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Tribunal:The Shrine of the Dead

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Explore the Temple Sewers to find and cleanse this forgotten shrine.
Quest Giver: Gavas Drin in the Temple Courtyard
Location(s): Mournhold Temple, Temple Sewers
Prerequisite Quest: Goblin Army
Next Quest: Barilzar's Mazed Band
Reward: Blessed Spear
ID: TR_ShrineDead
Suggested Items: Lockpick (50 level lock), Restore Strength & Restore Endurance (the Liches summon Greater Bonewalkers)
Suggested Level: 25+
Difficulty: Medium
The Shrine is cleansed

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Lord Archcanon Gavas Drin in his office in the Temple. Agree to cleanse the Shrine of the Dead.
  2. Follow Drin's directions to the Shrine, from his office to the Halls of Ministry, Basement, Temple Sewers, Temple Sewers East, Temple Gardens, and Temple Shrine.
  3. Kill all the Profane Acolytes surrounding the shrine (red light room).
  4. Return to the Temple and escort Urvel Dulni to the shrine and have him cleanse it.
  5. Return to Gavas to receive the Blessed Spear as your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Archcanon Gavas DrinEdit

After your last quest from Fedris Hler in the Temple's Reception area, you are directed to see Lord Archcanon Gavas Drin in his office located close to Hler. Offer to provide service to our Lady and Gavas will tell you about the Shrine of the Dead found below in the Temple's sewer system. The Shrine has become corrupt with Undead over the years due to neglect and Drin would like you to cleanse it. Ask him about the Shrine of the Dead at least twice to receive directions to it and be sure to talk to him about the must be cleansed topic in order to learn that you will have to escort the Priest Urvel Dulni and protect him until he can cleanse the shrine. Urvel is standing in the same room as Gavas and you must speak with him in order to arrange the escort. It is a good idea to explore and clear the way as much as possible, before you escort him though (unless you like the extra challenge).

Old Mournhold, Temple Sewers

Finding the Shrine of the DeadEdit

Following the directions given to you by Gavas, enter the Temple basement found north of the Temple's Hall of Ministry. From the basement, with all the Kwama Eggs you could possibly want, it's a short trip down into the Temple Sewers. You can explore the area and find a few things including Variner's Ghost, which is part of a miscellaneous quest. The four deadly members of the Black Dart Gang in the West Temple Sewers (and the one member in the East Temple Sewers) are part of this quest as well. The Abandoned Crypt entrance here appears to be a dead end; although, there is a much larger area beyond the path blocked with rocks (the rocks are cleared at the beginning of the next quest for Almalexia.) There is a possible glitch here though, where by jumping at the rocks for a while, you can actually get into the main area. Once in, the rocks remove themselves so you can get out. When you've finished exploring, head on to the East Temple Sewers.

The East Temple Sewers contain a similar collection of Undead of varying levels, but nothing is as difficult as some of the Goblins that you've encountered previously. There are several areas that branch off from this area and some of them are quite interesting. In the Temple Catacombs for example you can find 3 samples of Adamantium ore. Another 10 samples can be found in the Temple Crypt. Remember to save before to mine them, to be sure to get all the minerals. You can continue to the Temple Gardens from the north end of the East Temple Sewers and, from there, to the Temple Shrine at the south end of the Gardens. You can also reach the Shrine area from the Temple Catacombs. The areas involved in this dungeon are:

Map of the Temple Sewers

Gedna Relvel's Tomb is an interesting area that has a closed stone door which is easily missed if you are not careful in your search. The secret doors are opened by standing on the stone in front of the doors, but you must be involved in the Crimson Plague before they will activate.

Temple ShrineEdit

The Shrine area is the one you were sent to clear. There are a number of Profane Acolytes guarding the 'red' light room which you must kill (you receive a journal entry when you kill them all). Be careful with them, because they almost always summon Greater Bonewalkers, which can Damage Strength and Endurance. If you left Priest Urvel Dulni back in the Temple, you will have to go and retrieve him in order to complete the cleansing of the shrine. Like most NPCs you may want to keep him in sight lest he get lost, trapped, or killed by any undead that reappears in the area. Once you get close to the shrine he will cleanse the shrine. You probably should be nice and escort him back to the temple.

