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Find out what happened to a mage and her sister.
Zone: Bangkorai
Objective: Nilata Ruins — Defeat the Daedra within Nilata.
Quest Giver: Najan, Izzara
Location(s): Nilata Ruins
Reward: Anexiel's Thorax
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 309 (Old)
2989 (New)
Adeena — The Possessed Farmer's Wife
A Daedra has taken over Nilata Ruins. Having possessed a farmer's wife, the Daedra is luring travelers into her lair—likely to their doom.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Najan.
  2. Find Izzara.
  3. Destroy the focus stones.
  4. Meet Izzara at the Spell Key.
  5. Unbind the prisoners.
  6. Find Adeena.
  7. Defeat Anexiel.
  8. Return to Najan.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

When choosing between Izzara or Adeena to live, the choice is yours. Using the talisman, as earlier in the quest, will cause the target to die. If you choose Adeena to live: You have chosen wisely. Adeena is actually an innocent in all of this, Izzara the one possessed. However, as they are twins, the blood is still enough to complete the ritual. If you choose Izzara to live: You choose the one that is actually possessed to live. After talking to the sister that lived, you must go kill Anexiel before it can do any more damage. It did, after all, promise to claim its body first and foremost.

Enter Anexial's lair through the door close by. As soon as you have killed Anexial, Mephala, the Lady of Whispers, appears. Talk to Mephala and find out that the entire thing was a simple play filled with death, a broken marriage, and other things, nothing more. Anexial succeeded in its little bit of fun.

After you talk with Mephala, you will find that the spiders and other creatures are no longer hostile but neutral to you, so you need not fight your way out. Once you exit the lair, talk to the remaining sister and return with her to Najan.

The spiders outside the lair remain neutral to you even if you leave the area and return later, provided you do not attack them first.



  • While the red ritual circle will already be present, Adeena won't appear on it until reaching the related objective.


  • When you approach Adeena for the first time Izzara may not appear making it impossible to talk to her and advance the quest. Relogging may fix this.
  • You may be unable to speak to Mephala at the appropriate quest stage (there is no interaction available). Relogging may fix this.
  • After unbinding the captive, there will not be an audible dialogue line to match the voice that is referred to by Izzara and in the objective description. ?

Quest StagesEdit

A Marriage in Ruins
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to search the Nilata Ruins for Adeena's twin sister, Izzara.
Objective: Find Izzara
Adeena's twin sister Izzara needs me to find and destroy focus stones scattered throughout Nilata Ruins. Once they are destroyed, we'll be able to get inside the ruins.
Objective: Destroy the Focus Stones:0/4
Hidden Objective: Destroy the Focus Stones
I destroyed all four of the focus stones. I should meet Izzara at the center of the ruins where the spell key is located.
Objective: Meet Izzara at the Spell Key
Izzara needs to weave an enchantment to destroy the spell key. I must wait for her to complete the spell.
Objective: Wait for Izzara to Destroy the Spell Key
Izzara destroyed the spell key. I should speak to her to find out what to do next.
Objective: Talk to Izzara
I need to use the talisman that Izzara gave me to unbind the prisoners within the ruins. While it means their death, Izzara says it's the only way to stop the ritual.
Objective: Unbind the Sacrifices:0/4
Hidden Objective: Unbind the Sacrifices
After the last captive was put to rest, I heard a voice call out. I should see where it came from.
Objective: Find the Source of the Voice
The source of the voice turned out to be Najan's missing wife, Adeena. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Adeena
I should wait for Adeena and Izzara to finish confronting one another.
Objective: Allow the Sisters to Confront One Another
I should speak to the sisters to determine what needs to be done.
Objective: Talk to Adeena
Objective: Talk to Izzara
Adeena and Izzara have accused each other of being the vessel of Anexiel. I must make the choice on whom to use the talisman.
Objective: Decide Who Lives And Dies
(If you use the talisman on Izzara.)

I chose to use the talisman on Izzara. I should wait and see what happens.
(If you use the talisman on Adeena.) Needs info

Objective: Witness the Results of Your Decision
(If Izzara died.)

Izzara was the vessel for Anexiel. This should have disrupted the ritual, but as Adeena's twin, Izzara served to complete the ritual. I should speak to Adeena about what to do next.

Objective: Talk to Adeena
(If Adeena died.)
Objective: Talk to Izzara
Needs info
(If Adeena died.)

I have to kill Anexiel to end this. Adeena believes she can still be defeated while she's just revived in her new form.

Objective: Kill Anexiel
After defeating Anexiel, a voice whispered to me, and a Daedra appeared. I should speak to it.
Objective: Talk to the Daedra
(If Adeena is alive.)

I should speak to Adeena about what happened and let her know it's over.

Objective: Talk to Adeena
(If Izzara is alive.)Needs info
Objective: Talk to Izzara
With the horrors of Nilata behind us, it's time to return Najan.
Objective: Return to Najan
Najan and Adeena started talking when we arrived. I should wait until their conversation is over.
Objective: Wait for Adeena to confront Najan
Objective: Wait for Izzara to Confront Najan
Finishes quest  I should speak to Najan.
Objective: Talk to Najan
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