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Opening Hours 07:00 - 22:00
Buys Ingredients (including gems and magical gems)
Sells Ingredients (including gems and metals), Potion Recipes (very seldom)

Alchemists are stores which sell alchemical ingredients, including equippable crystals, and recipes. Metals and other chemical components, which are sometimes needed to brew potions, can only be purchased from Alchemists. To select an item for purchase, you must click on one of the store's shelves with the cursor. Many of the more valuable ingredients cannot be found at Alchemists; you must collect those ingredients on your own.

Store LocationsEdit

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Region City Quality Name
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Average Bargain Herbs
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Average Gondastyr's Unguents
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Poor The Adventurer's Herbs
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Poor The Emperor's Herb Garden
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Best The Essential Unguents
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Poor The Odd Medicinal Agents
Alik'r Desert Ceranda-Kom Best Dunane's Finest Pharmacy
Alik'r Desert Ceranda-Kom Average Vintage Medicinal Agents
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja Average The Essential Metallurgy
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja Average The Essential Spices
Alik'r Desert Mettula Good Lady Mordynak's Pharmacy
Alik'r Desert Mettula Average Edwyn's Antidotes
Alik'r Desert Mettula Average Theodywyr's General Elixirs
Alik'r Desert Ramoaweyn Good Doctor Gondard's Alchemistry
Alik'r Desert Rhogila Good Bargain Pharmacy
Alik'r Desert Rhogila Good Rhogila's Best Alchemistry
Alik'r Desert Rhogila Good Rhogila's Best Medicines
Alik'r Desert Rhogila Average The Emperor's Alchemical Solutions
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Poor Dunoryan's Quality Chemistry
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Good Edwane's Quality Pharmaceuticals
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Average The Essential Pharmacy
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Poor Tsetissiara Metallurgy
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Poor The Odd Pharmaceuticals
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Best Vintage Chemicals
Anticlere Broadhead Worst Mordistair's Quality Pharmacy
Antiphyllos Antiphyllos Poor The Countess's Spices
Antiphyllos Antiphyllos Average Trictystor's Potions
Antiphyllos Jalallaara Best Edwyval's Finest Medicines
Antiphyllos Jalallaara Best Lady Gondynak's Pharmacy
Antiphyllos Jalallaara Good Lord Alabistyr's Metallurgy
Antiphyllos Jalallaara Average The Adventurer's Medicaments
Antiphyllos Tulaedax Good Bedynak's Quality Tinctures
Daggerfall Aldfort Hill Average Lord Gondane's Herb Garden
Daggerfall Aldfort Hill Poor The Champion Herbs
Daggerfall Aldinghope Garden Good Lord Bedistair's Herb Garden
Daggerfall Aldingwall Good Andistair's Quality Potherbs
Daggerfall Aldingwall Average Bargain Medicaments
Daggerfall Aldingwark Wood Worst Lord Perastyr's Apothecary
Daggerfall Aldingwick Hill Worst The Essential Remedies
Daggerfall Aldingwick Hill Average The Champion Spices
Daggerfall Arkford Poor Perard's Quality Medicinal Agents
Daggerfall Arkford Average Vintage Chemistry
Daggerfall Baelmoth Average Tristyn's Medicinal Agents
Daggerfall Baelmoth Average First Class Unguents
Daggerfall Blackford Best Andyn's Quality Unguents
Daggerfall Blackford Average Lord Peryn's Antidotes
Daggerfall Blackgate Average Lord Bedyn's Alchemistry
Daggerfall Blackgate Worst Doctor Agrywyr's Medicines
Daggerfall Blackmore Poor Mordoryan's Quality Remedies
Daggerfall Blackmore Good Vintage Chemicals
Daggerfall Blackway Wood Poor The Essential Herbs
Daggerfall Broadpath Minster Worst The Adventurer's Pharmacy
Daggerfall Burgtale Average Burgtale Medicinal Agents
Daggerfall Burgtry Commons Best Mordard's Unguents
Daggerfall Burgwall Good Bargain Medicines
Daggerfall Cathcastle Poor Vintage Pharmaceuticals
Daggerfall Charening Best The Odd Medicinal Agents
