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Clothing Stores
Opening Hours 10:00 - 19:00
Buys Clothes (including magical clothes)
Sells Clothes

Clothing Stores are stores where you can buy and sell clothes. Clothing Stores will also buy enchanted articles of clothing, although they will never sell such items. To select an item for purchase, you must click on one of the store's shelves with the cursor.

Store LocationsEdit

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Region City Quality Name
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Good The Emperor's Outfits
Abibon-Gora Penazar Best The Adventurer's Fashion
Alik'r Desert Ceranda-Kom Poor Lord Rodyctor's Clothes
Alik'r Desert Ceriburea Average The Superior Apparel
Alik'r Desert Gysumbakat Poor The Essential Fashion
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja Best First Class Costumes
Alik'r Desert Mettula Good Vintage Tailoring
Alik'r Desert Mogandaton Poor Vintage Tailoring
Alik'r Desert Naraharet Average Vintage Tailoring
Alik'r Desert Osajdai Good The Odd Attire
Alik'r Desert Ramoaweyn Average The Champion Apparel
Alik'r Desert Rhogila Good Vintage Apparel
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Average Bedore's Finest Tailoring
Alik'r Desert Zagoccodisu Poor Bedard's Quality Costumes
Alik'r Desert Zenunnuga Average Lady Edwyval's Fashion
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Average The Essential Garments
Antiphyllos Antiphyllos Average The Countess's Vestments
Antiphyllos Jalallaara Average Bargain Clothes
Daggerfall Aldingwall Good The Superior Outfits
Daggerfall Aldingwick Hill Average Alabard's Finest Clothing
Daggerfall Aldingwick Hill Average Tristyval's Quality Fashion
Daggerfall Arkford Poor Vintage Attire
Daggerfall Arkford Poor Arkford Vestments
Daggerfall Arkmoth Poor The Adventurer's Finery
Daggerfall Arkmoth Poor The Adventurer's Fashion
Daggerfall Arkwark Average Bedyrick's Finest Clothing
Daggerfall Arkwark Average Doctor Alabynak's Apparel
Daggerfall Baelwick Good Theodyn's General Outfits
Daggerfall Blackfort Worst Lord Agrard's Finery
Daggerfall Blackgate Average First Class Garments
Daggerfall Blackgate Average The Champion Tailoring
Daggerfall Burgwall Average The Adventurer's Clothing
Daggerfall Cathleigh Average The Superior Tailoring
Daggerfall Cathton Average Lady Uthynak's Outfits
Daggerfall Cathton Good Cathton's Best Clothing
Daggerfall Charing Average Bedyval's Fashion
Daggerfall Charton Average Charton Clothing
Daggerfall Chesterwark Average The King's Garments
Daggerfall Cromhope Worst The King's Fashion
Daggerfall Cromhope Poor Cromhope's Best Tailoring
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Best The Superior Attire
Daggerfall Crossborne Good The Adventurer's Fashion
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Average Daggerfall's Best Tailoring
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Average Gondore's Quality Attire
Daggerfall Eastfort Average The Adventurer's Clothing
Daggerfall Eastfort Poor The Adventurer's Attire
Daggerfall Galloford Average Dunoryan's Finest Outfits
Daggerfall Galloford Average Andynak's Finery
Daggerfall Galloworth Heath Average Bargain Costumes
Daggerfall Galloworth Heath Poor Doctor Trististair's Vestments
Daggerfall Graypath Average The Adventurer's Finery
Daggerfall Graypath Poor The King's Finery
Daggerfall Graytown Worst The Champion Attire
Daggerfall Graytown Average The Adventurer's Finery
Daggerfall Grimfort Average Rodastyr's Quality Attire
Daggerfall Grimworth Hall Worst The King's Clothes
Daggerfall Grimworth Hall Average Bargain Outfits
Daggerfall Holwych Average The King's Attire
Daggerfall Holwych Worst First Class Finery
Daggerfall Horidge Average Bargain Tailoring
Daggerfall Horwell Worst Doctor Theodane's Costumes
Daggerfall Ipshead Average Ipshead Clothes
Daggerfall Ipsshire Average Dunistair's General Outfits
Daggerfall Ipsshire Average Ippshire's Best Clothes
Daggerfall Ipsworth Field Average Lady Bedastyr's Outfits
Daggerfall Kirkbury Average The Emperor's Tailoring
Daggerfall Kirkbury Worst The Champion Outfits
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Average Vintage Outfits
Daggerfall Kirkwell Poor Lady Bedistair's Garments
Daggerfall Kirkwell Average Agryn's Finest Costumes
Daggerfall Knightstown Average The Superior Costumes
