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Cyrus' log as it appears when you first arrive on Stros M'Kai

The log is where Cyrus keeps track of important events and observations during his adventures. You can view its contents by pressing the L key (default). The up and down arrow keys scroll the page if there are enough entries.

Each entry is written down when some event occurs or during dialogue, but only once if you repeat dialogue topics. A small animation of a quill writing on parchment indicates that a new entry has been added. The table below lists all of the possible entries and the conditions required for them to appear.


Entry Condition
From S'rathra, my fixer in Wayrest, I received a letter from Tobias concerning the disappearance of my sister, Iszara. Set sail for the island of Stros M'kai in Hammerfell. Arrive in Stros M'Kai
With Thassad dead, and Prince A'tor defeated by Imperial Admiral Richton at the final battle of Stros M'kai, Imperial garrisons are stationed in every Hammerfell city, and Lord Richton reigns as Provisional Governor in Stros M'kai. Arrive in Stros M'Kai
Defeated pirates of the Restless League attack on Brennan's ship. Arrived harbor of Stros M'kai. Tobias says to meet him at Draggin' Tale. Arrive in Stros M'Kai
With a body found in the caverns, found the journal of Brother Kithral, which refers to his search for the Archmage Voa's ring'. Search Kithral's body to find his journal
Found the body of Archmage Voa, and retrieved his magical ring. Search Voa's body to find his ring
Salvaged a dwarven gear from the wreckage of the dwarven mechanical giant. Pick up Dwarven gear
Installed dwarven gear. The telescope at the observatory is fixed now. Insert the gear in the lower level of the Observatory
Placing the starstones correctly permitted Saban to complete her ritual and ensure a safe journey to the otherworld for Hayle's soul. After the Yokudans thank you for saving Hayle's soul
Delivered amulet to Richton. Confronted governor concerning Iszara. Richton says Iszara was a known consort of the outlawed Restless League, but denied knowledge or responsibility in her disappearance. Threatened Richton. Governor's Dark Elf agent, Dram, cast a magic spell. Woke up stripped of possessions and imprisoned. Complete quest N'Gasta's Amulet
Escaped from Imperial imprisonment in catacombs. Imperial guards will attack on sight. Exit Catacombs
Favis says the bell is broken. Examined bell, and it seems to be in perfect working order. Climb up and inspect the bell after asking Favis: "Broken Bell"
Tried to enter the door under the cartographer's shop, but didn't know the password, and was refused entry. Knock on the Smuggler's Den door without knowing the password
Basil related the story of the defeat of Prince A'tor and his forces by Imperials, how Richton's dark elf assassin struck down A'tor with a poisoned arrow, and how an Imperial dragon routed A'tor's followers, and how Archmage Voa preserved the dying Prince's soul in a soulgem. He then revealed that the League gained possession of the soulgem, and planned to spark a revolution with the prospect of the Prince restored from the soulgem to lead the League and A'tor's supporters against the Imperials. Basil also tells how Iszara stole that soulgem from the League and disappeared. 'Find the soulgem, and you'll find Iszara,' Basil says. After hearing Basil, sailed from League Hideout back to Stros M'kai. Read Iszara's journal
Learned of the existence of a legendary treasure called the Flask of Lillandril. Examine or buy the book Elven Artifacts vIII; also after Joto first mentions the flask
Falicia says the Restless League had obtained a soulgem containing Prince A'tor's soul and was using it to rally supporters, but Iszara, impatient with the delay, stole the soulgem and brought it to the Mage's Guild looking for help. A Guild member, an acolyte named Joto, agreed to help Iszara research a way to use the soulgem to restore the prince. Then, after a dark elf came to speak with Archmage Jaganvir, Joto was arrested and jailed for treason against the Empire. Falicia doesn't know what happened to Iszara, but says Joto is the only one who can tell me, and he is locked away in jail. After the scene Falicia's Confession
Archmage Jaganvir surprises Falicia telling about Iszara, Joto, and the soulgem. Jaganvir casts an enchantment turning me into a gremlin to keep me from revealing this information to anyone. After the scene Falicia's Confession
