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Daggerfall:Glenumbra Moors/Dungeons

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Name Type Dungeon Modules
The Masterwing Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Convocation of Vyctyna Barbarian Stronghold 12
The Convent of Dispul Desecrated Temple 8
The Gwynayne Tradition Coven 8
The Gathering of Belladara Barbarian Stronghold 10
Sashus's Web Spider Nest 8
The Hawkham Crypts Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Crypts of Greening Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Dunard House of Correction Prison 11
The Hawkwing Ruins Ruined Castle 13
Druralath Giant Stronghold 13
The Stronghold of Yeomhart Laboratory 8
Ruins of Greensly Palace Vampire Haunt 13
Uthyn's Guard Human Stronghold 8
The Friary of Juber Desecrated Temple 11
The Hawking Cemetery Cemetery 5
Anravor Giant Stronghold 12
The Grotto of Dispogas Natural Cave 10
The Grave of Vladingezzar Crypt 10
Rodyn's Guard Human Stronghold 8
Ruins of The Tower of Woodsly Desecrated Temple 13
The Gaol of Gondard Prison 13
The Hawkfield Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Buckingcroft's Hold Spider Nest 8
The Web of Skoiker Spider Nest 8
The Masterham Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Tombs of Greenton Cemetery 5
Ruins of Castle Yeomford Spider Nest 8
The Mordistyr Academy Laboratory 8
The Cult of Elolda Coven 11
Ruins of Hawksley Manor Natural Cave 8
The House of Stadoghoth Vampire Haunt 8
Kingfield Tower Prison 10
Homunorgonivah Minster Desecrated Temple 13
The Moorwing Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Hawkston Tower Spider Nest 13
Yeomwing's Hold Ruined Castle 12