Daggerfall Charentale Good Andistyr's General Pharmaceuticals
Daggerfall Chesterwick Poor Bedynak's Finest Chemistry
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Best The Champion Elixirs
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Good Rodyrick's Finest Spices
Daggerfall Crossmont Average Gondywyr's Finest Metallurgy
Daggerfall Crosstry Average The King's Elixirs
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Average Mordard's Spices
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Good Vintage Elixirs
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Good The Emperor's Potions
Daggerfall Eastbridge Best Eastbridge Physics
Daggerfall Galloford Poor Lord Mordyctor's Herbs
Daggerfall Galloford Poor The Superior Unguents
Daggerfall Gallotale Poor Gallotale's Best Medicaments
Daggerfall Gallotale Good The Emperor's Alchemical Solutions
Daggerfall Gothpath Worst The Adventurer's Potherbs
Daggerfall Gothwark Rock Good Doctor Andywyr's Apothecary
Daggerfall Graybeth Poor The King's Remedies
Daggerfall Graybeth Average The Essential Chemistry
Daggerfall Graytown Poor Bargain Potions
Daggerfall Graytown Average The Superior Medicaments
Daggerfall Grimfort Average The Odd Elixirs
Daggerfall Grimfort Best Bargain Medicinal Agents
Daggerfall Grimhope Average Gondyn's Quality Experiental Products
Daggerfall Ipshead Good First Class Antidotes
Daggerfall Ipshead Average Doctor Dunyrick's Medicaments
Daggerfall Ipshead Best The Adventurer's Medicines
Daggerfall Ipshead Good Alaboryan's Finest Potions
Daggerfall Ipshead Poor The Essential Alchemical Solutions
Daggerfall Ipshead Average Lady Rodore's Metallurgy
Daggerfall Ipsshire Worst The Odd Chemicals
Daggerfall Ipsshire Average Alabane's Quality Apothecary
Daggerfall Ipstale Good The Champion Alchemical Solutions
Daggerfall Kirkbury Average Mordard's Unguents
Daggerfall Kirkbury Average The Odd Herbs
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Poor The Essential Spices
Daggerfall Kirkwell Poor The Superior Medicinal Agents
Daggerfall Kirkwell Average Andywyr's Quality Alchemical Solutions
Daggerfall Knightstown Best The Adventurer's Herb Garden
Daggerfall Knightstown Average Lord Alabore's Medicaments
Daggerfall Lambrone Good The Adventurer's Medicaments
Daggerfall Lambrone Average Bargain Antidotes
Daggerfall Longtry Field Average Lord Alabyval's Chemicals
Daggerfall Longtry Field Average The Champion Potions
Daggerfall Longtry Field Good Alabard's Remedies
Daggerfall Longwold Court Poor Agryrick's General Herb Garden
Daggerfall Longwold Court Average The Essential Pharmaceuticals
Daggerfall Mercastle Average The Adventurer's Pharmaceuticals
Daggerfall Mercastle Poor Doctor Rodistair's Spices
Daggerfall Merham Heath Good The Champion Alchemical Solutions
Daggerfall Midbury Good The Odd Experiental Products
Daggerfall Midbury Best Agrane's Alchemical Solutions
Daggerfall Newcester Good Theodore's Finest Experiental Products
Daggerfall Newcester Average First Class Remedies
Daggerfall Newcester Best The King's Antidotes
Daggerfall Newtower Best Lady Edwistyr's Chemistry
Daggerfall Penbrugh Best Penbrugh Alchemistry
Daggerfall Penbrugh Poor Edwore's General Unguents
Daggerfall Reytale Average The Emperor's Pharmaceuticals
Daggerfall Reytale Average Doctor Bedastyr's Elixirs
Daggerfall Ripleigh Worst The King's Remedies
Daggerfall Ripmarket Best Ripmarket Remedies
Daggerfall Ripmarket Best Lord Agryrick's Chemistry
Daggerfall Ripmore Poor Lord Theodynak's Medicinal Agents
Daggerfall Ripmore Poor The Odd Chemistry
Daggerfall Singbrugh Commons Worst Mordane's Finest Experiental Products
Daggerfall Singbrugh Commons Average Vintage Medicaments
Daggerfall Singcroft Average The Champion Potions
Daggerfall Singcroft Good Mordistyr's Finest Medicines
Daggerfall Singcroft Good Vintage Spices
Daggerfall Singcroft Good Vintage Apothecary
Daggerfall Singmoth Average The Essential Alchemistry
Daggerfall Singwell Average The Champion Smith
Daggerfall Stokworth Poor The Odd Pharmaceuticals
Daggerfall Stokworth Best The Adventurer's Tinctures
Daggerfall Stokworth Poor The Emperor's Alchemical Solutions
Daggerfall Stokworth Good Lord Tristastyr's Remedies
