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Tutor Riparius
(lore page)
Location Maelstrom Arena
Bedlam Veil
Race Dremora Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Merchant
Tutor Riparius

Tutor Riparius is a merchant found in the Maelstrom Arena. According to dialogue, he was created by Fa-Nuit-Hen to help the Demiprince maintain his memories, which rapidly fade if the content is not of a martial nature.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Maelstrom ArenaEdit

When you first enter the arena:

Tutor Riparius: "Here comes a likely candidate now."
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "Do you suppose this one has what it takes?"
Tutor Riparius: "Contain your hopes. But let's find out."

He can then be spoken to as well as providing merchant services:

"Behold, master―it's that belligerent young mortal whose career on Nirn you've been following."

Speaking to him after the quest is started:

"Remmber, in the arena, an attack might come from anywhere—and everywhere.
Keep that in mind, and you'll do fine."
What can you tell me about yourself?
"I aid the demiprince in several capacities.
His mind wanders far afield at times, and when it returns, his memory is often rather confused. I help him sort out dreams from reality."

After completing the Vale of the Surreal:

"You do appear quite capable. However, I will reserve judgment until I've seen how you perform in the arena."
Tell me more about the demiprince.
"Oh, like a lot of these Daedra Lords, he's so focused on his sphere that he's not all there in other areas. His absolute command of martial styles is formidable—incredible, even. But his memory for all else fades rapidly.
That's where I come in."

After completing Seht's Balcony:

"Your combat skills are quite impressive. If they are impressive enough, this could turn out to be very interesting. Very interesting indeed…."
You help the demiprince with his memory? How?
"I act as a sort of peripheral memory storage for him when he goes … dreaming. When he returns, I'm able to remind him of what he's forgotten.
Right now he's upset, because he's losing the capacity to remember his lost Barons Who Move Like This."

Once Drome of Toxic Shock is cleared:

"You've done well. I think, on behalf of my master here, I may begin to be cautiously optimistic."
Can you help the demiprince remember his lost barons?
"I'm afraid not—or at least not well enough.
The barons put so much of themselves into the arenas they created, even their memories were effaced. Only by fully engaging those arenas can their memories be revived."

After Seht's Flywheel is completed:

"I'm beginning to think you might actually triumph in all our arenas. That would be splendid!
Though then we'd have to restock all the non-Daedric monsters. Bother."
Who were these missing barons, anyway?
"Each was absolute master of his chosen style of martial arts! Their skills were complementary, and informed Fa-Nuit-Hen's own combat mastery.
Supported by his barons, the demiprince was the Multiplier of Movements Known."

Upon completing the Rink of Frozen Blood:

"I haven't seen the demiprince so pleased in quite some time!
You've really given him hope that he might be able to reconstitute his missing barons."
So Fa-Nuit-Hen is nothing without his barons?
"Not at all! He is diminished, of course, but far from nothing!
He is still the ruler of his own pocket realm, absolute master of everything you see. The barons built the arenas, but it is the demiprince who activates and powers them."

Upon completing Spiral Shadows:

"Watching you perform so splendidly in the arenas is educational for our trainees—and so inspiring. They can hardly wait to start murdering atronachs on their own.
It must be so heart-warming to be regarded as a role model!"
Why are the Maelstrom arenas so different from each other?
"Maelstrom is what's known as an Oblivious Vortex―fragments of creatia drift here from all across the planes.
So the barons had a variety of materials to work with when building their arenas. And they took inspiration from their travels, as well."

Upon completing the Vault of Umbrage:

"I must say, you're doing a very respectable job of carving your way through our arenas.
And every time you do, it restores the baron who created that arena to the mind of the demiprince. So keep it up."
What can you tell me about yourself?
"I? I am a creature of Maelstrom, a factotum generated by my master's needs, changing as his requirements change.
Sometimes there are even several of me. But I don't care for that―it leads to awkward situations."

