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Location Fang Lair
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 52831
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted

Yisareh is a Redguard mage and Undaunted Trailblazer who has arrived at Fang Lair to stop the necromancers and their rituals.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

"Good to see a fellow Undaunted. Normally I'd say "wait your turn," but these necromancers are up to something big."
If necromancy is involved, it's usually bad.
"Yet there's always demand for Soul Gems. Funny that.
You aren't wrong about this lot though. They're bringing in corpses by the wagon-load, erecting wards, gathering materials. Preparing, but I haven't discovered what for."
You want my help to find that out?
"The way deeper into Fang Lair is barred by powerful magic. I've yet to find a discreet way through, but with you here we might be able to disrupt the barrier by force. Give those necromancers a real taste of death and go from there.
I'll help you deal with these necromancers.
"I don't know what exactly we're up against, but it's sure to impress the enclave. Even Urgarlag.
You'd best take the lead. I'm a pledge-maker, not a pledge-taker."
What have you been able to learn about these necromancers?
"Not much thus far, but I've seen them come and go by the dozen. The one conjuring the ritual barrier is Lizabet, powerful, but she's not calling the shots here. Fang Lair is sure to be teeming with undead in any case."
I'd expect an Undaunted to be more eager for a fight.
"I'm what we call a Trailblazer. Got a nose for trouble, let's say, but not an urge to get it cut off. If I find something I can't handle myself, then it's probably perfect for a pledge."
It looks like there are Dwemer ruins here.
"Good eye. Legend has it that when Dwarves and Dragons both still walked the land they clashed here. The Dwarves unleashed their greatest works in defense of their home, but for all their invention they were no match for the raw power of the Dragon."
Is the Dragon still here?
"Oh, no. Long gone, like the Dwarves. Obviously it stuck around enough for the locals to start calling this place Fang Lair, but these ruins have had many a squatter in their time. The necromancers are only the most recent."

Lizabet CharnisEdit

Once the barrier is dispelled after Lizabet's death:

Yisareh: "There! The barrier has been dispelled! Now to find out what they were so interested in protecting."
<A projection of Orryn the Black appears.>
Orryn the Black: "I'll admit I didn't expect you to deliver yourself to me, Zaan—oh, what's this?"
Orryn the Black: "Delvers. How disappointing. Here I thought I might finally acquire the missing piece to the matching set."
"Kindly leave before I have to clutter the place up with your corpses. I have more pressing concerns."
<The projection disappears.>
Yisareh: "A group this large must have dedicated ritual areas. We should search for one. Their notes should tell us more about their intentions here."

Yisareh can be asked if she know who Zaan is.

"The way is open, thanks to you. Keep clearing a path. I'm going to poke around and see of the recently deceased left anything of interest.
It seems like they were expecting someone named Zaan. Any idea who that is?
"Not anyone I know by reputation, but not a friend of our host by the sound of it. Whether that's good for us, I can't say, but all the more reason to stop what's going on here quickly."

Or if you finished the quest Plans of Pestilence before:

They were expecting the Dragon Priest I slew on Scalecaller Peak.
"A Dragon Priest? I didn't know there were any left. It seems like the necromancers were expecting Zaan to take issue with their trespassing, but if this was the Dragon's lair, why wasn't its priest already here?"
I only know that the Dragon abandoned her a long, long time ago.
"One less problem to worry about, at least. That doesn't get us any closer to understanding what the necromancers are up to though, and I really don't like the direction this is headed.
Come on, we should keep moving."

Undead MenagerieEdit

Once the Undead Menagerie has been defeated, Yisareh will begin her study of the notes she's found.

Yisareh: "This is curious...I'd wager these bones weren't just lying around this cavern, but why put such a focus on reanimating simple beasts?"
"I'm going to dig through the notes I've found so far, see what else you can discover deeper in."

She can also be asked about her thoughts on the matter.

"These animals aren't native to this cavern. They were brought here, but why?
I've heard of sentimental necromancers reanimating pets and loved ones, but this seems more like a display...or a study."


Once Caluurion has been defeated, Yisareh will arrive and begin to question Caluurion, showing where her magical talent lies.

Yisareh: "I'd have expected a lich of such power to be behind this cabal, but this one seemed to be an unwilling thrall. Frightening, but not all bad. His soul may be willing to answer my questions freely."
<Yisareh starts her ritual.>
Yisareh: "Caluurion! By your true name spoken, I compel you to rise once more and tell us of your captors."
Caluurion: "You are no friend to me, conjurer, but release those who walked with me in life and I will consider you an ally. Fail and we will have a very long time to become acquainted."
Yisareh: "That's an acceptable bargain."
Caluurion: "Then find Ulfnor and Sabina and dispatch them as you did me."

After this Yisareh can be furthered questioned about her magic and her theory of what is happening in the Fang Lair.

"I've got a theory, based on our findings thus far. I don't think you're going to like it."
What's your theory.
"All the scope of preparation, the protections put in place, the esoteric skeletal research … I think they've found the Dragon."
Do they mean to resurrect it?
"I … I don't know if that that's possible, but if you'd told me a necromancer dominated a lich as old as Caluurion, I wouldn't have believed it either.
I think Caluurion knows the truth of it, so we had better do as he's asked."
Can we trust Caluurion?
"Trust might be a bit of a strong word, but I do think he could be a potential ally. Undead who retain their intelligence tend to begrudge being compelled against their will.
I suppose that's true of anyone really."
Were you using necromancy just now?
"A Redguard that doesn't shy away from the undead? Hard to believe, I know. Once you get past the centuries of baseless superstition and fear, it's not so different from any other form of magic. It all comes down to how you use it."
"Animating the dead is distasteful to most, but not inherently evil, and necromancy has many positive applications that often get overlooked because of the taboo. I think the forbidden is part of its allure to deviants with macabre tastes."
Necromancy has no place in the world.
"For now, let's just agree to split hairs after the obvious doom and gloom practitioners are dealt with."
I see your point.
"I would expect so. It's not like the Undaunted shy away from a little practical necromancy to even the odds in places like this. Necrotic orbs annihilate Man, Mer, and monster all the same."

