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Undaunted Quartermaster Undaunted Quartermasters are vendors who sell repair kits, potions for attribute restoration, lockpicks and filled soul gems. They can be found in the Undaunted Enclaves.

Alliance Zone City Enclave Quartermaster
Aldmeri Dominion Grahtwood Elden Root Undaunted Enclave Caenlilmith
Daggerfall Covenant Stormhaven Wayrest Undaunted Enclave Brazzideh
Ebonheart Pact Deshaan Mournhold Undaunted Enclave Ilmeni Arelas


These vendors also sell the following items / wares:


All Undaunted Quartermasters have a small selection of furnishings for sale.

Name Type Cost Notes Description

ON-item-furnishing-Agonymium Stone, Inert.jpg Agonymium Stone, Inert Undercroft
(Sacred Pieces)
0001500015,000 Gold Achievement: The Dread Cellar Vanquisher
Note: The Agonymium Stone, Inert, is a replica of the stone used within The Dread Cellar Dungeon.
This dormant agonymium stone no longer has the power to consume mortal misery, but its baleful history is sure to fill any room with creeping dread.
ON-item-furnishing-Basalt Pillar, Glowing.jpg Basalt Pillar, Glowing Lighting
(Enchanted Lights)
0001200012,000 Gold Achievement: The Cauldron Vanquisher Though touching this lava-formed pillar bare-handed is inadvisable at best—it contains a molten core—gently blowing on it might just brighten its glow a bit. Try it and see!
ON-item-furnishing-Blackmarrow Banner.jpg Blackmarrow Banner Parlor
0001500015,000 Gold Achievement: Fang Lair Vanquisher No one leaves the Blackmarrow, but every now and then, someone tries. And every now and then, a Blackmarrow banner grows that much longer.
ON-item-furnishing-Castle Thorn Gargoyle.jpg Castle Thorn Gargoyle Courtyard
0002500025,000 Gold Achievement: Castle Thorn Vanquisher Lurking within the halls of Lady Thorn's ominous castle, these imposing gargoyles loom over trespassers with foreboding intent.
ON-item-furnishing-Dwarven Tonal Arc.jpg Dwarven Tonal Arc Structures
(Building Components)
0001500015,000 Gold Achievement: Frostvault Vanquisher The famed mechanist Neramo claims that these arcs were likely used to "tune common inaudible sounds to frequencies more pleasing to the Dwemer."
ON-item-furnishing-Eerie Lantern, Hanging.jpg Eerie Lantern, Hanging Lighting
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Shipwright's Regret Vanquisher The green light emanating from this lantern adds a haunting touch to any space—as well it should given that it came from undead-infested Shipwright's Regret!
ON-item-furnishing-Fountain of the Fiery Drake.jpg Fountain of the Fiery Drake Courtyard
0005000050,000 Gold Achievement: Black Drake Villa Vanquisher At first glance, this draconic accent seems straightforward, but a quick adjustment allows it to breathe flame.
ON-item-furnishing-Gray Reliquary.jpg Gray Reliquary Undercroft
(Grave Goods)
0002500025,000 Gold Achievement: Unhallowed Grave Vanquisher This ominous stone vessel contains the charred remains of an ancient army of the night. A haunting addition to even the darkest crypts.
ON-item-furnishing-Gryphon Nest.jpg Gryphon Nest Courtyard
(Yard Ornaments)
000020002,000 Gold Achievement: Coral Aerie Vanquisher Hoping to make some gryphon fledglings feel at home? This nest from the Coral Aerie is a perfect starting point! Rest assured that the gryphon it once belonged to won't be causing you any problems.
ON-item-furnishing-Hemo Helot, Benign.jpg Hemo Helot, Benign Lighting
(Enchanted Lights)
0005000050,000 Gold Achievement: Moongrave Fane Vanquisher This luminous sphere of blood is the perfect light source for foul laboratories and forbidden crypts.
ON-item-furnishing-Horn of the Reachclans.jpg Horn of the Reachclans Parlor
0005000050,000 Gold Achievement: Falkreath Hold Vanquisher This great horn might come from the extinct Markarth musk ox—or it might be from a particularly large minotaur!
ON-item-furnishing-Icereach Coven Totem, Emblem.jpg Icereach Coven Totem, Emblem Parlor
0001200012,000 Gold Achievement: Icereach Vanquisher The witches of Icereach Coven mark their territory with unsettling totems that showcase their emblem. Some claim this blood-hued wicker spiral represents their eternal hunger for power no matter the cost.
