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The purpose of this page and this project is to clean up the neglected Daggerfall pages that were carried over from this page's previous form. This project is difficult not only because of the non-wiki form of the pages, but because so few editors know Daggerfall well.

Here are all Daggerfall pages, or subcategories that go to the rest

This is a link to all the Daggerfall pages flagged with {{Cleanup}} tags. Anyone interested in helping would be well-advised to clean these pages up.

Bare MinimumEdit

Right now, I say we have the bare minimum that the Daggerfall section needs. We have all of the appropriate character creation material, all of the main quest, soon we will have all of the faction quests, daedra quests, and miscellaneous quests, and I suspect that we have one of the few existing mod databases anywhere.

A couple of things that aren't up to par with what every new Daggerfaller needs to know:

  • We need a better Spell Maker page.
  • We need detailed analysis of each spell. What do they do, how they work.
  • We need maps of certain dungeons dealing with the main quest.
  • We need to know about Daggerfall's bugs. Many bugs cause certain things, especially when it comes to Enchanting Items and Custom Classes, to be useless. Knowledge of these would help immensely.

How we do these I don't know. I've never been good with images, I don't know much about making spells, and I don't know much about spells. If you can help, these would be the pages I'd hit at first. Bugs sometimes require testing with the subtle changes they give.

That said, there are some minor things still left to do. Some pages still are first person messes that I haven't touched yet because frankly, deleting the page would do the same thing and I'm not prepared to add content instead. Also, many pages have only been looked at by the maker. We need to make sure that these pages have some sort of peer review. So if you want to look around at the pages, go for it. I haven't marked them, simply because there are just too many to even try to do. All of the quest pages, the character creation pages, and the item enchanting pages should be looked at for a second glimpse at least, and at most, a little bit of love and links. Other pages need images.


To take a picture in Daggerfall, you have to add the "PICS" folder to the C:\Dagger folder, then when in game press \. This will take a screenshot and put it in the folder.

Or if you are using DOSBox, press CTRL-F5. Screenshots will be located in the capture folder under the installation folder for DOSBox. (It should also be possible to record videos by pressing CTRL-ALT-F5 to start and stop recording.)

Uniblab's PlanEdit

I've taken the liberty of stealing Uniblab's master plan from his userpage. This could be a good way of doing the Daggerfall way, and since he has already started on it, we might as well use it.

  1. Magic and Spells
    1. The Six Schools of Magic
    2. Spell Effects
    3. Buying spells
    4. Spell Merchant
    5. Spellmaker
    6. Spell Maker
  2. Potions
    1. Potion Effects
    2. Ingredients and Recipes
    3. The Potion Maker
    4. Potion Merchant
  3. Items - I found Daggerfall:Ingredients hidden in the orphaned pages. Just something to keep around incase if we do make an items page
  4. Enchanting Items
    1. Item Effects
    2. Item Merchant
    3. Item Maker
  5. Artifacts, but may need links to the appropriate Daedric Quests when done
  6. Merchants (These should be done last, as this is the least useful and easy to get information)
    1. Spell Merchant
    2. Potion Merchant
    3. Item Merchant
    4. Soul Gem Merchant
    5. Alchemist
    6. Armourer
    7. Bank
    8. Bookseller
    9. Clothier
    10. General Store
    11. Jeweler
    12. Library
    13. Pawn Broker
    14. Tavern
    15. Weaponsmith
    16. Daedra Summoner
  7. Daggerfall:Factions
    1. Mages Guild
    2. Fighters Guild
    3. Knights Orders
    4. Thieves Guild
    5. Dark Brotherhood
    6. Temples (May need a main page, but its "Good nuff"
  8. Quests
    1. Story-line/Main Quests Being worked on.
    2. Faction Quests
    3. Daedric Quests
  9. Lore:Faction Pages
    1. Vampires
    2. Major Guilds
    3. Knights Guilds (Might not need anything)

Possible problems with Uniblab's plan:

