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Tribunal:Unique Items

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Unique items are specifically defined as those which there is only one of, but which use the same appearance as other generic items. This is opposed to Artifacts, which are defined as anything with a unique appearance.

  • Speed specifies how fast the weapon swings with higher values indicating a faster weapon.
  • Charge/Cost=Uses indicates how many uses on average you can get before needing to recharge the weapon (or wait for it to charge on its own). Note that the Cost varies depending on your Enchant skill, so your results may vary.


Long Blade, Two-handEdit

Item       Speed Reach Chop Slash Thrust Enchantment Charge/Cost=Uses
60.0 7,200 120,000 1.35 1.0 1-70 1-62 1-40

Cast When Strikes
  Damage Health 40 pts for 3 secs on Touch
  Paralyze for 3 secs on Touch

1080/54 = 20
An amazing weapon when you take into account its spell effect (up to 190 pts of damage per hit plus paralyze). It is only wielded by the Captain of the Royal Guards, Tienius Delitian, in the Royal Palace Throne room in Mournhold.
King's Oath
81.0 5,600 80,000 1.25 1.0 1-60 1-52 1-36

Cast When Strikes
  Damage Health 20 pts for 3 secs on Touch
  Paralyze for 3 secs on Touch
  Fire Damage 20 pts for 3 secs on Self

450/45 = 10
A lesser version of the Gravedigger sword which also damages the user slightly if they are not resistant to fire. Although the game has two versions of the sword (one for the player, and another for NPCs), they appear to be identical. The blade is only obtained through the main quest. See the Muckraking Journalist Quest for more information.

Short BladeEdit

Item       Speed Reach Chop Slash Thrust Enchantment
Daedric Dagger
daedric dagger_bar
9.0 700 10,000 2.5 1.0 8-12 8-12 8-12

Cast When Used
  Damage Health 50 pts on Target

Held by Queen Barenziah
Dagger of Symmachus
glass dagger_symmachus_unique
1.4 3,000 20,000 2.7 1.0 12-17 13-16 13-13

Constant Effect
  Fortify Short Blade 10 pts on Self
  Fortify Endurance 10 pts on Self
  Reflect 10 pts on Self

Obtained as a reward during the main quest of the expansion. See the Helseth's Champion for more information.
  • This artifact can be sold to Torasa Aram in the museum for 10,000 gold.
  • Its high durability and damage give it an advantage over other glass daggers, while its low weight makes it a good alternative to heavier daedric short blades.
Iryon Dagger
silver dagger_iryon_unique
2.2 500 20 2.5 1.0 4-7 4-7 5-8 2
Found in dagger collector Geon Auline's house.
Othril Dagger
silver dagger_othril_unique
2.2 500 20 2.5 1.0 4-7 4-7 5-8 2
Found in dagger collector Geon Auline's house.
Rathalas Dagger
silver dagger_rathalas_unique
2.2 500 20 2.5 1.0 4-7 4-7 5-8 2
Found in dagger collector Geon Auline's house.


Item       Speed Reach Chop Slash Thrust Enchantment
Blessed Spear
ebony spear_blessed_unique
28.0 1,200 10,000 1.0 1.8 2-8 2-8 5-32

Constant Effect
  Shield 30 pts on Self
  Fortify Spear 10 pts on Self

Obtained as a reward during the main quest of the expansion. See The Shrine of the Dead Quest for more information.



Item         Enchantment
Goblin Buckler
500 1,000 20

Constant Effect:
  Drain Personality 50 pts on Self
  Restore Health 1 pts on Self
  Drain Speed 10 pts on Self

Found in Durgok's chest in the Tears of Amun-Shae area of Old Mournhold. Do not confuse this buckler with the ordinary and unenchanted Goblin Bucklers commonly found on Goblins. It is not related to any quest in the expansion.



Item     Enchantment Charge
Amulet of Verbosity
amulet of verbosity
1.0 120

Cast When Used
  Fortify Speechcraft 20 pts for 30 secs on Self

Obtained as the reward for the Theater quest in the Great Bazaar if you have made fewer than 3 mistakes. See the A Star is Born quest for more information.
Gaenor's Amulet
1.0 2,000

Constant Effect
  Fortify Luck 15 pts on Self

Found on the Wood Elf Gaenor in the Temple Courtyard. See the Natural quest for more information.
Helseth's Collar
Helseth's Collar
0.1 120

Constant Effect
  Fortify Sneak 10 pts on Self
  Fortify Security 10 pts on Self
  Fortify Speed 5 pts on Self

Obtained as a reward when you prevent an assassination plot during the main quest of the expansion. See the An Assassination Attempt quest for more information.


Item     Enchantment

Ralen Family Belt

1.0 200

Constant Effect
  Fortify Personality 5 pts on Self
  Fortify Speechcraft 5 pts on Self

Obtained as a reward if you match Marena Gilnith with Goval Ralen during the MatchMaker quest.


Item     Enchantment Charge
Barilzar's Mazed Band
0.1 30

Cast When Used
  Summon Fabricant for 2 mins on Self

Equipping the ring allows you to teleport to Vivec, Mournhold, or The Clockwork City. Obtained as a reward for completing the main quest in the expansion. See the Mad God Quest for more information. The band is a very powerful item, created by Barilzar. Note that when first obtained (in the Barilzar's Mazed Band quest) the ring is powerless.
Royal Signet Ring
Helseth's Ring
0.1 10,000

Constant Effect
  Reflect 100 pts on Self
  Resist Magicka 100 pts on Self
  Resist Paralysis 100 pts on Self
  Restore Health 10 pts on Self
  Restore Fatigue 10 pts on Self

Found on King Hlaalu Helseth. You can get this ring only if you kill him. This is easily the best defensive item in the game (Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon), rendering the wearer essentially invulnerable. It was likely given to the King by the developers for precisely that reason; he is quite difficult to kill because of it.
Variner's Ring
Variner's Ring
0.1 100

Cast When Used
  Charm 1-50 pts for 5 secs on Touch

Obtained as the reward for helping Variner's Widow kill the Black Dart Gang to avenge her lover's death. See the Black Dart Gang quest for more information.


Item     Enchant
Common Robe
3.0 2 1
Worn by Eno Romari
Frostguard Robe
Helseth's Robe
3.0 78 1
Worn by King Hlaalu Helseth