Gremlin. Yuppee nub nub. Lalloo! Cha! Enj! Me! Bak! Say "change me back" to anyone as a gremlin
Gremlin. Yuppee nub nub. Lalloo! Cha! Enj! Me! Bak! Need! Mage! Say "change me back" to Coyle, Saban, Avik, Lakene, or Siona as a gremlin
Joto dispelled Jaganvir's change-to-gremlin enchantment. Joto thinks N'gasta the necromancer has Iszara. Joto says N'gasta was the only sorcerer who could use his magic to restore A'tor from the soulgem. Since N'gasta is evil and untrustworthy, Joto and Iszara planned to use the ancient elven magic of the Flask of Lillandril as protection when negotiating with wicked N'gasta. Joto and Iszara had found one piece of the map, and then Joto found another, but before Joto could give his second piece to Iszara, she had disappeared, and Joto had been jailed by the Imperials. Joto gave me his second piece of the map, and said that if I was going to face N'gasta to find Iszara, I must have the Flask of Lillandril. Then suddenly the governor's dark elf appeared in the jail, killed Joto, and attacked. End of the scene Joto's Story
Had to kill two Imperial soldiers who had broken into the house next to the silversmith. Kill both guards in Krisandra's house
Found the legendary Flask of Lillandril, an ancient Elven artifact with the virtue of absorbing magic. Pick up Flask of Lillandril
N'gasta has taken Iszara's soul from her body and gifted it to his patron, Daedra Lord Clavicus Vile. Iszara came to N'gasta to barter her soul for N'gasta's aid in restoring the soul of Prince A'tor from the soulgem to his preserved body. N'gasta agreed to the bargain, then treacherously stole both the soulgem and Iszara's soul. The amulet N'gasta paid to have delivered to Richton held the soulgem containing A'tor's soul. To restore Iszara, her soul must be recovered from Clavicus Vile. After scene The Fate of Iszara
Used the Flask of Lillandril to defeat the necromancer N'gasta. Kill N'Gasta
Mixed potions. Poured the potions onto the magical sigil on the floor of N'gasta's tower room to open a gate to the realm of Daedra Lord Clavicus Vile. Enter portal to the realm of Clavicus Vile
Confronted Clavicus Vile and wagered my soul against Iszara's soul in a riddle contest with Vile. Won the riddle contest, and returned to the Necromancer's Tower with Iszara's soul. Leave Vile's realm
Restored Iszara's soul. Together escaped the Necromancer's Isle. Went to Stros M'kai, summoned League ship, sailed to meet with League in their hideout. Revealed that Richton has the soulgem in the form of the amulet delivered as a present from N'gasta. Pledged to kill the dragon and recover the soulgem from the treasure vaults of the catacombs, and to find someone able to master the power of the soulgem to restore Prince A'tor. From Iszara, got a gold key to enter catacombs. When the soulgem is in hand and someone is found to work the soulgem's magics, meet Iszara, Basil, and the rest of the League at the temple where Brother Nidal has A'tor's body hidden. Leave Vile's realm
Slew dragon. Recovered soulgem. Escaped catacombs. Exit the treasure vaults
A young Yokudan named Hayle was killed by the Imperials. Avik calls it murder. Hayle's family camps outside the city waiting to complete the burial ritual. Avik: "Yokudan Lad"
Men from the Restless League came around and asked Avik about a woman after Hayle's death. Avik told them nothing, but he reveals that he saw Hayle and Iszara together on the day Hayle was killed. Avik: "Told Them Nothing"
Hayle was born under the sign of the serpent. Avik says that Yokudans believe that the stars guide your destiny from birth to death and beyond. Avik: "Sign of the Serpent"
Hayle's mother, Saban, can't complete the burial ritual for the murdered boy because she has to protect his spirit from the soul snare set by N'gasta. This soul snare, according to Avik, sends the spirit of the departed to N'gasta unless the victim is buried in consecrated ground. Avik: "Soul Snare"
Joto, a member of the Mage's Guild and Avik's friend, was arrested by the Imperials. Avik: "Mage's Guild"
Basil gave me a key to Iszara's lodge and suggested looking around for clues to her whereabouts. In particular he mentioned a journal he couldn't open. In return for learning the contents of the journal, Basil promises to tell all he knows about Iszara's disappearance. Basil: Greeting after the fight with Vander