  • The Merchants will be entirely too much work without some type of construction set info or something, If you can find all this information, then this is a definite go-ahead (Although, may require lots of "Grunt Work")
    • At a minimum we would need to list the types of goods and services offered for each type of merchant.
    • It would be preferable to include price modifiers for construction material (Leather is cheaper than Silver), and how the player's faction reputation can impact prices. Fortunately most of this is well-known, but would need to be compiled from multiple sources.
    • Cross-linking town merchant services to guild merchant services would also be a lot of "grunt work". Two examples: All covens offer Daedra Summoning, but so do the Temples and the Mages' Guild; The Thieves' Guild offers a Pawn Broker, but so do 90% of the towns and cities encountered in the game. The same with Weaponsmiths and The Fighters' Guild, and so-on and so-forth.
    • Geographic information can easily be read from the maps.bsa and blocks.bsa files. But this isn't really "wiki" information, since it would make no sense to edit any of it; it is static information. Assuming for a moment we wanted a list of all merchants/shops/guilds/factions present in all towns and covens of Daggerfall, and even assuming this is easily added (a shell script controlling ATLAS and WGET, for example), does DH really want several MB of static information on the wiki, or would we be better off linking to a CGI?
  • Most of the Factions in Daggerfall (such as Knightly Orders) have very small impact on politics.
  • Some factions were deleted (Aka: Prostitutes), but still exist partially. (I believe Bethesda just cut out their effect on reputation and quests)
    • These "dead" factions do exist, but their imapct is grossly attenuated. A prostitute can offer quests (he/she will offer "Commoner" quests), and indeed one's reputation will be affected by the success or failure, but since prostitutes in Daggerfall (unlike the Real World) don't sell/rent anything the reputation increase is pointless. Most of these "dead" factions have niether enemies nor friends, making them logical islands. This means they could be safely ignored. It might prove most fruitful if these "dead" factions were tabled indefinitely, or only added when opportune.

More on FactionsEdit

The following lists factions directly and explicitly referenced by an NPC within the intrinsic & CompUSA quest files:

Faction Reference count
Peryite 18
Clavicus Vile 15
The Thieves Guild 14
The Dark Brotherhood 10
The Mages Guild 9
Queen Akorithi 9
Sheogorath 9
Boethiah 8
Children 8
Malacath 8
Gortwog 7
King of Worms 7
Queen Aubk-i 6
The Cabal 5
Mehrunes Dagon 5
Agents of The Underking 4
King Eadwyre 4
Medora 4
Mynisera 4
The Prostitutes 4
Baltham Greyman 3
The Fighters Guild 3
King Gothryd 3
Lord K'avar 3
The Merchants 3
Nulfaga 3
Orsinium 3
Princess Elysana 3
Hermaeus Mora 2
The Knights of the Dragon 2
Lady Brisienna 2
Lord Castellian 2
Molag Bal 2
The Necromancers 2
Prince Helseth 2
Prince Lhotun 2
Queen Barenziah 2
The Academics 1
The Acolyte 1
The Akatosh Chantry 1
The Benevolence of Mara 1
Chulmore Quill 1
Court of Daggerfall 1
Cyndassa 1
Dark Plotters 1
The Glenmoril Witches 1
The Host of the Horn 1
The House of Dibella 1
Lord Darkworth 1
Lord Vhosek 1
Lord Woodborne 1
The Oracle 1
The Order of Arkay 1
People of Sentinel 1
Prince Greklith 1
Princess Morgiah 1
The Resolution of Z'en 1
The School of Julianos 1
The Temple of Kynareth 1
The Temple of Stendarr 1
The Underking 1

A New StartEdit

The only things left to do currently are...

  • Improve the spellmaker page.
  • Create the spell effect pages.
  • Add the shops from the capital cities of each region to their respective store pages.
    • And fill out store pages with all other town's stores eventually.
  • Give all the cities proper descriptions.
  • Fill out regional service locations table example Daggerfall (region)
  • Fill out royal court pages.
  • Improve people pages example Lysandus' page
  • And other misc Daggerfall stubs.
  • Also these pages could use some improvements Daggerfall pages that could use some cleanup.

Project RibbonEdit

Anyone taking an active part in the project may use the project {{Ribbon}}: