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Queen Arlimahera
Race Redguard Gender Female
Previous Ruler Ar-Azal
Next Ruler Ramzi the Distrait
Resided in Hegathe

Arlimahera was the High Queen of Hammerfell in the mid-Second Era. In life, she was one of two wives of High King Ar-Azal, whose ascension to the throne brought peace between the rival parties, the Crowns and Forebears.[1] In her time as monarch, she acquired the sobriquet of the "Blood Queen."[2]


Arlimahera was born to a royal family of Crowns, as the fierce and clever daughter of Murahd, the Crown Grandee of Rihad in southern Hammerfell. She was married to the then newly-named High King of Hammerfell, Ar-Azal, alongside with Fereshtah, the daughter of the Forebears Grandee of Sentinel, Ebrahim. The three together had split the rift between the ancient groups and had created a more unified Hammerfell under the Phyllocid Dynasty.[1]

Arlimahera was remembered as a ruthless leader and conqueror, often speaking of slaying her enemies with her own hand. But according to her old journal written in 2E 412, she would employ the Dark Brotherhood and their leader, the Night Mother, the quote, "secret arsenal my family has employed since my grandfather's time." This was the first mention of the Brotherhood in history and scholars have theorized that they have been active since at least 2E 360, if her grandfather had really used them.[2]

At one point in time, Arlimahera traveled to the hinterlands of Bangkorai and built a massive fortress on the south shores of Viridian Lake aptly named Arlimahera's Grip.[3] Deep inside the ruins is a device called Arlimahera's Altar, a secret teleportation device supposedly created by the Queen herself as an escape in case the fort had fallen. It required two Yokudan rune stones.[4]