When asked for directions to the Draggin Tale, Captain Brennan said to go up the bridge on the right, through the gate to the town square, and look for the sign. Brennan: "Draggin Tale"
The young Yokudan, Coyle, says that Iszara came with his wounded brother Hayle to Saban to ask for help on the day Hayle was killed. Iszara tried to explain, but Saban was too upset to listen. Coyle: "Hayle's Death"
Coyle says the necromancer N'gasta has set a soulsnare over the entire island of Stros M'kai. Anyone who dies without the proper ritual has his soul carried to N'gasta's tower to serve the necromancer. Coyle: "Necromancer"
Coyle says his mother Saban can protect his brother Hayle's soul from N'gasta because she is a powerful witch -- the most powerful witchmother of her tribe. Coyle: "Soul Snare"
Coyle says his mother is a powerful sorcerer, and could easily guide her son Hayle's soul past N'gasta's soulsnare, except that Hayle was born under the sign of the serpent. The other twelve constellation follow the circles of heaven, but neither Coyle nor his mother know how to predict the serpent's path. The only way to guide Hayle's soul through the soulsnare is to place the starstones in the positions of the serpent's head and tail. Coyle: "Serpent"
Coyle tells of the three circles of the heavens, and of the three guardians that protect their three charges, each to its own circle of heaven. Coyle: "Guardians and Charges"
Coyle recited the verse concerning the Warrior Guardian: 'Strong Warrior Charges... Steed Prancing... Lady Dancing... Lord Advancing... Through The Night.' Coyle: "Warrior"
Coyle recited the verse concerning the Mage Guardian: 'Wise Mage Orders... Apprentice Learning... Ritual Turning... Golem Burning... Through The Night.' Coyle: "Mage"
Coyle recited the verse concerning the Thief Guardian: 'Clever Thief Watches... Lover Sighing... Shadow Lying... Tow'r Defying... Through The Night.' Coyle: "Thief"
Agree to help find a way to help Coyle's mother complete the ritual which will preserve his brother's soul from the necromancer's soulsnare. Coyle: "Serpent's Path" if you answer yes
Crendal says he has a piece of the map to the Flask of Lillandril. Crendal: "Flask Map"
Crendal says he got a piece of a map to the Flask of Lillandril by stealing it. He says he found it under a cot on Trithik's boat. Crendal: "Have Map Piece"
Crendal says he has hidden his piece of the map to the Flask of Lillandril where others can't find it. Crendal: "Trade for Map"
Dreekius says Captain Brennan is looking for me. Dreekius: "After Escape the Catacombs"
Dreekius mentions that Siona wants to see me. Dreekius: After Escape the Catacombs if friends with Siona
Dreekius says a Breton drunk, Crendal, bragged about having a piece of a map to the legendary Flask of Lillandril. Dreekius: "Lots of People"
Erasmo raves about ghosts in the Saintsport lighthouse keeping him awake all night, blinking 'flash, flash, flaaaash'. Erasmo: "Ghosts"
Erasmo claims he's fixed the orrery, but that he can't fix the telescope because he's missing a gear. He says he tried to fix the telescope, but he burned his legs down in the gear room. Erasmo: "Burn Your Legs"
Erasmo says a dwarven gear is needed to fix the telescope -- not just any gear. Erasmo: "Gear"
Erasmo says he won't go down to the gear room. Go to the gear room and install the gear on the far side to fix the telescope. Erasmo: "Give Gear"
Erasmo is pleased that the telescope is fixed. Erasmo: "Telescope Fixed"
Falicia says she heard that the map to the Flask of Lillandril was torn into four pieces. She says one piece was inscribed on the bottom of a silver box shaped like a ship. Falicia: "Flask Map"
Favis says a fellow in the watchtower, Prnell, waves a flag when a ship arrives, signaling Favis to ring the bell. Favis complains that Prnell never lets Favis have a turn waving the flag. Favis: "Flag"
Favis says the bell is broken, or it doesn't ring as loud as it used to. Favis: "Broken Bell"
Gerrick worries that Iszara might have sought to find malachite through the Smuggler's Den. Gerrick: "Knows More"
Gerrick thinks that the Restless League is connected with the smugglers operating out of the Smuggler's Den beneath the Cartographer's shop. Gerrick: "Smuggler's Den"
Gerrick says that Rollo is supposed to fetch shipments from the harbor whenever he hears a bell rung by a fellow named Favis. Ringing the bell announces the arrival of a ship. Gerrick: "Bell"
