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Galsa Gindu (galsa gindu)
Home City Ald'ruhn
House Galsa Gindu's House in the Redoran Council Hall
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 7 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 71 Magicka 100
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Redoran Hireling(Hireling)
Galsa Gindu

Galsa Gindu is a Dark Elf noble located in her house in the Redoran Council Hall, Ald'ruhn.

Speak to her in all matters regarding your Stronghold in Bal Isra.

Related QuestsEdit

House RedoranEdit


  • Greetings:
    • "Are you here to discuss your stronghold?"

  • attract more settlers:
    • "Yes, speak with Hetman Guls at your stronghold of Indarys Manor. He can tell you of anything troubling your settlers."
    • "So, Hetman Guls is satisfied. I will give the orders to begin the last stage of your stronghold."
    • "Indarys Manor will have more settlers soon enough."
  • construction contract:
    • "Here on Vvardenfell, the Duke must issue a construction contract before we lay the first founding stones for any building. This rule is often overlooked by the Hlaalu and Telvanni, but House Redoran is honorable, and I will not break these rules."
    • (If you have already handed in the Construction Contract.) "You only need one construction contract, %PCName."
  • hire guards:
    • "Yes, speak with Percius Mercius at the local Guild of Fighters. They usually know of a few good Redoran fighters out of work."
    • "Oh, Percius Mercius agreed to garrison your stronghold? Good. I will give the orders to begin the next phase of construction."
    • "There's no need to hire more guards, %PCName."
  • stronghold:
    • "If you want me to build you a stronghold, I will need 5000 drakes for labor and materials. You must also bring me a construction contract from Duke Dren in Ebonheart."
    • "Do you have the 5000 drakes and the construction contract?"
      • Yes, here they are.:
        • (If you don't have the construction contract.) "You do not have the construction contract. Speak with Duke Dren in Ebonheart. Only he may issue construction contracts."
        • (If you have the construction contract, but you have <5000 gold.) "You have the construction contract, yes, but I must also have 5000 drakes for labor and materials."
        • (If you have the construction contract and ≥5000 gold.) "Yes, this is adequate, %PCName. Your stronghold will be built in the Bal Isra on the road to Maar Gan. Construction will begin as soon as I give the orders." [Construction Contract has been removed from your inventory; 5000 gold has been removed from your inventory.]
      • No, not yet.: "Without the proper papers and resources, I cannot build your stronghold. I'm sure you understand, %PCName."
    • "Construction on your stronghold should begin soon. In a week or so, come speak to me again."
    • "Yes, %PCName. I want you to make sure your stronghold is being built on schedule. Go to your stronghold, which is being built among the rows of stones, the Bal Isra, on the east side of the road from Ald'ruhn to Maar Gan. Speak with the foreman, Bugdul gro-Kharbush. I will mark it on your map."
    • "It is good to hear that the stronghold is progressing well. The work should be finished soon."
    • "Yes, the stronghold will be finished soon."
    • "The foundations for your stronghold are complete. If you wish to build the next stage of your stronghold, you must hire guards to garrison your stronghold."
    • "The next stage of your stronghold is under construction."
    • "The second stage of your stronghold is complete. Speak to me again when you need a stronghold fit for a Redoran Councilor."
    • "I am ready to give you a stronghold fit for a House Redoran Councilor. But first you must speak with Hetman Guls at your stronghold. Ask him what must be done to attract more settlers."
    • "The last stage of your stronghold is under construction."
    • "It is finished. You have a home to rival that of any House Redoran Councilor."