ON-icon-achievement-Imperial City Locksmith.png Imperial City Locksmith
Type Imperial City Achievements
Points 10
Assemble a key for each of the trophy chests found in the Imperial City.

Imperial City Locksmith is awarded for discovering and opening all six of the Trophy Vaults within the Imperial City. Each of these requires 60 Key Fragments, so you will need to find a total of 360 to earn this achievement.


The six vaults you must open are:

This does not include the two trophy vaults in the Group Dungeons in the Imperial City. These are covered by the Imperial City Dungeon Locksmith achievement instead.


  • Opening a vault with more a multiple of 60 Key Fragments in your inventory greater than just 60 will waste fragments, causing you to lose as many multiples of 60 as you have on hand. For this reason, you should not open a vault if you are carrying more than 119 Key Fragments. Place any extra keys in your bank to be safe. ?