Upon completing Igneous Cistern, Riparius compliments you:

"Your dexterity in that last arena was dazzling. You're really quite nimble for a mortal.
My master will tell you he learned some of his best moves from mortals. Tamrielics, he says, are always full of surprises."
Where did Fa-Nuit-Hen come from?
"Oh, dear me. What a question! Come from? By and large, the greater Daedra simply … are.
Where do you "come from" if you've existed since before time began?"
Are you eager for the barons to return?
I'll be happy for the master, of course, but just between you, me, and the endless void, the Barons Who Move Like This are not the easiest Daedra to coexist around. Haughty. Demanding. And they don't have much respect for tutors."

When you speak to him after completing the Theater of Despair and Maelstrom Arena he will say,

"I hear some of the trainees are already trying to duplicate your best arena moves.
You've definitely made an impression on the realm of Maelstrom!"

Combat CommentaryEdit

When you are fighting in an arena, Tutor Riparius will be spectating in the crowd and may give commentary:

"This fight is developing nicely!"
"I am cautiously optimistic about this one!"
"I wish I'd placed a side wager on this!"
"This looks promising!"
"Now we'll see something memorable."
"I used to be able to fight like that!"

Unsorted DialogueEdit

"The baron who built that last arena was one of the demiprince's favorites. I'm delighted to see that your performance has restored the baron to Fa-Nuit-Hen's memory.
So, please, don't stop now."

The Forgotten VaultEdit

You'll enter the Bedlam Veil to find it under siege.

Tutor Riparius: "You haven't made up your mind about this army, master. Why send an invitation?"
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "I didn't invite them. They're invading."
Blind Path Champion: "Forward!"
<The Blind Path cultists disappear in a flash of golden light, leaving a trail of magic behind them in their wake.>
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "It'd be a shame to waste this glorious opportunity. Ah, you'll do nicely."

Speaking with Tutor Riparius before Fa-Nuit-Hen:

"My master, Fa-Nuit-Hen, expressed a desire to speak with you. It's not wise to keep them waiting."

After you have agreed to help Fa-Nuit-Hen, you can ask Tutor Riparius some questions:

"My master prefers it when the mortals they watch entertain them. If—over the course of stopping this invasion—you feel the need to die, please do it in an entertaining manner."
What do you do for Fa-Nuit-Hen?
"I am their memory when combat proves too diverting. I am the deft fingers which fix their gear and the open hands that provide for the challengers in their arenas. I am the eyes that watch their flank and the thoughts which echo in their mind."
Sounds like you're pretty important.
"I owe my existence to my master. They created me and gave me purpose.
This invasion worries me, though I cannot remember why. My lack of memory is antithetical to my role as Fa-Nuit-Hen's clerk. I have much to think about."
What do you think the Blind is after?
"There are many tempting items in Bedlam Veil. The Shield of Za. Tluzeeis' Pauldron of Might. I'm sure there is even a Meridiem Star in there somewhere.
We'll know more about the Blind's goal as she nears it."

As you approach the arena where you'll face the Shattered Champion, after the Blind summons it. Before you continue, you can talk to Riparius:

"I scoured my records and cannot find any description matching the Shattered Champion before us. Which means neither I nor my master have encountered this before.
They're probably thrilled."

Once it is defeated, Fa-Nuit-Hen will speak to Tutor Riparius:

Fa-Nuit-Hen: "Tutor, take note. We need to acquire one of these shiny Atronachs."
Tutor Riparius: "The Blind, master. Has she gotten far?"
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "She's in the first room. I don't think she expected the hall to give her a taste of my arenas."
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "Enjoy the Hall of Barons. You'll love it!"