J'ffer says that, according to legend, a stable boy armed with the Flask of Lillandril defeated the High Wizard of Valenwood. The device may then be a potent anti-magic device, perhaps one which absorbs magic. J'ffer: "Anti-Magic"
Kotaro says Draggin' Tale on town square; follow ramps uphill. Kotaro: "Draggin Tale"
Kotaro identifies N'gasta as a harmless old hermit living in the old wizard's tower on the shoals along the northwest side of the island. Kotaro: "N'Gasta"
The governor's palace is 'straight at the top of the hill... the grandest structure in Stros M'kai' -- according to Kotaro. Kotaro: "Governor's Palace"
Kotaro says that superstitious locals call N'gasta a necromancer. Kotaro: "Superstitions"
Accepted job from Kotaro to deliver amulet to Governor Richton on behalf of N'gasta. Pick up amulet from N'gasta. Paid 100 gold; collect balance of 200 gold from Kotaro after delivery. Kotaro: "I'll Take the Job"
Paid by Kotaro for amulet delivery. Kotaro: "Finished Job"
Krisandra says Lakene, a local handyman, came to her to replace an antique silver locket of his wife's that Lakene lost while gambling in the Smuggler's Den. When Krisandra said she couldn't help him, he was quite distressed. Krisandra: "Lakene"
Krisandra gave me a key and invited me to search her storehouse for a silver ship inscribed with a piece of the map to the Flask of Lillandril. If I find it, she says to keep it. Krisandra: "Map to Flask"
Lakene says the Imperial's [sic] are searching for the ancient technological treasures of the Dwarves in the ruins in the mountains. Lakene: "Mystery"
Lakene says he'll give the password, but only if I get his wife's locket back from Rollo. Lakene: "Give Me Password"
Delivered Lakene's wife's locket to him, and received the password to the Smuggler's Den in return. Password is 'spoon'. Lakene: "Give Locket"
Maiko gave me a map associated with the Flask of Lillandril based on the notations from the book 'Elven Artifacts'. Maiko: Greeting if the map is finished
Maiko agreed to make a detailed map using the map notations from the book 'Elven Artifacts'... but in return Maiko gets to keep the book. Maiko says to come back in a while for the map. Maiko: "Book for Map"
Mariah says the Restless League might be contacted through the Smuggler's Den. Mariah: "Contact League"
The park is over by the waterfall, Mariah says. Mariah: "Park"
Mariah recalls that she saw the Arkay boy, Kithral, visiting the park, gazing at the waterfall, and writing in his journal. She also describes him as a 'passionate Crown,' and muses that she hasn't seen him in months. Mariah: "Kithral"
Mariah says she last saw Iszara headed for the Cartographer's. Mariah: "Smuggler's Den"
N'gasta says that to deliver the amulet to the governor personally, and that the contractor will pay the rest of the fee after the delivery. N'Gasta: Greeting if you took the job from Kotaro
Accepted job from N'gasta to deliver an amulet to Governor Richton. Received amulet. N'gasta has arranged for an unnamed middleman to pay when task is accomplished. N'Gasta: Greeting or "Delivery" if you take the job from him and not Kotaro
Iszara is among the living, N'gasta assures you, or he would know otherwise. N'Gasta: "Iszara"
N'gasta grants that the Mage's Guild opposes the practice of his craft, but that the governor favors him over those of the Mage's Guild. N'Gasta: "Necromancy"
N'gasta's soulsnare captures the departed spirits of 'silly folk who neglect the sanctity of their souls'. N'Gasta: "Souls"
The soulsnare captures only those spirits unprotected by holy rituals, or those buried in unhallowed ground, according to N'gasta. N'Gasta: "Thassad"
N'gasta says that the governor is his generous patron, and that the governor's policies bring N'gasta profit. N'Gasta: "Governor"
N'gasta serves the Daedra Lord Clavicus Vile, and says that Vile grants favors in return for each soul N'gasta delivers. N'Gasta: "Daedra Lords"
In passing, N'gasta mentions that there is only one surviving brother of Arkay, that the other became snared in his net three master moons ago -- about the same time that Iszara disappeared. N'Gasta: "Soul Snare"
Brother Nidal reveals that Iszara and the Prince were secret lovers. Nidal: Iszara and the Prince if you've given him Kithral's journal
Nidal says that his former initiate, Brother Kithral, has disappeared. Nidal: "Nationalist"
