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Xanmeer Doyen's Worship RobeEdit

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"Corset of kagouti-leather, full skirt of dank-cotton, beaded-shell vambraces and bird-skull pauldrons: everything a Xanmeer Doyen needs when welcoming worshipers into the Arboreal Reverie. The Hermit's outdone itself this time," says Jaxa-Kel.
Xanmeer Doyen's Worship Robe (male)
Xanmeer Doyen's Worship Robe (female)

Previously sold in the Crown Store for 010001,000 Crowns from (?) to September 24, 2018. Available as an Epic-level reward in Xanmeer Crates.

Slot 1: Collar, bustier, and lower robe, bracers, sandals
Slot 2: Center of robe and corset
Slot 3: Brooches on chest and hips, edging on center of robe

(Skulls on shoulders, belt and chains, grey trim on robe and sandals are not dyeable)