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Lore:Phyllocid Dynasty

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Fahara'jad, a descendant of the Phyllocid Dynasty
"Know then, O Prince, that the Phyllocid Dynasty did rule in Hammerfell while e'er the province was incorporate in the Second Empire, and of this line of kings, though some were wise and some were foolish, all were noble. And the last of the line, High King Ar-Azal, was most noble of all, for he it was who, for a time, brought an end to the strife of brother against brother, of Crown against Forebear."The Worthy Ar-Azal, His Deeds

The Phyllocid Dynasty was the royal family of Hammerfell that governed the province from the ancient capital of Hegathe and later in Sentinel during its time under the regime of the Second Empire and the Interregnum. Each monarch is adorned with the Diadem of Diagna when graced with the title of the High King.[1]


They ruled as High Kings from the ancient capital and the faction's main holding, Hegathe. The Crowns were formed during the province's annexation into the Second Empire, alongside the Forebears that later stationed themselves in Sentinel.[2]

When High King Ja-Fr passed away, his throne was given to his young son, Ar-Azal, whose ascension was reluctantly and passive-aggressively accepted by both factions. It was apparent to him that the true power he wielded was minimal and he sought guidance from his mentor, the Admirable Zaqeeb, who gave him a libation of Satakal. In his dreams, he was approached by the World-Eater himself, who gave him a riddle and guidance to the Shrine of Tava in Hegathe. The next morning, he visited the Fresco of the Goshawk there and discovered the answer to the riddle, the union of two houses. He married Arlimahera, daughter of the Crowns Grandee in Rihad, and Fereshtah, daughter of the Forebears Grandee in Sentinel.[1]

Ar-Azal was the last monarch of the dynasty but his bloodline lived on through the royalty from Antiphyllos. The Crowns Grandee, Zizzeen descended from the Phyllocid Dynasty, and his relative, Grandeya Fanesh would bear her only child; Ar-Azal's great-grandnephew and the Forebears Prince of Antiphyllos, Fahara'jad.[1][3] He would later assume the mantle of High King after his predecessor died during the Knahaten Flu outbreak.[4] The High King married Za-Rifah of Taneth, who in turn gave birth to three children, the eldest daughter, Maraya, the middle child, Lakana, and the youngest, the heir apparent, Azah.[5]