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Location Anexiel's Lair within Nilata Ruins
Species Spider Daedra
Health 127,470 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Daedra Husk
Poison Solvents

Anexiel is a Spider Daedra found at Nilata Ruins who serves Mephala. When Najan accidentally stumbled across her talisman, she took on the form of a beautiful spirit and seduced the goat farmer until he was willing to bring his wife—Adeena—to her to use as a vessel.

Once Anexiel possessed Adeena, Najan had second thoughts and enlisted the help of his wife's mage sister Izzara, who needs help to stop the Spider Daedra from completing its summoning ritual to fully incarnate on Nirn.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Anexiel leaving Izzara's body

During the quest, Anexiel will speak with you once the talisman has been used on one of the sisters to kill them, as both insist the other is possessed by the Daedra and that it is the only way to stop the ritual. If the talisman is used on Izzara, Anexiel will congratulate you for figuring it out, then reveals that the ritual worked anyway:

Anexiel: "Ah, bravo, mortal! Your powers of perception are strong indeed! Unfortunately, twins share the same blood! How vexing! Pity I didn't think of it sooner, it might have saved us all a great deal of talking."

If you decided that it was Adeena, Anexiel will instead mock you for killing many innocent people:

Anexiel: "Oh, what an unfortunate miscalculation! Five innocent deaths on your head in as many minutes … I do hope you remember to say your prayers tonight!"

If you decided that it was Izzara, she will say your efforts are futile:

Anexiel: "The ritual is complete! And my first act will be to reclaim my body and destroy you!"

Once you meet her physical self in her lair, she will say the following as you engage in combat:

Anexiel: "Oh, yes … Come meet your sweet demise, mortal."

When she is at half health:

Anexiel: "Lie still, my sweet. It will all be over soon …."