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"Before you fight, find out what you're fighting for" – Saint Delyn[1]
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Delyn statue
Race Dunmer Gender Male

Saint Delyn the Wise is the Dunmeri patron saint of Potters and Glassmakers. Delyn was once the head of House Indoril, as well as a skilled lawyer and author of many treatises on Tribunal law and custom.[2][3] Delyn was canonized by the Tribunal, and shrines to him could be found in Tribunal temples.

All Temple shrine offerings grant cures of common diseases, of blight diseases, and of afflictions of poison. Offerings made to the shrine of Saint Delyn additionally grant Shield of St. Delyn, for resistance to blight diseases.[4][5]

During the Ordinator vestment routine, initiates recite a prayer to St. Delyn as they help glove the ordinator, starting with the left gauntlet.[6]

One of the cantons of Vivec was named in his honor, and, naturally, many guilds of potters and glassmakers were headquartered there. The canton also had an abbey dedicated to Delyn on the highest level of it.[7] A statue of Delyn was erected on the upper outer levels.[8][9] The same was done for Olms, and together they were called the Twin Saints.[UOL 1]



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