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East Skyrim Scout OutfitEdit

ON-icon-costume-East Skyrim Scout Outfit.png
This costume replicates the armor worn by the scouts of Eastern Skyrim, in the holds of the Rift, Eastmarch, and Winterhold.
East Skyrim Scout Outfit (male)
East Skyrim Scout Outfit (female)

Part of Winter Scouts Pack which is sold in the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns; also available as a Superior-level reward in Wild Hunt Crown Crates.

Egg-Sister Bias-Cut Casual WearEdit

ON-icon-costume-Egg-Sister Bias-Cut Casual Wear.png
"Simple yet stylish, most advantageous for displaying one's tattoos and markings," says Jaxa-Kel, who found these designs by her relative, the elusive Hermit, at a clothiers' bench near some Barsaebic ruins in Shadowfen.
Egg-Sister Bias-Cut Casual Wear (male)
Egg-Sister Bias-Cut Casual Wear (female)

Sold in the Crown Store for 00500500 Crowns.

Slot 1: Blue panels
Slot 2: Grey panels
Slot 3: Amulet center piece

(Shoes, armbands, and rest of amulet are not dyeable)

"Elder Council" Tunic and SashEdit

ON-icon-costume-Elder Council Tunic and Sash.png
Inspired by the majestic and imposing attire of the Imperial Elder Council, this tunic and sash ensemble by Diocletia of Skingrad is suitable for high-profile occasions from the formal to the celebratory. Show off the proud heritage of the Empire!
File:ON-costume-"Elder-Council" Tunic and Sash (Male).jpg
"Elder-Council" Tunic and Sash (male)
File:ON-costume-"Elder-Council" Tunic and Sash (Female).jpg
"Elder-Council" Tunic and Sash (female)

This costume is an Epic-level reward in Flame Atronach crates.

Slot 1: Tunic, skirt, and sash
Slot 2: Shoes, patches on waist
Slot 3: Bracers, belt, trim at neck and hem, shoulder pad

Elven Hero ArmorEdit

ON-icon-costume-Elven Hero Armor.png
This costume pays tribute to a legendary High Elven hero of the Aldmeri Dominion. Now you can honor this nameless Altmer by adopting her epic appearance.
Elven Hero Armor (male)
Elven Hero Armor (female)

Sold in the Crown Store for 020002,000 Crowns from April 7 to April 11 2016 and from April 4 to April 11 2019; also available as a Legendary-level reward in Dwarven Crown Crates.

Emperor's RegaliaEdit

ON-icon-costume-Emperor's Regalia.png
All hail his/her Imperial Majesty, Emperor of Cyrodiil!
Emperor's Regalia (male)
Emperor's Regalia (female)

The Emperor's Regalia is received by in-game mail upon becoming Emperor. You will also briefly be shown wearing this gear during a critical point at the end of the Main Quest.

Slot 1: Chestplate, Top and front of helm, upper arm plates, outer wrists and legs, shin guards, and boots
Slot 2: Armor trim, sides of helm, boot toes, ankles, inner wrists and legs
Slot 3: Shoulder, arm, and leg details, seat of pants, most of sash, helm trim

(Red diamonds on helm and chest are not dyeable)

"Eternity" Tunic with PantsEdit

ON-icon-costume-Eternity Tunic with Pants.png
In Orsinium these days, even the busiest tusker likes some flair in his clothing—and nothing says "modern Orc" like a bias-cut-placket tunic from Borzighu at Coldsnap Clothiers. "This outfit," he says, "is one for the ages!"
"Eternity" Tunic with Pants (male)
"Eternity" Tunic with Pants (female)

Previously sold in the Crown Store for 00500500 Crowns. Now available as a Superior-level reward in Frost Atronach Crates.

Slot 1: Shirt
Slot 2: Boots and shin wraps, belt, shirt trim
Slot 3: Pants

Evening DressEdit

ON-icon-costume-Evening Dress.png
A casual dress for evening wear, suitable for the marketplace, crafting center, or tavern.
Evening Dress (male)
Evening Dress (female)

Evening Dress costume. Sold in the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns. Also available from Storm Atronach Crates as a Superior-level reward.


Slot 1: Sleeves, seams, chest and shawl
Slot 2: Skirt
Slot 3: Middle of the skirt

"Ever Auridon" Sateen GownEdit

ON-icon-costume-Ever Auridon Sateen Gown.png
"The clean traditional lines of this gown evoke the wakes of Torinaan's ships when they first discovered Auridon," says designer Estinwe Silkdancer. "Its classic majesty is a reminder that even the lowest-ranked Altmer is still a High Elf."

Available in the Crown Store for 00500500 Crowns.

"Ever Auridon" Sateen Gown (male)
"Ever Auridon" Sateen Gown (female)

"Ever Damp" Reed-Fiber KiltEdit

ON-icon-costume-Ever Damp Reed-Fiber Kilt.png
Now you can avoid the vexation of dry-scale thigh-chafing with the new "Ever Damp" kilt-of-reeds, available from Jaxa the Hermit in every Argonian's favorite color: mud-brown! (Though you may dye them else-wise, should such be your whim, egg-sibling.)
"Ever Damp" Reed-Fiber Kilt (male)
"Ever Damp" Reed-Fiber Kilt (female)

Sold in the Crown Store for 00500500 Crowns.

Slot 1: Sash and belt, chest strap (female only)
Slot 2: Kilt
Slot 3: Sandals and ankle wraps, necklace, armband

(Bracelet is not dyeable)