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Giras Indaram (giras indaram)
Home Town Molag Mar
Location Armigers Stronghold
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 12 Class Buoyant Armiger
Other Information
Health 175 Magicka 98
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Giras Indaram

Giras Indaram is a Dark Elf and a member of the Buoyant Armigers, the military branch of the Tribunal Temple. He and his two brothers, Birer and Tidros, also Buoyant Armigers, can be found at the Armigers Stronghold in Molag Mar, and it seems Giras owes a debt to House Redoran for some armor repairs. He is rather hot-headed, and you may have to duel him to retrieve the money, but be careful not to kill him, or his brothers will attack you in vengeance.

It is rumored that he ended up in prison, and that his brother Tidros had to bail him out.

Giras wears a chitin cuirass, greaves, pauldrons, and boots along with a common shirt and pants. He carries a pair of common shoes and a fiend tanto. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows the spells Daedric Bite, Shockbite, Wild Torpor, Torpor, and Strain.

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Armor Repair DebtsEdit

When you first speak with Giras Indaram, it quickly becomes clear why Tuveso Beleth needs help in collecting his debts:

  • armor repair debts
    • "Tuveso Beleth gave me damaged goods, that's why this armor needed so much repair. So I'm not paying any debts."

If you try to discuss the topic with him again, he brushes you off with the following words:

  • "I'm not paying those armor repair debts."
  • armor repair debts
    • "I already told you why. I'm not paying this debt until I'm ready. And not one moment before."

The only way to get him to even consider paying his debts, is by first speaking with his brother, Tidros Indaram, and returning to him afterwards:

  • armor repair debts
    • "Alright, if my brother says so, but I still won't pay the debt unless you can prove by combat that I owe it. I challenge you to a duel. Right here, right now."
    • I accept your challenge.
      • "Alright. We fight till one of us says hold!"
      • Goodbye
    • Nevermind.
      • "Then get your mom to pay the debt, coward."

Fight Giras Indaram until you have reduced his health by a sufficient amount. At that point, he will yield to you and will agree to pay his debt:

  • [2000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "I... I concede. Take these 2000 drakes and give them to Tuveso Beloth."
  • Goodbye.

If you speak with Giras Indaram immediately afterwards, he says:

  • "I conceded. I gave you the debt money. Take it and leave."
  • armor repair debts
    • "I admit it, you beat me. I gave you the drakes. Just take them back to Tuveso Beleth."

Finally, speaking with him again after you have brought the debt money to Tuveso Beleth yields the following responses from him:

  • "Come to collect more debts for cowardly smiths, %PCName?"
  • armor repair debts
    • "That's all in the past, %PCName."

Note, however, that Giras Indaram immediately grows hostile towards you if you kill either of his brothers:

  • "You have slain my brother, n'wah."
  • Goodbye.