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MW-icon-effect-Summon Ancestral Ghost.jpg Summon
School Conjuration
Type Offensive
Base Cost see below
(Click on any item for details)

Summon <creature> for D seconds

Summons a creature to fight for the caster for a limited period of time. Summoned creatures will disappear when the spell expires, when they are killed, or when the character who cast the spell is killed.


  • You can harvest souls from summoned creatures if you cast Soultrap on them before they are killed. (You will not receive a soul if the summon spell expires, only if the summoned creature is killed.) Golden Saints are the best for this, as they have the largest souls available short of a few unique deities.
  • Those born under the Atronach birthsign can use summons such as the Ancestral Ghost to replenish their magicka, by summoning a creature, striking it three times, and then absorbing the spells it casts.
  • There is a short period of time after a summoned creature is killed during which you can loot its corpse just before it vanishes. While most summons do not carry anything of much value, a few can be exploited in this way to harvest their gear. Most notable for this are the Dremora, which carry a random high-quality weapon (Dwarven, Ebony or even Daedric), and the Golden Saint, which is armed with a good weapon and shield. (This is one of the only ways to acquire a Daedric Tower Shield.) See charts at the bottom for a description of the loot obtainable in this way. When exploiting this glitch, it is suggested to save, since the game will sometimes freeze when you try to take the item off the summoned creature. Looting the corpse of a summon and choosing "dispose of corpse" will always freeze the game, as this conflicts with the script that is supposed to remove the corpse.
  • Combining a 1 second summon and a 1 second Soultrap on target into one spell and firing it at the ground beneath you will result in a permanent summon.
  • Multiple creatures can be summoned at once, as long as they are different creatures or are in separate spells.
  • Creatures summoned using a constant enchantment do not automatically reappear. They instead die. As with the invisibility CE, the player has to re-equip the enchanted item.


Icon Creature Base Cost Drops                   Attacks Soul
  Ancestral Ghost
7.0 nothing 23 100 100 100 100 100
25.0 nothing 90 75 100 75 75
  • 8-24pts melee
  • Grave Curse: Speed - Drain Speed 2-4 pts for 60 secs on Target
  • Second Barrier - Shield 20 pts for 30 secs on Self
13.0 nothing 60 75 75 75 075
  Bonewolf* BM
30.0 Bonemeal 120 100 050
  Centurion Sphere*
25.0 Scrap Metal 75 000
22.0 nothing 113
  • 6-18pts melee
32.0 nothing 180 100
  • 12-36pts melee
  • Shockbloom - Shock Damage 1-25 pts in 10ft for 5 secs on Target
  • Poisonbloom - Poison 1-20 pts in 10ft for 5 secs on Target
  • Third Barrier - Shield 30 pts for 30 secs on Self
  • Regenerate - Restore Health 1-5 pts for 20 secs on Self
28.0 Daedra Heart
Random Weapon
160 100 20
  • 9-27pts melee, plus weapon
  • Second Barrier - Shield 20 pts for 30 secs on Self
  Flame Atronach
23.0 nothing 75 100 -60 100 20
  • 7-21pts melee
  • Firebloom - Fire Damage 1-25 pts in 10ft for 5 secs on Target
  Frost Atronach
27.0 nothing 105 -50 100 100 20
  • 9-27pts melee
  • Frostbloom - Frost Damage 1-25 pts in 10ft for 5 secs on Target
  Golden Saint**
golden saint_summon
55.0 Random Weapon
Random Shield
250 50 50 100 50 20
  • 20-60pts melee, plus weapon
  • Dispel - Dispel 100 pts on Self
  • Shock Shield - Lightning Shield 3 pts for 20 secs on Self
  Greater Bonewalker
15.0 0-5 Bonemeal
Random Loot
100 75 75 75 075
  Grizzly Bear* BM
30.0 Bear Pelt 200 100
29.0 nothing 170 100 100 100 100 100 250
12.0 nothing 45 50 50 100 75 50
  • 5-15pts melee
  Skeletal Minion 13.0 Iron Shield
Random Iron Weapon
38 100 100 100 50
  • 1-9pts melee, plus weapon
  Storm Atronach
38.0 nothing 200 100 75 100 20 150
  Verminous Fabricant* TR
10.0 Verminous Fabricant Elixir 300 50 75 -25
  • 18-30pts melee
  Winged Twilight**
winged twilight_summon
52.0 0-3 Void Salt 220 50 50 75 50 20
  • 15-45pts melee
  Wolf* BM
30.0 Wolf Pelt 60
  • 5-20pts melee

* These five summons are different from all other summons in a few ways. First of all, nobody sells the spells. The only way to acquire them is by performing various quests. (For the spell Dwemer Animunculi which summons a Centurion Sphere, read the book Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi. Summon Fabricant is an enchantment only available on Barilzar's Mazed Band from the Tribunal Main Quest. For Call Bear and Call Wolf, you will need to complete several quests for the Bloodmoon Main Quest as a human (The Totem of Claw and Fang for Call Wolf and The Ristaag for Call Bear). For Summon Bonewolf, you'll need to do the Bloodmoon Main Quest as a werewolf.) Secondly, unlike the other summons, you may not create your own custom versions of these spells (for longer duration, etc.) or enchant the spells onto items. The only versions of these spells that can exist are the ones you're given by the aforementioned quest events.

** The creature IDs "golden saint_summon" and "winged twilight_summon" contain both a space and an underscore. The space keeps the summoning's name consistent, and the underscore keeps the ID code consistent.

Loot TypesEdit