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Redguard:N'Gasta's Amulet

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Obtain a certain amulet and deliver it to Lord Richton.
Quest Giver: Kotaro or N'Gasta
Location(s): Isle of N'Gasta, Palace
Prerequisite Quest: Starting Out
Next Quest: Escape the Catacombs
Reward: 100 gold
Difficulty: Medium
N'Gasta's Tower, where you meet him at the gate

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. (Optional) Accept the delivery job from Kotaro.
  2. Head to the docks north of town and cross the dilapidated bridges, then pay the boatman three gold to reach the Isle of N'Gasta.
  3. Pull the lever on the northwest end of the Necropolis to open the crypt containing a crow bar. Use it to open the locked gate.
  4. Turn the wheel found next to the eye statue on the raised platform; it rotates the head of the large figure so you can pass over the chasm.
  5. Approach the gate outside N'Gasta's Tower and speak with N'Gasta to get the amulet.
  6. Return to Stros M'Kai and talk to the guard at the Palace.
  7. After the delivery scene, fight Richton's guards. Dram will knock you unconscious and you awake inside the Catacombs.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

You can head directly to N'Gasta or learn about the delivery job from Kotaro. He will give you 100 gold and answer various questions you may have. Alternatively, you can talk to him before delivering the amulet to receive the 100 gold. After escaping the Catacombs, he'll give you another 200 gold or 300 if it's the first time talking to him.
Point A — The Spine Bridges
Beginning at this pier is a series of bridges leading to a boatman, who takes you to the Isle of N'Gasta. There are nine bridges total, and the seven middle ones all have a section or two which fall out as you approach. Walk slowly across each bridge to see where the broken section(s) are, then back up and make a running jump. Save after completing every few jumps, because if you fall in the water you'll be killed quickly by the sharks or tentacles (although it is occasionally possible to swim back to shore). Note that you can walk on the ropes.
Point B — Secret Island
B: Secret island
After the second or third bridge, look to the south and you should see two islands away from the others linked together by another bridge. A number of sharks patrol the waters in between, but avoiding them rewards you with a lot of gold and potions. The island has four gold pouches, plus three health and two strength potions, a great source if your supplies are low.
Point C — Boatman
C: Boatman
A mysterious, skeleton-like boatman is docked here on the last island reached from the bridges. Give him three gold pieces and he will transport you to the Isle of N'Gasta.
Point D — Isle of N'Gasta
D: Isle of N'Gasta
The boatman takes you to a pier on the northeast side of the isle. The boat stays here until you return for the trip back. Walk up the path and a short cutscene plays, during which a skeleton rises from the ground. Kill any skeletons you see, or else you may end up fighting a large group of them. Three health potions are in the gazebo at the crossroads.
Point E — Skull Lever
E: Skull lever
Continue west from the crossroads to the Necropolis, a large stone structure blocking your way. On the western end is a lever shaped like a skull, which opens a door to the crypt at F.
Point F — Crypt
F: The crypt
This hidden room in the Necropolis contains a crow bar and a health and strength potion. There are two tables and a coffin with the remains of a skeleton inside.
Point G — Locked Gate
The locked gate here can be opened with the crow bar found in the crypt. You may have to lure the two nearby zombies away to open it safely. Turn right to find some more potions, or left for the shortest route to H.
Point H — Eye Wheel
H: A strange eye
A wheel connected to an eye-shaped statue is located on the upper level of this tomb. Turn the wheel to rotate the eye and the large statue at I.
Point I — Large Figure
Once rotated, the large stone figure here acts as a makeshift bridge over the gap to N'Gasta's Tower. It's a good idea to save before jumping onto its shoulders.
Point J — N'Gasta's Tower
A metal gate blocks entry to the tower until a later quest. The waters surrounding N'Gasta's Tower are certain death to anyone attempting to trespass. When you approach the gate, N'Gasta will leave the tower and meet you there. If you did not accept the job from Kotaro, N'Gasta will offer it himself. You can refuse and accept it from him later, perhaps after asking a few important questions. Either way, he gives you the amulet once you've agreed to deliver it. When you're done talking, you can leave the island and return to the mainland.
Deliver the Amulet
You may wish to postpone delivering the amulet, because doing so means you'll have to escape the Catacombs and deal with hostile guards in town. Also remember that Kotaro still has 100 gold waiting if you haven't talked to him previously.
Go north from the town plaza and find the Palace entrance. In order to trigger the delivery scene, tell the guard you need to see Richton and mention the amulet. About halfway through your visit, Cyrus threatens Richton and three guards attack him. If you go up the stairs, Dram kills you instantly with his spell. Deal with the guards and the scene continues: Dram casts a spell and you wake up deep within the Catacombs.


  • The name Necropolis for the large stone structure in the middle of the isle comes from The Redguard Companion.
  • A game-skipping exploit exists during the battle in the Palace. If you head up to the door on the west side, you can run against the middle while jumping and sheathing your weapon to phase through it into the kitchen area, Point D on the map in the final quest Raze the Palace.


Point APoint BPoint CPoint DPoint EPoint FPoint GPoint HPoint IPoint JCrow Bar 


Delivery SceneEdit

Richton and Dram walk into the audience chamber
"So this is the Redguard fire I've heard so much about..."

This dialogue occurs when you deliver the amulet. The scene begins with Richton walking into the Palace audience chamber with Dram at his side.

Guard: "This man insisted he deliver the amulet to you himself, milord."
Richton: "A certain amount of persistence is admirable, isn't it, Dram?
"Very well. Your job is done. Give the amulet to one of the guards."
Cyrus: "Hold on, Governor. I have a few questions to ask you first. About a woman named Iszara."
Dram: "He's no courier."
Richton: "This is not an audience, sir. You forget yourself."
Cyrus: "She's been missing for a few months and people think she may be in trouble. They also say you might have something to do with it."
Guard: "Milord?"
Richton: "No, no. I'll handle him.
"I know of this Iszara, young man. Her troubles are of her own making, I'm sure. When you mix with thugs and murderers--"
Cyrus: "Like I said, you might have something to do with it."
Richton: "Under Imperial law, the Restless League, and this Iszara woman, a known consort and confederate of the League, are guilty of piracy, sedition, and treason, and subject to summary execution.
"In my capacity as Governor, such executions are my responsibility.
"But... This Iszara has not come to my notice, and if she has disappeared, she has done so without my help.
"And now, I have other pressing affairs."
Cyrus: "Are you saying she was part of the Restless League?"
Richton: "You are dismissed, courier."
Cyrus: "We don't seem to understand each other, Governor. Iszara is my sister and this isn't an audience, it's an interrogation.
"Tell me all you know or I'll give you more trouble than the League ever has."
Richton: "You would threaten an Imperial Governor? Are you simple?
"Threaten me, and you prove yourself a traitor... And you must die for it. Guards, seize that man."

The guards attack and are struck down by Cyrus.

Richton: "So this is the Redguard fire I've heard so much about..."
"Young man, you've the makings of a fine swordsman... but, by your actions, you condemn yourself, and forfeit your life. Dram?"
Dram: "No. Let me question this one. He is a fool... but fools can be useful."

Dram casts a spell at Cyrus and he passes out.

Cyrus: "Ugh!"

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