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Tribunal:Gedna Relvel's Tomb

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Gedna Relvel's Tomb
# of Zones 1
Undead, Rats, Gedna Relvel
Console Location Code(s)
Old Mournhold: Gedna Relvel's Tomb
Old Mournhold, Sewers
The entrance to Gedna Relvel's Tomb

Gedna Relvel's Tomb is a sealed crypt in the Temple Sewers of Old Mournhold.

Interior of Gedna Relvel's Tomb

It is located in the Temple Gardens, west of the Temple Shrine, behind a locked (50) metal door. The powerful lich Gedna Relvel has been lying dormant here for centuries. A few ingredients and a chest with gold make up the loot.

A secret door here only opens during the quest Crimson Plague. This set of stone doors can be found at the tomb's central juncture, and will open when you stand on the trigger in front of them. Within this secret passage, you will face a few Skeleton Champions before reaching Gedna Relvel herself.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Opening the level 50 lock on this tomb triggers the start of the related quest by releasing a deadly disease upon the city. The only indication of this is a foreboding message that appears upon opening the door:
A rancid stench nearly overwhelms you. This is not the smell of the dead... there is something else here.


Map of Gedna Relvel's Tomb