Morrowind: Services

For the Clothier NPC class, see Clothier (class).


In the many cities and towns of Vvardenfell you may find Clothiers that sell many different types of clothes, some of which are needed to complete quests. The majority of items sold here are just normal garments devoid of magical properties, but some are enchanted with a variety of effects.

List of ClothiersEdit

Here is a list of all clothiers in the game, sorted by the amount of gold with which they can trade.

Name Gold Location Notes
Milie Hastien 1200 Balmora, Milie Hastien: Fine Clothier  
Mevure Hlen 400 Vivec, St. Olms Tailors and Dyers Hall  
Agrippina Herennia 350 Vivec, Agrippina Herennia: Clothier  
Bivale Teneran 300 Ald'ruhn, Bivale Teneran: Clothier  
Falanaamo 300 Caldera, Falanaamo: Clothier  
Elegnan 300 Tel Mora, Elegnan: Clothier  
Verara Rendo 300 Suran, Verara Rendo: Clothier  
Zebba Benamamat 250 Gnisis, outside the Temple  
Bevene Releth 200 Ald'ruhn, Bevene Releth: Clothier  
Nalvilie Saren 150 Vivec, St. Olms Canal South-One