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A goat

Goats are passive creatures that are commonly kept as livestock in Tamriel. In the wild, they can usually be found on mountain slopes.[1] They are hunted for their hide, meat, and horns.[2] Goats are also kept by mortals for their milk, which can be drunk or used to make cheese.[3][4] Goats are also kept as pets.[5][6] Every part of the goat is suitable for eating, except the horns.[7] Goat horns are used to make a variety of products, such as bugles[8] and holders for light sources, such as candles.[9]

Goats are commonly used as sacrifices in Daedric rituals,[10] and some are bred explicitly for this purpose.[11] The white goats of Ninendava are rumored to lead mortals through some of said rituals.[10] The brown goats that hail from the Dragontail Mountains are stronger than they appear.[12] The goats of Wrothgar are hardy and well-suited to the region's rugged terrain and changeable climate.[13] Orc goatherds tend to prize their Buck Goats, which have a tendency to be intelligent and pugnacious.[13] These goats make for good companions.[13] Goat specters can be found in Hircine's Hunting Grounds.[14] The goats that live along the mountains of Skyrim have shaggy pelts.[15]

Some of the Reachfolk clans ritually sacrifice goats as a form of offering to the ghosts of venerated ancestors and ancient heroes.[16]


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