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The Restless League's insignia, a red R

The Restless League was a group of Redguard pirates based out of a hidden cove near Stros M'Kai. The League played a critical role in the uprising there during 2E 864. Their leader was a man named Basil; other prominent members included Iszara and later her brother Cyrus.[1] The League used the lighthouse in Saintsport as a signal for members to receive transport to their hideout.[2]


As pirates the Restless League were known to be a dominant force in the Iliac Bay, however their focus turned to the civil war between the Crowns and the Forebears, and the occupation by Tiber Septim's Empire that followed.[3] They were self-described as a "wild pack of nationalists" supporting the Crown cause until Iszara joined sometime between 2E 862 and 2E 864, at which point they gained the attention of Prince A'tor, the ruler of the Crowns, and worked for him in secret by removing Forebear and Imperial threats. When the war reached Stros M'Kai in the Battle of Hunding Bay, the prince requested that they stay out of the conflict to keep their affiliation unknown. This last stand of the Crowns resulted in utter defeat, with A'tor's apparent death and Imperial occupation of the island.[4] However, A'tor's wizard, Archmage Voa, had managed to both cast a spell to preserve the prince's body and secure the prince's lifeforce in a soul gem, presenting the possibility that he may be revived.[5] The soul gem was in the possession of the League until, feeling that they were biding their time too long, Iszara stole it intending to have the prince restored herself but ultimately lost it and went missing.[4][6]

During the months that followed, the League laid low. They managed to blow up the flagship of the island's provisional governor, Lord Richton,[7] and also attacked the ship that Cyrus arrived on.[8]

Three months after her disappearance, Cyrus contacted the League believing Iszara was at their hideout. Basil's revelations guided him correctly to the Sload necromancer N'Gasta, who had tricked Iszara into giving up the soul gem.[2] With her rescued, they returned to the hideout, where Cyrus explained that N'Gasta had tricked him as well into delivering the soul gem to Richton.[9] With this recovered and the other necessities to restore the prince in hand, Basil, Iszara and the rest of the Leaguesmen infiltrated Stros M'Kai and observed the ritual at the temple of Arkay where A'tor's body was hidden. The plan seemingly backfired, and the prince's soul was transferred to his sword. Basil nearly abandoned the mission, but Cyrus rallied them to his newfound cause: to kill Richton and drive the Imperials from Stros M'Kai.[10]

The League played a major role in fighting the stationed troops of the Empire while Cyrus dealt with Richton in the palace. Little is known what became of the League; after the battle, Basil was referred to as Captain Basil and he was charged with the reconstruction of Stros M'Kai's old quarter. This would suggest the League's affiliation with the Crowns was made open.[11] Because of this rebellion, Hammerfell was able to negotiate better terms for itself under the new Empire.

They were still remembered as the "pirates who challenged an Empire" into the Fourth Era.[12]



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