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An Alit
Type Beast (Reptile)
Range Black Marsh, Elsweyr, Morrowind, Valenwood (invasive)
Hunting Grounds
Appears in

Morrowind, ESO, Legends

Alits (or Dusky Alits)[1] are tailless, bipedal omnivorous reptiles that are native to Morrowind and Black Marsh.[2][3] They also inhabit parts of Elsweyr, such as the island of Khenarthi's Roost,[4] and a species of brown Desert Alits live in Northern Elsweyr.[5][3] Alits can also be found in Valenwood, though they are not native to the region. Animal enthusiasts from Valenwood used to import the creatures. A good deal of them escaped captivity, and now alits roam the southwestern forests.[6] They are related to guar, kagouti, and wormmouths.[6][7]

Behavior and DietEdit

Built like the kagouti, the Alit has a large head and protruding jaw, and when running on its short, stumpy legs, it looks like a big toothy mouth with feet.[8][4] While they lack the stature of their kagouti cousins, they possess a more vicious temperament and more cunning attack instinct.[9] They attack by biting and can jump deceptively high.[4]

They are solitary creatures, and prefer easy prey such as sheep.[4] They are known to eat the 'meat-husks' left behind when a nix-hound drains their prey of bodily fluids.[10] Though sometimes impatient alits will fight with nix-hounds over a fresh kill.[UOL 1] Like guar, they also supplement their nutrition by rooting.[6] Alits are known to carry diseases such as ataxia,[11][2] black-heart blight,[2] and rockjoint.[1]


Alits have tough skin and chewy meat,[5] and their hides make a serviceable multi-purpose leather.[12] The Ashlanders value their tanned hides highly,[9] as they make use of them as trade goods.[12] The material has applications for armor crafting and alchemy.[13][14]


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