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Saint Aralor
MW-shrine-Saint Aralor.jpeg
Saint Aralor depiction
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Resided in Vvardenfell

Saint Aralor the Penitent is the Dunmeri Patron of Tanners and Miners. A condemned criminal, Aralor repented his sins and made a circuit of the great pilgrimages on his knees.[1] For the Tribunal Temple, he serves as an example that it is possible for anyone to truly repent and start anew. His famed hair shirt is an artifact coveted by the Tribunal Temple.[2] Additionally, Ordinators recite a devotional to St. Aralor as part of the ceremony to don their armor. [3]

Offerings made to Saint Aralor would grant 'Aralor's Intervention', fortifying one's character.[4]