Nidal says that he last saw the missing initiate, Brother Kithral, heading for the park to collect mandrake roots. Nidal thinks Richton's men are responsible for Kithral's disappearance. Nidal: "Brother Kithral"
Nidal revealed that A'tor's body is hidden in the temple, preserved from decay by a spell of stasis. Nidal suggests that Voa's ring could dispel a stasis field on A'tor's body, but gives no suggestion why Kithral or Iszara would try that. Nidal: "Kithral's Journal"
Nidal suggests that Voa's ring could dispel a stasis field on A'tor's body. Nidal: "Kithral's Journal" if you have already asked it
Nidal suggests that Iszara and Kithral planned to use Voa's ring to dispel the stasis field on A'tor body, thus enabling a transfer of A'tor's soul from the soulgem back into the Prince's body. Nidal: "Kithral's Journal" if you have told him about the soul gem; Nidal: "Soulgem" if you've given him Kithral's journal
Nidal agreed that Iszara and Kithral did not plan to dispel the stasis field on A'tor's preserved body just to let the Prince's body rot. They must have had some other use of the ring in mind. Nidal: "Kithral's Journal" if you haven't told him about the soul gem
Nidal says he can't work the soulgem's magic, that a mage is needed. Nidal: "I Have the Gem"
Nidal says that I would need the soulgem to restore the Prince, and that the soulgem's magic is beyond his skill. Nidal: "I Have the Gem" if you've told him about the soul gem, but haven't given him the journal
Nidal says that the stasis field would block the soulgem's magic, even if a mage were available. Nidal: "I Have the Gem" if you've told him about the soul gem, but haven't given him the journal
Nidal says I need the ring to dispel the stasis field, but that the ring is also beyond his skill. Nidal: "I Have the Gem" if you've given him the journal
Nidal says he can't work ring's magic, that a mage is needed. Nidal: "I Have Voa's Ring"
To restore the Prince, find a mage who can work the magic of both the soulgem and ring. Nidal: "I Have Voa's Ring" if you've told him about the soul gem and also have it
Nidal says the ring would only dispel the stasis field, causing the Prince's body to turn to dust. Find the soulgem to restore the Prince. Nidal: "I Have Voa's Ring" if you've told him about the soul gem, but do not have it
From the parrot pieced together the following: 'Pretty sister had her schemes. Needed gold this time, it seems. Twenty-one paces. As the head faces. Buried there the gold still gleams!' Orsone: "Riddle"
Dying Restless League prisoner said something about going to a lighthouse to signal the League. Received a rusty key. Prisoner: "Lighthouse"
Prnell says to contact the Restless League through the Smuggler's Den beneath Maiko's shop, but that I need a password to get in. Prnell: "Smuggler's Den"
Prnell says he has lost an eyepiece. His eyesight is very bad, and he really wants the eyepiece. Prnell: "Eyepiece"
When Prnell sees a ship, he goes out on the walkway and waves a flag so Favis knows to ring the bell. Prnell: "Bell"
Borrowed the flag used to signal the arrival of a ship in harbor from Prnell. Prnell: "Borrow Flag"
A password is needed to enter the Smuggler's Den. Rollo: "Smuggler's Den"
Coyle says that his mother Saban says that it takes a powerful sorcerer to use the power of a soulgem. Coyle assures that his mother is that powerful. Saban: "Soulgem"
Coyle says his mother Saban says that the magic of Archmage Voa's stasis field is too strong for her, that I must find a way to rid the Prince's body of the stasis field before she can help. Saban: "Help with Soulgem" if you have given Kithral's journal to Nidal, but don't have Voa's ring
With the soulgem and Voa's ring in hand, and Saban to work their magic, proceeded to temple to restore and revive Prince A'tor. Iszara, Basil, and the rest of the League watched as Saban attempted to restore the Prince. However, A'tor's soul went, not into his body, but into his sword. With this sword, I will lead the Restless League and head to the palace to overthrow the governor and the Imperial occupation. Saban: "Help with Soulgem" if you have given Kithral's journal to Nidal and have Voa's ring
Siona says Captain Brennan wants to see me. Siona: "After Escape the Catacombs"
Siona says not to trust Brennan, that he is a traitor. Siona: "After Escape the Catacombs" if you are friends
Siona says she is a friend of Tobias, and that she is happy to help me. Answer yes to Siona: "Draggin Tale"
