Elder Scrolls Online: People
(lore page)
Location Maelstrom Arena
Race Demiprince Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Fa-Nuit-Hen is a Daedric Demiprince and the Multiplier of Motions Known. He is a highly skilled fighter that takes the form of a demonic Bosmer, due to them being nimble and making for a smaller target. He seeks to recuperate his Barons Who Move Like This, the Daedra that designed his Maelstrom Arena and in the process became part of it. Due to his poor memory, he has his tutor, Tutor Riparius, to assist him in remembering things and writes down his experiences in books.

Related QuestsEdit


Maelstrom ArenaEdit

As you approach the building containing the arena portal, you will hear Tutor Riparius and Fa-Nuit-Hen converse:

Tutor Riparius: "Here comes a likely candidate now."
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "Do you suppose this one has what it takes?"
Tutor Riparius: "Contain your hopes. But let's find out."

Fa-Nuit-Hen can then be spoken to start the Maelstrom Arena.

"I've been wondering when you would show up on my doorstep. I've been following your progress for some time, and with great interest.
You show promise. I know talent when I see it. Are you interested in challenging yourself… to the utmost?"
What do you mean?
"I'm a connoisseur of battle, so I keep track of likely recruits. Your reputation precedes you.
I've converted my realm into an arena where I plan to train the greatest warriors in the Aurbis. I offer you an opportunity to take my arena challenge."
How do I win?
"The rules are simple: win or die. Enter each arena, defeat all opponents, then move on to the next.
Survive them all, and I'll offer you a place in my officer corps. So―interested? Or would you rather return to Tamriel and fight mudcrabs?"
I accept your challenge.

After accepting the challenge, the Demiprince can be asked some questions about the arena and himself.

"Very well, then! Let's see how long you can last.
Give us a good show, won't you?"
What can you tell me about the next arena?
"It's called the Vale of the Surreal. The Baron who Moves like a Shivering Droplet served the Mad God for a time, and that's where he got the idea.
I've never liked this arena. Too uncanny. But I miss my baron. Win him back for me!"
What more can you tell me about yourself?
"I'm a collector of martial styles, a combat connoisseur, arms trainer to the great and lofty!
I've decided to train an army of my own, so I asked each of my Barons Who Moves Like This to build me a deadly training arena. And so they did!"

Arena DialogueEdit

After completing the arenas, you have the option of asking him further questions about the upcoming arena, his Barons and his future goals.

Vale of the SurrealEdit

"Hmm. The surreality didn't affect you at all.
Have you met Uncle Sheo? That would explain it!"
What can you tell me about the next arena?
Seht's Balcony! It was designed by the Baron Who Moves Like a Dancer's Hips after spending a season with the Mechanist.
Beware the whirling blades! They move just like … just like … oh, you know what I mean. Don't you?"
Who are these Barons Who Move Like... what is it?
"The Barons Who Move Like This! My Daedric Conflict Resolution Coaches, each specializing in a different kind of mayhem!
They threw themselves so far into the task of creating my arenas, that each was… absorbed… into the final creation."

Seht's BalconyEdit

"Well done. I can see you're no stranger to clockwork opponents. You're good.
Unless it was beginner's luck.
What can you tell me about the next arena?
It's the Drome of Toxic Shock! The Baron who Moves like Wind in the Reeds really poured his heart into this one. Curious that such a gentle soul should create an arena as lethal as this one.
Triumph here, challenger, and restore my baron to me."
So where are these barons of yours now?
"Gone! Trying to outdo each other, they put so much essence and animus into creating their arenas, that they discorporated!
Now, I have only the arenas to remember them by. And the memory grows… hazy. But no matter!"

Drome of Toxic ShockEdit

"I lost a wager there by putting my money on the Lamia Queen. She's never failed before.
It might be time to start betting on you, instead."
What can you tell me about the next arena?
"Ah, that will be Seht's Flywheel. It was built by the Baron Who Moves Like Heat Lightning.
We visited the Clockwork City, of course, and he based his design on that. I can almost visualize this baron in a chamber of pistons … no, it's gone."
Why do you need training arenas?
"Training warriors and heroes is fun, but it looks like even more fun to have your own army! We could be interplanar mercenaries!
I'd really hoped to have my cohorts led by the Barons Who Move Like This. But watching you in action gives me ideas…"

Seht's FlywheelEdit

"That giant clockwork spider made a terrible pet, so I put it on arena duty. I won't do that again.
Live and learn, eh?"
What can you tell me about the next arena?
"You've reached the Rink of Frozen Blood. It was the masterpiece of the Baron who Moves like Sunlight on Waves.
I'm beginning to hope, you know. That you'll be able to succeed, to return my barons to me. Is it a mistake for a Daedra to hope?"
Are these barons of yours gone for good?
"They are. They are.
Or… or maybe they're not! When I see you fighting in an arena, I can almost remember the baron who made it. To defeat an arena, you almost have to become its creator, and then, for me, that baron lives again! Briefly."