Daggerfall Tamwick Average Alabastyr's General Potions
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Poor Bargain Pharmaceuticals
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Best Lord Uthastyr's Metallurgy
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Average The Superior Potions
Daggerfall Tuncroft Average Mordyn's Pharmaceuticals
Daggerfall Tunley Poor Andoryan's General Medicaments
Daggerfall Tunley Poor Tunley Remedies
Daggerfall Tunton Poor Andyrick's Finest Elixirs
Daggerfall Vancroft Wood Best Vintage Alchemical Solutions
Daggerfall Vanham Wood Best The Essential Potherbs
Daggerfall Vanvale Average First Class Potherbs
Daggerfall Waridge Moor Good Vintage Antidotes
Daggerfall Westhead Moor Good Westhead Moor Alchemistry
Daggerfall Whitewych Average Agryrick's Quality Metallurgy
Daggerfall Whitewych Average Bedastyr's Alchemical Solutions
Glenpoint Glenpoint City Average The Emperor's Herbs
Glenpoint Glenpoint City Good Mordastyr's Physics
Isle of Balfiera Blackhead Average Edwastyr's Potherbs
Isle of Balfiera Blackhead Good Lord Agristyr's Antidotes
Isle of Balfiera Gallomarket Average Doctor Perane's Potions
Isle of Balfiera Gallomarket Average First Class Experiental Products
Kozanset Bubehda Poor Theodistyr's Metallurgy
Kozanset Gysuhan Good Gysuhan's Best Warehouse
Menevia Aldingbury Best Bargain Medicaments
Menevia Aldingbury Best Lord Dunynak's Potions
Menevia Aldingbury Best Lord Edwane's Medicaments
Menevia Longford Worst Gondywyr's Finest Experimental Products
Orsinium Reytry Poor The Emperor's Potions
Orsinium Ripwold Worst Bargain Experiental Products
Orsinium Ripwold Worst The Essential Medicines
Sentinel Akhahanu Best Akhahanu Medicines
Sentinel Akhahanu Average Peristair's Metallurgy
Sentinel Khajoharet Average The Odd Experimental Products
Sentinel Khajoharet Best Doctor Dunyn's Physics
Sentinel Khajoharet Best Khajoharet's Tinctures
Shalgora Baellech Best First Class Elixirs
Shalgora Baellech Poor Alabard's Finest Alchemistry
Shalgora Charidge Good Charidge's Best Chemicals
Shalgora Charidge Average Lord Gondistyr's Metallurgy
Shalgora Charidge Average The Adventurer's Remedies
Shalgora Charidge Good Gondynak's Finest Potions
Shalgora Eastmore Poor First Class Experiental Products
Shalgora Eastmore Average Lord Agrastyr's Apothecary
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Best Lord Peryn's Elixirs
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Average The Essential Metallurgy
Shalgora Horwood Borough Average Edward's Experiental Products
Shalgora Horwood Borough Good The Champion Potherbs
Shalgora Horwood Borough Good The Superior Alchemistry
Shalgora Horwood Borough Best Lord Edwastyr's Herbs
Shalgora Ipsford Average Ipsford Medicines
Shalgora Ipsford Poor First Class Chemicals
Shalgora Kirkbrugh Best The Count's Herb Garden
Shalgora Kirkbrugh Average Kirkbrugh Metallurgy
Shalgora Kirkbrugh Poor Doctor Andane's Medicines
Shalgora Kirking Poor The Essential Physics
Shalgora Kirking Average Kirking's Best Unguents
Shalgora Midgate Average Midgate Pharmaceuticals
Shalgora Reyham End Average Reyham End's Best Unguents
Shalgora Tunborne Best Mordastyr's Quality Medicinal Agents
Shalgora Tunborne Good Lady Tristastyr's Medicaments
Tulune Aldborne Poor Perastyr's General Chemicals
Tulune Arkcart Best Arkcart Apothecary
Tulune Arkcart Average Lady Mordistair's Pharmaceuticals
Tulune Arkcart Poor Gondyval's Finest Herb Garden
Tulune Arkcart Poor Uthor's General Chemicals
Tulune Oxwych Good Lord Alaboryan's Tinctures
Tulune Oxwych Average Modrynak's Quality Physics
Tulune Tulune City Best Bargain Potions
Tulune Tulune City Best Agristair's Quality Pharmacy
Tulune Tulune City Good The Baroness's Chemicals
Tulune Tulune City Poor The Emperor's Medicinal Agents
Tulune Tulune City Poor The Essential Herbs
Wayrest Merbrone Worst The Adventurer's Alchemical Solutions
Wayrest Merbrone Average The Adventurer's Pharmaceuticals
Wayrest Oxvale Borough Average Rodyctor's General Chemist
Wayrest Oxvale Borough Average Vintage Pharmacy
Wayrest Oxvale Borough Good The Adventurer's Antidotes
Wayrest Oxvale Borough Good The Emperor's Alchemy


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