Speaking with Tutor Riparius about this:

"I'm not one to judge the courtesy practices of others, but the Blind's gift seemed insincere given her current invasion of my master's realm.
I can only hope that she won't give us any more gifts in the Hall of Barons."
What can you tell me about the Hall of Barons?
"They were built to honor and memorialize the Barons Who Move Like This. The barons were loyal to my master and poured themselves into the arena challenges. We lost them to the arenas. One day, we may no longer need the Hall of Barons."
Why won't you need it anymore?
"As a secondary function, the halls serve to store the memories my master has of their barons. Once the barons are restored, the secondary function becomes moot.
We'll keep the halls. Even if the barons are restored, they still sacrificed themselves."
"Returned to their bodies. Fa-Nuit-Hen created the Barons Who Move Like This. They are a part of my master. Once they remember the barons in full, Fa-Nuit-Hen will be able to recreate them. It's not a difficult task for my master."

You can visit the various rooms around the halls, Riparius may say one of the following when you talk to him:

"My master enjoys looking at all the islands floating around the Hall of Barons. I still have designs for an arena challenge set on one. Fa-Nuit-Hen wanted to see challengers dangle from the cliffs and fight to the death."
"Visitors mistake these areas for unfinished rooms in the hall. That's incorrect. These areas have many purposes and I think they give the hall a meditative quality."
"The Hall of Barons has many dead ends. If you become lost or discouraged, you're not the champion my master—or I—thought you were."

He will also make comments as you visit various areas:

Tutor Riparius: "There's no way forward. But you may as well look around before turning back."

After you traverse the Hall of Barons, the Blind will have the Darkshard stall you. After the Darkshard is felled:

Tutor Riparius: "The Echonir is at the back of the Skyvault, master. The Blind won't get it quickly."
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "I'm sure our champion is ready to hunt the Blind regardless of how far into the Skyvault she gets."

Talking with him at this point:

"You didn't stop the Blind here. But, my master isn't displeased.
Still, you'll need to contend with the Blind in the Skyvault now. The amount of damage she could cause there is almost not worth thinking about."
Do you know anything about the Echonir?
"It came from the Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge. He thought that the item required the sort of protection only Fa-Nuit-Hen can provide.
I suppose, in a way, his assertion was correct. Until now, no one has even mentioned the Echonir."
What protection does Fa-Nuit-Hen provide?
"Between my master's memory issues and their disregard for everything unrelated to combat, no one knew we had the Echonir.
Additionally, this realm is filled with warriors trying to earn Fa-Nuit-Hen's favor. The Skyvault is well defended."

As you progress further, Fa-Nuit-Hen will comment:

Fa-Nuit-Hen: "Look, tutor! So that's where I put Ukhelzal's head. I expected the Ashpit's champion to last longer."
Tutor Riparius: "Very good master. I'll make a note."

In this section of Bedlam Veil, you will come across the lock puzzles: As you approach the first lock puzzle:

Tutor Riparius: "That's one of your treasured trinkets, master. Should we tell the champions not to touch it?"
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "Why not give them the chance? It will be a good test of the locks and my hints!"
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "Of course the Blind Path couldn't get past my locks. Even I had to leave myself hints!"

As you approach where the Echonir is in the Skyvault:

Tutor Riparius: "The Echonir is just up ahead."
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "There's something I'm supposed to do with it, but I can't quite remember what."

Once you have slain the Blind you can talk with him before Fa-Nuit-Hen:

"My master wishes to speak to you again. I can see why. Fa-Nuit-Hen delights in combat the most, but even I found myself enjoying that."
The Blind mentioned needing the Echonir for her Prince. Do you know who that is?
"My master may have enemies, but not any I can think of who would want the Echonir. I heard rumors of another Prince but, as a rule, I don't waste my time on rumors. I may have to now.
I know, very helpful."

When the quest is completed, Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius will climb the nearby stairs to where the Echonir sits on a plinth:

Tutor Riparius: "Master, may I remind you that that is an item of great power."
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "It's a petrified eye, tutor. I want to see what memories it holds."
<Fa-Nuit-Hen attepts to use the Echonir.>
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "Hmm. Well, this is peculiar. The Echonir can't stay here, but I know who it should go to."

Speaking with Tutor Riparius afterwards:

"So, my master has a plan for the Echonir. With the invasion over, I worried they would be left yearning for more excitement. But it appears as though this matter is only beginning. Not your part though, that is over. You did well mortal."