Return to Gavas DrinEdit

Return to Gavas Drin in his office. If the priest is still alive, you will be rewarded with the Blessed Spear, whether or not you escorted him back. Offer your "service to our lady" once again to be directed back to Fedris Hler. Urvel will stop following you once you speak with Gavas to finish the quest.


  • You can clear out the shrine before even taking Urvel through. Just be sure not to dispose of the corpses or they will regenerate. They will also regenerate after a few days so try not to rest too much.
  • If Urvel dies after clearing the shrine, you receive 5,000 gold instead of the spear.
  • It isn't actually necessary to escort Urvel back to the temple after he's cleansed the shrine. As long as he's still alive, the quest outcome will be the same.
  • Sometimes, immediately after killing an enemy during the journey, Urvel may stop completely. This can be annoying if you continue to travel on, unaware that he has been left behind. To make him follow you again, simply talk to him.
  • Urvel tends to get stuck if you try to enter the Shrine area from the Garden. It's probably easier to use the Catacombs route instead.
  • Sometimes, once he gets to the shrine, Urvel will seem to just pace back and forth in front of the stairs that lead up to the shrine. To fix this, just walk into him one way or the other. If that doesn't work, try leaving the zone through either door and immediately returning. You can also cast a brief Levitate spell on him to get him closer to the door to the shrine.
  • This quest can be done concurrently with the Crimson Plague quest in a way that skips the tedious aspects of the latter; see the Crimson Plague quest for details.
  • You can fail this quest and it will not interfere with the main quest line. If Urvel dies on the way to the Shrine, and you report this back to Gavas Drin, he will grumble about losing a good priest, but will still send you to Fedris Hler on the next quest to find Barilzar's Mazed Band. By letting Urvel die, you can essentially skip this quest.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Shrine of the Dead (TR_ShrineDead)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Fedris Hler, apparently pleased with my efforts involving the goblin army, has another task for me. He has instructed me to speak with Gavas Drin, Almalexia's head priest.
20 I've met with Gavas Drin, who would like me to perform a task for Almalexia. Deep in the ruins beneath the Temple is a shrine that has been untouched for many years. Apparently, the shrine has soured, and the entire area overrun by the undead.
30 It is Almelexia's belief that the Shrine of the Dead can be reclaimed, and its power used for the good of Mournhold. Although traditional Temple doctrine disavows ancestor worship, the Lady believes that it has its place, and that the power to be gained from the ancestors is great.
40 Drin asks that I escort one of Almalexia's young curates, Urvel Dulni, to this shrine to cleanse it and restore its power. I will first have to rid the area of all of the Profane, powerful liches who draw strength from the power of the Shrine of the Dead. When they are destroyed, Dulni will cleanse the shrine. I should enter the sewers from the Temple basement. Once there, I will need to head east through the old Temple Gardens, then south to find the Shrine of the Dead.
50 I have killed the last of the Profane, the liches guarding the Shrine of the Dead.
60 Urvel Dulni has succeeded in cleansing the shrine.
70 Urvel Dulni has died.
100 Finishes quest  Gavas Drin was pleased, and a bit surprised, at the news we were able to restore the shrine. He has presented me with a Blessed Spear, a gift from the Lady Almalexia.
110 Finishes quest  Gavas Drin was disturbed that Urvel Dulni died on our journey, before the shrine could be cleansed.
115 Gavas Drin was unhappy that Urvel Dulni was killed, but seemed a bit consoled in the fact that the Shrine had been cleansed. He gave me some gold as reward for my efforts.
116 Gavas Drin was unhappy that Urvel Dulni was killed, and the Shrine of the Dead will never be cleansed.
200 Finishes quest  I have been told that I will be granted an audience with the goddess Almalexia.

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