Siona implies that Iszara was a friend -- a GOOD friend -- of the prince, and that that might be why she disappeared when Richton came to town. Siona: "Civil War" if you know Fatboy is Richton
Siona says the Restless League might be contacted through the Smuggler's Den in Maiko's basement. Siona: "Contact League"
Siona says that the governor's palace is just up the hill -- can't miss it -- but not to expect to sneak in. Siona: "Palace"
Siona says Richton is accompanied by a red-eyed, Dark Elf assassin, Dram, from Morrowind. Siona: "Shadow"
The dragon used by the Imperials to defeat the Crowns is still in the catacombs under the palace, according to Siona. Siona: "Dragon" if you know Fatboy is Richton
Siona says that she heard Imperial Guards talking about Brennan having been paid to set a trap for 'that Redguard the Governor's so hot about'. Siona: "Brennan"
Tobias says that Brother Kithral (a Brother of Arkay) and Iszara both disappeared about the same time, and that they knew each other. Tobias: "Brothers of Arkay"
Tobias says visit Brother Nidal at the temple to learn more about Iszara. Tobias: "Temple"
Tobias says he sails from Stros M'kai at sundown to avoid risk of Imperial arrest. Tobias: "Leaving"
Tobias suspects Richton in Iszara's disappearance. Tobias: "Provisional Governor"
Tobias says his friend Siona down by the docks may be able to help with information about the Crowns. Tobias: "Crowns"
Trithik says any goblins in Stros M'kai are banished beneath the earth of Stros M'kai, thanks to Frandar Hunding. Trithik: "Goblins"
According to Trithik, though Prince A'tor's body was lost at sea, there are already prophecies of his return. Trithik: "Prince"
From Trithik I learned that Prince A'tor had dealings with the Restless League, though the Crowns considered the League untrustworthy. Trithik: "A'tor"
A necromancer's curse affects Stros M'kai. According to Trithik, the shoals when [sic] the necromancer is found lie to the west along a path over a bridge. Trithik: "Shoals"
When I suggested speaking with Richton, Trithik said that no Redguards are admitted to the palace. Trithik: "Richton"
Trithik says that Governor Richton ordered the destruction of the Old Quarter, a refuge of the Crowns, with dragonfire. Trithik: "Old Quarter"
Trithik says he used to have a piece of a map to the Flask of Lillandril, but that it was stolen several weeks ago. Trithik: "Flask Map"
Trithik can only remember that his piece of the map to the Flask of Lillandril bore two numbers, an 'X', and the notation 'long tree'. Trithik: "Crendal" or "Crendal Thief"
Got a parchment of Iszara's with the Restless League insignia on it from Urik. Urik: Greeting after you fight him or "League Insignia" if you persuade or pay him
In response to the signal from the lighthouse, a ship captained by a Redguard woman arrived. Yaeli: Greeting before you show her the League insignia
The captain of the ship that responded to the League signal from the lighthouse won't cooperate unless she is given proof that I am worthy of the League's attention, sufficient proof to justify the risk of sailing me to the League's hideout. Yaeli: "Proof"

Unused EntriesEdit

These entries are added by unused dialogue.

Entry Condition
Dreekius thinks a dragon guards the soulgem in a hoard in a secret treasure vault in the catacombs. Dreekius says a weapontip roasted in dragonfire will pierce a dragon like no other. Dreekius: "The Treasure Vaults"
Nidal revealed that A'tor's body is hidden in the temple, preserved from decay by a spell of stasis. Nidal: "Kithral's Journal" after rescuing Iszara

These are found in the game files, but have no conditions for them to appear in the log.

Entry Probable Condition
Following a recent civil war, the Empire of Tiber Septim rules Hammerfell. One Redguard faction, the Forebears, allied with the Empire to defeat the opposing Redguard faction, the Crowns, who favored the rule of King Thassad and his son and heir, Prince A'tor. Arrive in Stros M'Kai
After escape from jail, escaped guard pursuit. If Joto was right, and N'gasta has Iszara, must find the Flask of Lillandril for protection from N'gasta's sorcery. Escape the Old Quarter
Mariah says she's seen League members coming in and out of the Smuggler's Den below the Cartographer's. Mariah: "Smuggler's Den"
Saban says I might find the Restless League at the lighthouse. Saban: "League"