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                Journal, ID, Index

       Where:   ID      = Journal ID to add.
                Index   = Value of the journal entry to add.  Can be a literal value or also a
                          local or global short variable.

        Type:   Dialogue

     Returns:   none

     Example:   Journal, "A2_4_MiloGone", 10
                Journal, C3_DestroyDagoth, 50
                Journal, C3_DestroyDagoth, sSumValue            (use a variable value)

     Scripts:   amayaJournal

Adds a journal entry to the player's journal using the given value to determine which entry to add. Generally a single ID will refer to a single quest, with multiple index values to indicate various parts of the quest. The index starts low and ends high. For instance, 10 for the starting journal entry, 20 and 30 for two middle quest journal entries, and 50 for the last, end of quest, journal entry.

This is one of the few functions that can accept a variable for the index parameter.

This function also has some rather unique features:

  • You can call Journal my_quest 10 as often as you want, the journal entry 10 of my_quest is added only once.
  • The function will write any entry into the journal, if it is new, but the index is only set, if it is higher than before. If you call the function like this:
Journal my_quest 10
Journal my_quest 50
Journal my_quest 40
Journal my_quest 30
The Journal entries will appear in the order 10, 50, 40, 30; but after that the function GetJournalIndex my_quest and the dialog condition Journal my_quest will return 50.
  • It is possible to set a journal index that has no text. This can be used to mark progress in the quest without notifying the player of every little step.
  • The function does not work with non existing IDs. You must create a journal topic my_quest in the dialog window to make these examples work.