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Mournhold boasts a wide range of services in both the Great Bazaar and, to a lesser extent, Godsreach. Of course, there are also travel services offered in the Royal Palace.

See also the page on Blacksmiths.

Inns InnsEdit

Merchants MerchantsEdit

The following is a list of merchants added by the Tribunal expansion.

Name Race Class Faction Gold Merc Location # Armor Clothing Weapons Ingredients Potions Books Thieves Tools Lights Apparatus Repair Items Miscellaneous Magic Items
Belwen Wood Elf Clothier 5000 94 Mournhold, Clothier 1 C
Bols Indalen Dark Elf Smith 8000 6 Mournhold, Craftsmen's Hall 3 A W R
Catia Sosia Imperial Smith 10000 19 Mournhold, Armory 3 A W R
Daron Redguard Smith 2000 8 Mournhold, Great Bazaar 3 A W R
Elbert Nermarc Breton Enchanter Service 6000 40 Mournhold, Craftsmen's Hall 5 A C W B M
Fonari Indaren Dark Elf Apothecary Service 800 59 Mournhold, Great Bazaar 3 I P a
Roner Arano Dark Elf Pawnbroker 800 71 Mournhold, Great Bazaar 12 A C W I P B T L a R M E
Sanaso Sarothran Dark Elf Bookseller 5000 86 Mournhold, Bookseller 1 B
Sunel Hlas Dark Elf Trader Service 8000 64 Mournhold, Trader 10 A C W I P B L R M E
Ten-Tongues Weerhat'Ten-Tongues' Weerhat Argonian Pawnbroker 1000 37 Mournhold, Pawnbroker 11 A C W I P T L a R M E
Ungeleb Wood Elf Alchemist Service 9000 9 Mournhold, Magic Shop 3 I P a

Spell MerchantsEdit

The following is a list of spell merchants added by the Tribunal expansion.

Town House/Location Merchant Alteration Conjuration Destruction Illusion Mysticism Restoration Notes
Mournhold Royal Palace: Imperial Cult Services Crito Olcinius 5 8 4 10 Spellmaker, Merchant, Priest Service
Royal Palace: Imperial Cult Services Laurina Maria 5 8 1 8 Spellmaker, Merchant, Healer Service
Temple Courtyard Mehra Helas 1 1 1 3 6 Spellmaker, Merchant, Healer Service
Temple: Hall of Ministry Nerile Andaren 7 1 5 14 Merchant, Healer Service
Temple: Infirmary Galsa Andrano 3 12 Merchant, Healer Service
Magic Shop (Great Bazaar) Jeanne Andre 1 4 8 5 2 Spellmaker, Mage Service


Trained Rats and ScribsEdit

Rerlas Mon in the Great Bazaar will offer to sell you trained Scribs and Rats. You can purchase a Scrib for 20 gold, or a Rat for 25 and they will follow you and attack anyone who attacks you. Also, you can buy the exclusive Pack Rat for 100 gold which will also follow and fight as well as carry up to 100 lbs of equipment for you. You can increase this temporarily if you cast a strength/feather type spell on the rat. Unfortunately the rat does not seem to want to follow you if you cast any teleport spells, but it can be a useful thing if you have low strength.


  • There are several glitches associated with pack rats, trained scribs, and trained rats. They have been known to get stuck in certain areas of the game.
  • These pets will not follow you back to Vvardenfell if you leave the city, because the teleportation is a script, rather than a standard transport. There are mods that fix this oversight.

Mournhold MuseumEdit

The Mournhold Museum of Artifacts can be found in Godsreach, opposite The Winged Guar and right next door to the Craftsman's Hall. Inside you'll find you can sell (or donate for a quest) many unique artifacts. The Museum will offer you 50% of the value (up to 30,000 septims) of any artifacts that you are willing to part with.