Rink of Frozen BloodEdit

"You know, I thought those giants would give you a harder time. But I tend to overestimate the tall.
Tutor, make a note: need more giants."
What can you tell me about the next arena?
"The Spiral Shadows, an arena inspired by Mephala's realm! Its architect was The Baron Who Moves Like Flickering Flame.
I think he might have been one of my favorites. I remember watching him for hours. Or do I just … remember remembering that?"
Can my victory in an arena help you recall the baron who created it?
"It seems so! And if I can remember them clearly…
Well. I am the Demiprince of Maelstrom, my own Oblivion realm. Anything I can envision, I can bring to reality! That is, if I can envision it clearly enough. Keep winning, challenger!"

The Spiral ShadowsEdit

"We brought in some very nasty opponents from the Spiral Skein, but you handled them well.
Let's see how far you can go!"
What can you tell me about the next arena?
"This one is the Vault of Umbrage. It was hand-carved by the Baron who Moves like a Wary Moth.
You … you can do this, can't you? You can actually do this, and my barons will be restored to me!"
What will happen if I beat all your arenas?
"I believe I will be able to see all my barons clearly, in my mind's eye! And what I can see clearly, I can make reality. At least here.
The Barons Who Move Like This will return. And I… I shall be the Multiplier of Motions Known!"

Vault of UmbrageEdit

"The way you defeated those Argonians was so … baronial! Almost balletic, really, a joy to watch!
Ready for more?"
What can you tell me about the next arena?
"You've been lucky, indeed you have, but I fear your run ends here. This is the Igneous Cistern, devised by the great Baron who Moves like a Torrent in Spate.
I shall never see his like again, challenger. For here you will die."
Is it working? when I win, can you envision your barons?
"More and more! If you defeat all my arenas, I believe I will actually be able to restore them!
Continue, challenger. Earn the gratitude of Fa-Nuit-Hen. You mustn't give up now!"

Igneous CisternEdit

"Well, so much for Valkyn Tephra.
You move more and more like my barons. I can almost envision them …."
What can you tell me about the next arena?
"The Baron who Moves like a Smoking Plume was a great admirer of Mehrunes Dagon. I think you'll see that in his Theater of Despair.
I've never been one to despair, but I've missed my barons so, I was almost ready to succumb. I'm glad I didn't."
Who will command this army you plan to train?
"With my barons gone, I thought I might collect great warriors like you, enthrall them, and make them command my cohorts for all eternity.
But maybe, with your help, I can restore my barons. Then they will serve as the officers of my army!"
You say you were aware of me before I came here?
"I keep a close watch on events in the great arena of Tamriel. Occasionally I even visit your world.
In fact, my barons and I even made the acquaintance of Vivec in his youth. Showed him a few things. I think it made an impression."

Theater of DespairEdit

Upon completing the Theater of Despair, you enter a portal which returns you to the Maelstrom Arena.

"That's a relief. I really thought that might be the arena that would break you. But you did it!"
What happens now?
"You've revived my memories of Barons Who Move Like This! I must go and re-corporate them while the memories are still fresh. Then, we shall begin to conquer the Aurbis! Oh! And thank you. Please accept an award appropriate to your station."
Fa-Nuit-Hen summons the Baron

After talking to Fa-Nuit-Hen and completing the quest, he begins to cast a spell and the Baron Moves-Like-a-Smoking-Plume emerges from a sigil in the ground of the Redguard manor:

Fa-Nuit-Hen: "And now, it's time for my Barons to return to me!
Stand back, I haven't done this in quite some time. I'd hate to turn you inside-out.
Baron Who Moves Like a Smoking Plume, I summon you! Return to me!"
<The baron rises from the ground>
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "Approach me, my baron! Let me get a good look at you!
You look splendid, simply splendid."
Baron Moves-Like-a-Smoking-Plume: "It is good to be with you again, my prince."
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "And you! Your assistance has been most satisfactory. I won't forget it.
Or, anyway, my tutor won't forget it."