Daggerfall Lambrone Worst Lambrone Outfits
Daggerfall Lambrone Average The Adventurer's Costumes
Daggerfall Lamton Worst Vintage Tailoring
Daggerfall Lamton Average Lady Theodyctor's Clothing
Daggerfall Longing Poor The King's Costumes
Daggerfall Longing Worst First Class Finery
Daggerfall Longtry Field Good First Class Finery
Daggerfall Longwall Worst Doctor Alabastyr's Outfits
Daggerfall Longwall Good Vintage Attire
Daggerfall Longwold Court Good The King's Finery
Daggerfall Longwold Court Good Doctor Edwynak's Clothing
Daggerfall Mercester Average Theodore's Quality Finery
Daggerfall Midbury Good The Emperor's Outfits
Daggerfall Newcester Poor Newcester's Best Vestments
Daggerfall Penbeth Average Penbeth's Best Fashion
Daggerfall Penbeth Average Penbeth Finery
Daggerfall Reybury Poor Reybury's Best Outfits
Daggerfall Reybury Average The Superior Attire
Daggerfall Reytale Good Reytale's Best Vestments
Daggerfall Reytale Good Reytale Costumes
Daggerfall Ripmarket Average Dunistair's Quality Garments
Daggerfall Ripmore Good Rodore's Quality Clothing
Daggerfall Ripwych Good The Emperor's Clothing
Daggerfall Singbrugh Commons Poor Vintage Apparel
Daggerfall Singbrugh Commons Average Lady Andastyr's Apparel
Daggerfall Singcroft Poor Theodore's Vestments
Daggerfall Singwark Poor The King's Apparel
Daggerfall Singwell Good The Champion Tailoring
Daggerfall Singwell Worst The Odd Attire
Daggerfall Stokbridge Worst The Adventurer's Clothing
Daggerfall Stokbridge Average Lord Mordastyr's Clothing
Daggerfall Stokworth Best Uthore's Finest Vestments
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Best Uthyrick's Quality Outfits
Daggerfall Tunley Average Vintage Vestments
Daggerfall Tunley Poor Tunley's Best Attire
Daggerfall Tuntower Poor Tristard's Quality Fashion
Daggerfall Uplech Average The Champion Garments
Daggerfall Uplech Good The Superior Outfits
Daggerfall Upvale Borough Poor Alabyn's Quality Garments
Daggerfall Upvale Borough Average The King's Vestments
Daggerfall Westhead Moor Average Lady Rodyrick's Tailoring
Daggerfall Whitewych Average The King's Finery
Daggerfall Whitewych Average First Class Attire
Daggerfall Wildertown Good Peryctor's Quality Clothing
Glenpoint Glenpoint City Poor Vintage Finery
Isle of Balfiera Gallomarket Poor First Class Finery
Isle of Balfiera Gallomarket Average Vintage Fashion
Kozanset Kozanset Best Mordynak's General Apparel
Kozanset Sede-Korom Average Bargain Apparel
Kozanset Sede-Korom Good Sede-Korom Finery
Menevia Menevia City Best First Class Clothes
Orsinium Ripwold Poor First Class Costumes
Orsinium Ripwold Poor Ripwold Clothing
Sentinel Khajoharet Poor Andoryan's General Apparel
Shalgora Aldwich Worst Lord Andyval's Vestments
Shalgora Aldwich Average Vintage Fashion
Shalgora Baellech Average The Emperor's Finery
Shalgora Baelton Rock Poor The Essential Vestments
Shalgora Baelton Rock Poor Rodistair's Finest Costumes
Shalgora Baelwark Average Lady Uthyrick's Outfits
Shalgora Baelwark Average The Emperor's Attire
Shalgora Charidge Average Edwyrick's General Clothing
Shalgora Deermore Average Vintage Attire
Shalgora Eastmore Poor First Class Fashion
Shalgora Eastmore Average The Emperor's Vestments
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Poor Easttower Hollow's Best Garments
Shalgora Gothton Average The Count's Clothing
Shalgora Holwall Good Tristore's Quality Apparel
Shalgora Ipsford Average The Emperor's Apparel
Shalgora Ipsford Poor The Adventurer's Tailoring
Shalgora Kirkbrugh Good The Essential Attire
Shalgora Kirking Poor First Class Tailoring
Shalgora Kirking Good Alabane's Finest Outfits
Shalgora Kirkmore Good Kirkmore Finery
Shalgora Kirkmore Good Bargain Finery
Shalgora Shalgora City Average Edwyval's Outfits
Shalgora Tammarket Worst The Emperor's Finery
Shalgora Westwell Best Lady Rodore's Clothing
Tulune Arkcart Good The Champion Attire
Tulune Oxwych Average The Champion Outfits
Tulune Oxwych Poor Lady Mordywyr's Fashion
Tulune Tulune City Poor Andore's Quality Fashion
Tulune Waridge Poor Vintage Finery
Tulune Waridge Worst Bedyn's Finest Garments
Wayrest Merbrone Average Lady Dunane's Finery
Wayrest Merbrone Average The King's Garments
Wayrest Merhope Hall Average Agnyn's Fashion
Wayrest Oxvale Borough Poor Odd Vestments

Clothing Store Map BlocksEdit

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