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Redguard stories say that when the Ra Gada first arrived on these shores, they found Nilata still inhabited by Elves. Having fought the Lefthanded Elves on Yokuda for a thousand years, wherever the newcomers found Elves in Hammerfell, they exterminated them.
Elven Ruin:
Nilata Ruins
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Fallen WastesBangkorai
Southwest of Evermore
Nilata Ruins

The Nilata Ruins are large Ayleid ruins located in western Bangkorai, north of Hallin's Stand.

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Nilata Ruins Wayshrine

Nilata Ruins Wayshrine is located to the east of the ruins near the lake, south of the entrance to the Sunken Road.


A map of Nilata Ruins
A map of Anexiel's Lair


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