or a pet left uncared for is enough to attract an infestation. It is said that placing frost salts in a circle around one's home is useful when trying to deter hoarvors from approaching. Jagga is known to drive them into a frenzy. Pickled hoarvor is a common snack for road-bound travelers. Hoarvor skin and bloat sacs can be used to create a variety of goods. Hoarvors are associated with Namiira, and can cross from the Dark Behind the World to Nirn in areas ravaged by the Dro-m'Athra.

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Hoarvor DaedraEdit

A hoarvor daedra

Grotesque hoarvor-like Daedra associated with Mephala.

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A hairless monkey-like creature which was used as an assistant by the chefs on Umbriel. They have long arms and legs, very long, thin, delicate fingers, huge toothless mouths, large green eyes and very simple language skills.


The Hollow

The Hollow are magical stone-constructs of the Wilderking that live in the province of Valenwood, specifically in the great plains of Greenshade, the Wilderking Court. Their sole purpose is to protect the court and to enact the absolute will of the Wilderking and the forest of Valenwood, only appearing from the ground when they are needed. Once their purpose has been done, they remain dormant underground or reside in the Hollow Den, directly north of Greenheart. While they themselves have a free conscious amongst each other, they do not have an autonomous will and act entirely by their gods, with the exception being the original template, Sumiril.

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A homonculus

A strange being created by a high level wizard who has somehow combined the properties of certain spells with parts of various demons. These creatures are often set to guard areas, using their ability to fly to patrol corridors. May be related to imps; not to be confused with hemonculous.

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"Another of the All-Maker's wondrous creations. These creatures provide a great deal for our people. They are strong swimmers and fierce fighters, on land and in the sea." — A Skaal

An aquatic mammal with three tusks, two long flippers and a strong tail. They are native to Solstheim, Skyrim, and northeastern High Rock. Although usually passive, they will attack when provoked or during mating season. Lake Fjalding is the mating grounds for the horkers of Solstheim.

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A herd of horses

A domesticated quadrupedal animal used for travel. They may occasionally be eaten, but this is considered in bad taste. See also: Bay horse, Black horse, Chestnut horse, Paint horse, and White horse.

Hulking FabricantEdit

A hulking fabricant

Hulking Fabricants are horrid creatures created by Sotha Sil, resembling an undersized dragon with six legs and a tail stinger. They seem to be more strong than fast and attack with claws, fangs, and tail.

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A hunger

The Hunger is one of the many daedric servants of Daedra Lord Boethiah and is known for its long tongue, demonic appearance, and uncanny ability to quickly destroy its opponents' armor and weapons. The Hunger uses its long tongue to attack as well as its claws and spells. Sheogorath allows them to roam his realm as pets, as they appeal to the demented side of his personality. Their tongue is notable among alchemists for being used as an ingredient in potions to cure diseases and poisons.


A Huntsman

Huntsman are the revered and mysterious humanoid servants of Hircine from the Hunting Grounds that have daedric hearts. These daedra make references to wearing the skin of their mortal prey to live as them on Nirn, which they will make their hunting grounds. It is not uncommon for worshippers of Hircine to emulate the clothing of a Huntsman as a proxy of worship to Hircine.

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An armored husky

Huskies are a strong breed of dog, capable in battle against deadly beast and warriors. They are often bred to accompany members of the Dawnguard and the Vigil of Stendarr. Special armor is forged for huskies giving them an edge in combat.

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Creatures that inhabited the forests of Valenwood prior to the Aldmer's arrival to the province.[15] They are mentioned in Mankar Camoran's commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes.[18]

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