When you speak to him after he summons the Baron:

"You're welcome to return here any time. Another exhibition of your combat skills can only benefit my minions.
Until then, remember to Move Like This!"
What will you do now that your Baron has returned?
"We shall build my Maelstrom Army, and make it a force to be feared in every corner of Oblivion!"

Combat CommentaryEdit

Fa-Nuit-Hen will sometimes say unique introductions to the various arenas:

Vale of the Surreal
"And now, dance! Dance around the Tree of Death!"
Seht's Balcony
"We have a challenger! Activate the automata!"
Drome of Toxic Shock
Seht's Flywheel
"Will they attack from in front, or behind! Spin like the flywheel!"
"Careful! It's not all clanking clockworks, you know!"
Rink of Frozen Blood
"Come in, challenger! Are you shivering yet?"
"All right, let's get frosty here!"
Spiral Shadows
"And now—everything that wriggles and writhes!"
"Prepare them, those gross creatures! You know the ones I mean!"
"Remember: no mercy, no quarter!"
Vault of Umbrage
"Poison and venom, toxin and tentacles!"
"Do you like lizards, challenger? Watch the shadows!"
"Argonians aplenty in the Vault of Umbrage!"
Igneous Cistern
"Now, meet the cleansing flame of the Igneous Cistern!"
"This will be hot! Pun entirely intended."
Theater of Despair
"Don't succumb to the Theater of Despair! Fight, and fight fiercely!"
"Now you will be tested as never before! Begin!"
"A challenger approaches! Prepare the monstrosities!"
"Bob and weave for us! Strike, thrust, parry, and strike again!"
"What surprises have we this time? Let's see!"

During fights in the various arenas, Fa-Nuit-Hen will be on the audience commentating on the battle.

"Isn't this great? You know you love it!"
"Ah! Nothing's better than a good bloodsport!"
"Sanguine's red hat! What a blow!"
"That was some move! Now do it again!"
"That's one where it counts!"
"The Maelstrom Arena! There's nothing like it in all Oblivion!"
"See, my minions! This is how it's done!"
"A hit, a palpable hit!"
"Ah, violence! It's just like a ballet, only with blood!"
"Oh! Such brutality!"
"That does it! This is all but over."
"Now that's what we're here to see!"
"Ouch! Time for somebody to start making out a will."
"There! That's how it's done!"
"Isn't this great? You know you love it!"
"Oh! I've never seen anything like this!"
"Savage and merciless! Yes, indeed!"
"This combatant can't take much more of that!"
"That's going to leave a scar!"
"That's what we want! Keep it up!"
"Did you see that? That's action!"
"Uh-oh! This can't last much longer!"

After completing a round and starting the next he may say one of the following:

"You've done well so far! Now, however...."
"Now for a real challenge!"
"What next? I love the anticipation!"
"Watch! The climax approaches!" (Final Round)
"Ha ha! Wait till you see what's coming next!"
"Behold! Vile monstrosities, imported for your entertainment!"
"Watch! Now we'll see some real action!"
"So far, so good—but the worst is yet to come!"
"I felt that one all the way up here!"
"Well fought...but now things get serious!"
"Now it comes! I've been waiting for this!"
"Your run of good luck is about to end!"
"Pay attention, you louts! You might learn something."
"You've beaten the odds so far! Now it changes."
"This next bout should be memorable."
"The challenger approaches! Release the defenders!"
"You wanted a fight. Now you'll get one!"

When you die and resurrect yourself in the arena, Fa-Nuit-Hen will say:

"It looks like ... yes, the challenger is trying again!"
"And now, another attempt!"
"Pay attention, you louts! You might learn something."
"Let's hope that this time it's more of a contest!"
"Pay attention, you Daedra―it's never the same twice!"
"Don't succumb to the Theater of Despair! Fight, and fight fiercely!" (In the ninth round, also said as an introduction.)
"You've entered the ring! We've prepared a gigantic welcome for you!"

When you defeat the final boss:

"There's no doubt who won that one! Well fought!"
"And the challenger is the clear victor!"
"The challenger succeeds! We have a winner!"
"The challenger wins! That was one for the record books."
"Another thrilling match! I'm sorry it's over."
"The challenger is triumphant!"
"We have a victor!"
"And that's how it's done! Well played!"
"The challenger wins! What an exciting bout!"


Fa-Nuit-Hen will send you a letter congratulating you for achieving a weekly leaderboard spot for veteran maelstrom arena.

For your Victories in the Maelstrom Arena!
You are one of the finest warriors ever to enter the arenas of Maelstrom! Here is the reward for your deeds.