ON-item-furnishing-Orb of Stone.jpg Orb of Stone Lighting
(Enchanted Lights)
0005000050,000 Gold Achievement: Scalecaller Peak Vanquisher Though still quite menacing when active, it's unlikely that this orb retains enough power to melt any of your guests with beams of raw destructive energy.
ON-item-furnishing-Plant Cluster, Azureblight Scaleleaf.jpg Plant Cluster, Azureblight Scaleleaf Conservatory
000030003,000 Gold Achievement: Lair of Maarselok Vanquisher The malignancy within the Dragon Maarselok's domain caused plants to morph and shine with a blue light. Who would dare walk among the unsettling glow of these azureblight scaleleaf plants now?
ON-item-furnishing-Replica Cursed Orb of Meridia.jpg Replica Cursed Orb of Meridia Lighting
(Enchanted Lights)
00100000100,000 Gold Achievement: Depths of Malatar Vanquisher Fashioned in the image of one of the Dark Orbs known to bless Meridia's chosen with an uncanny vigor.
ON-item-furnishing-Ritual Chalice, Hircine.jpg Ritual Chalice, Hircine Undercroft
(Sacred Pieces)
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: March of Sacrifices Vanquisher The empty eyes of this skull seem to warn against drinking the thick, warm liquid within.
ON-item-furnishing-Silver Rose Banner.jpg Silver Rose Banner Parlor
0001200012,000 Gold Achievement: Red Petal Bastion Vanquisher The Knights of the Silver Rose proudly display this banner on their well-defended holds, proclaiming to all that Daedra and their sympathizers best beware.
ON-item-furnishing-Stone Garden Tank, Rootbound.jpg Stone Garden Tank, Rootbound Workshop
(Pipes and Mechanisms)
0007500075,000 Gold Achievement: Stone Garden Vanquisher Only Arkasis knew what the contents of this bubbling storage tank were actually for, but the gentle fulmination and faint red glow make for an eye-catching household decoration.
ON-item-furnishing-Tree, Azureblight Acacia.jpg Tree, Azureblight Acacia Conservatory
0001200012,000 Gold Achievement: Lair of Maarselok Vanquisher The Dragon Maarselok's corruption, known as the azureblight, took over the very essence of life within this acacia and imbued it with its baleful growths.
ON-item-furnishing-Undaunted Banner.jpg Undaunted Banner Parlor
0001500015,000 Gold Achievement: Undaunted Skill Master A banner presented to one who has more than earned the right to display affiliation with the Undaunted.
ON-item-furnishing-Undaunted Chest.jpg Undaunted Chest Suite
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: A Crown of Your Own Trousers A handsome chest for all the loot collected on missions performed for the Undaunted.
ON-item-furnishing-Undaunted Mug.jpg Undaunted Mug Hearth
000010001,000 Gold Achievement: This One's On Me A ceremonial mug presented in the name of true Undaunted camaraderie!
ON-item-furnishing-Vine, Azureblight Strangler.jpg Vine, Azureblight Strangler Conservatory
000045004,500 Gold Achievement: Lair of Maarselok Vanquisher Once a thriving wall-climber, this vine has morphed due to the Dragon Maarselok's unsettling brand of corruption. Now these plants seek to drape themselves over every inch of Tamriel—or so it seems.
ON-item-furnishing-Vine, Bloodroot Grasper.jpg Vine, Bloodroot Grasper Conservatory
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: Bloodroot Forge Vanquisher When the Reachmen reopened the Bloodroot Forge, they realized it was a perfect habitat for their great, twisting vines.
ON-item-furnishing-Vine, Bloodroot Mangler.jpg Vine, Bloodroot Mangler Conservatory
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: Bloodroot Forge Vanquisher The Reachmen love their great bloodroot vines, but have learned the hard way to keep their pets far from the manglers!
ON-item-furnishing-Vine, Bloodroot Stems.jpg Vine, Bloodroot Stems Conservatory
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Bloodroot Forge Vanquisher Even the barbaric Reachmen have a sense of esthetics, and like to pose this thorny stems near entranceways.
ON-item-furnishing-Vine, Bloodroot Wriggler.jpg Vine, Bloodroot Wriggler Conservatory
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: Bloodroot Forge Vanquisher This is the most active of the uncanny bloodroots, favorite fearsome fauna of the Reachmen.
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