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Gem ProspectorEdit

ON-icon-costume-Gem Prospector.png
If you love chipping away at rock until you reveal raw gemstone, garb yourself appropriately. Crafted from sturdy materials, this costume features pockets, pouches, and gear that allow you to better find and remove natural riches.
Gem Prospector (male)
Gem Prospector (female)

First available from the Crown Store for 012001,200 Crowns for a limited time during May 2020. It returned to the Crown Store from May 17 to May 20, and was offered to ESO Plus Members at a discounted 0000?Crowns. It was packed in a bundle with the Gemcutter's Spectacles adornment.

Slot 1: Pants and main fabric parts of over-shirt
Slot 2: Gloves, Belts, Boots, Lacings of Over-shirt, Shoulders
Slot 3: Undershirt

(Golden detailing on clothing and metal pieces can not be dyed)

Glenmoril Witch RobesEdit

ON-icon-costume-Glenmoril Witch Robes.png
The witches of the Glenmoril Wyrd covens worship natural laws and nature, mostly in its darker aspects—though some also celebrate life and fertility, particularly in the spring of the year. These robes are specially woven for that spring festival.
Glenmoril Witch Robes (male)
Glenmoril Witch Robes (female)

The Glenmoril Witch Robes are available as an Epic-level reward in Hollowjack Crown Crates. They were available in the Crown Store for 012001,200 Crowns from April 29 to May 3, 2021. ESO Plus Members were offered this costume at a discounted 00960960 Crowns during this same period.

Slot 1: Upper robe and hood
Slot 2: Lower robe, lower part of sash on left hip
Slot 3: Robe and sleeve trim, belt, sandals, brooches

(White fur pieces and neck strap are not dyeable)

Golden SaintEdit

ON-icon-costume-Golden Saint.png
The wearer of this guise looks exactly like one of Sheogorath's dreaded Golden Saints.
Golden Saint (male)
Golden Saint (female)

The Golden Saint costume is received by in-game mail when a character reaches Champion Points20.

Slot 1: Main armor features
Slot 2: Armor trim, helm spikes
Slot 3: Inner pants, bracer trim, band on helmet, assorted smaller details

Graht-Climber's Active WearEdit

ON-icon-costume-Graht-Climber's Active Wear.png
Stitchmaster Moneriel says, "We all have days when we have to climb the graht-oak to clean the house-pod gutters. Does that mean you have to dress like a frump? Of course not! Look trim and stylish in my latest halter-and-skirt outfit from Elden Root!"
Graht-Climber's Active Wear (male)
Graht-Climber's Active Wear (female)

Previously available in the Crown Store for 00500500 Crowns.

Slot 1: Shirt, skirt, neckband and sandals
Slot 2: Line on neckband
Slot 3: Belt buckle and most of bracelet

(Belt, neck clasp, and front of bracelet are not dyeable)


"Decaying corpses? Rusty traps? You're bound to find worse in the tombs around here. Best make sure you have gear that can keep your shovel and other tools safe while you beat a hasty retreat from draugr, ghosts, and other nasty threats."—Paurges Aline
Graverobber (male)
Graverobber (female)

Available as a Legendary-level reward in Gloomspore Crates.

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:

Grazelands Gentlemer FarmerEdit

ON-icon-costume-Grazelands Gentlemer Farmer.png
"Just because you're reclaiming the wastelands from the barbaric Ashlanders doesn't mean you have to dress like a savage," says designer Voldsea Arvel. "You're a proud House Dunmer, so why not look like one?"
Grazelands Gentlemer Farmer (male)
Grazelands Gentlemer Farmer (female)

Previously sold in the Crown Store for 00500500 Crowns. Now available as a Superior-level reward in Frost Atronach Crates.

Slot 1: Vest
Slot 2: Shirt and pants
Slot 3: Corset, belt, bracers, and boots

(Belt buckles are not dyeable)

Grim HarvesterEdit

ON-icon-costume-Grim Harvester.png
Those doing darker deeds, such as practicing the art of Necromancy, might wish to have their attire reflect their interests. Dealing with the control and animation of the spirits and bodies of the deceased can take its toll on an average garment.

Acquired as the second reward as part of the Dragon Rise event when the Northern Elsweyr Pathfinder threshold reached 66%. The mask is different for Argonians and Khajiit.

Slot 1: Armor, gauntlets, boots.
Slot 2: Cloth around shoulders, arms, and skirt.
Slot 3: Wraps around neck, waist, legs and forearms.