Or if you have the Undaunted skill line unlocked:

Necromancy has no place in the world.
"Odd, coming from an Undaunted. We use necromancy against evil all the time."'
There are other necromancers in the Undaunted?
"Conjuring shields of whirling bones and necrotic orbs didn't clue you in?
Personally, I find using blood altars and making masks out of fallen enemies' faces really doesn't give us a lot of moral high ground. People love their trophies though."

Ulfnor and Sabina CedusEdit

After defeating and freeing Ulfnor and Sabina, Yisareh will question them about the dragon.

Yisareh: "That's it, the necromantic energies are exhausted. They should be free now."
"Caluurion, we've done as you asked. Tell us of Orryn's plans."
Caluurion: "He seeks to take what we won at so steep a price, so long ago."
Sabina Cedus: "Thurvokun. The Dragon we hunted still lies dead in its roost."
Ulfnor: "By my hand, you'll recall. Not that any songs'll be sung about it."
Yisareh: "Tell me he doesn't have the Dragon's soul."
Caluurion: "Hmph, no. I was unable to capture the Dragon's soul when we slew it. It's corporeal form was all I was able to claim. And this ruin."
Yisareh: "Small blessings...but even soulless Dragon bones pose a terrible threat in the hands of someone as powerful as Orryn. We have to stop his plans."

You'll be able to talk to Yisareh then:

"Even as a soulless husk, the Dragon's bones hold formidable power. If Orryn's able to complete the reanimation … let's hurry!"

Between Ulfnor and Sabina, there are many Blackmarrow cultists and warded doors:

Yisareh: "Another barrier seal. We need to destroy that crystal so I can dispel it."
<Observes door.>
"It's like it's drawing its power from beyond the veil. Caluurion, can you help?"
Caluurion: "If I must."
<Caluurion breaks the seal.>
Yisareh: "Another crystal. Destroy it."
Yisareh: "The crystal! It's powering the summoning circle. We have to destroy it."

Second door:

Yisareh: "We'll need to destroy this crystal before I can dispel the barrier seal."
"This seal is like the last one. I'll need help to break it."
Ulfnor: "This one's mine! Nothing can stop Ulfnor the Dragonslayer!"
<Ulfor barges the door and breaks the seal.>

Thurvokun and Orryn the BlackEdit

Once you arrive to find Orryn and his masterpiece, Yisareh will focus on holding Orryn's magic back while the group battles Thurvokun.

Orryn the Black: "I'm so glad you could be here for my moment of triumph. I promise your interest in my work will be rewarded."
Orryn the Black: "At last I can unveil the centerpiece of my collection: Thurvokun. Ah, how exquisite it turned out to be."
Orryn the Black: "And your shattered bodies will make the perfect set dressing."
Yisareh: "I can't undo his spell. Not while he's fighting me. You have to be the ones to stop this!"

When a crystal needs to be destroyed to disrupt Orryn's summoning:

Yisareh: "I can stifle Orryn's conjurations if you destroy the crystal!"
Yisareh: "Help me shatter these crystals and disrupt his summoning!"
Yisareh: "The crystals fuel the summoning circles! They have to be destroyed!"
Yisareh: "Destruction spells aren't my specialty. Give this crystal a whack, would you?"
Yisareh: "These crystals are potent, help me break them!"
Yisareh: "We must release the spirits from his control before we're overwhelmed!"
Yisareh: "I can turn his thralls against him, but I can't do it without your help!"

Yisareh will also call upon the adventurers' spirits for assistance:

Yisareh: "Captive spirits, I release you! Lend us your aid!"
Sabina Cedus: "Pitiable souls, I'll make this quick."
Yisareh: "Help us destroy Orryn. Then you'll have your rest."
Sabina Cedus: "You broke my chains, I'll break theirs."
Yisareh: "(?)"
Caluurion: "Stay back, they hunger for life."
Yisareh: "Earn your freedom, help us defeat Orryn!"
Caluurion: "Wretched things. Begone!"


Yisareh: ""
Ulfnor: "Watch them dash like waves against me!"

At some point in the fight, Orryn will possess Thurvokun's skeleton, whereupon Yisareh will no longer be able to hold back his minions.

Orryn the Black: "So merely pulling the strings will not be enough. Then allow me to be more direct."
Orryn the Black: "Ah—haha! Now this is a vessel befitting my power. Observe."

In the middle of Orryn's transformation, Yisareh will say one of the following lines:

Yisareh: "His control is too strong now! I can't stop his minions!"
Yisareh: "His control is too strong! I can't overcome it like this!"

While Orryn is preparing to perform his one-shot ability:

Yisareh: "I will purify the corruption!"
Yisareh: "I can shield you! Hurry!"

Execute Phase:

Yisareh: "I can't stop Orryn's summoning! Destroy him! Quickly!"

After defeating Orryn the Black, talk to Yisareh again. She is relieved that the threat is eliminated.

"I couldn't have faced this alone. I was lucky to have you along. Can you imagine the power Thurvokun must have possessed in life? I need to make sure no one else tries to harness the power in these remains."
How do you plan to do that?
"Oh, I have a few tricks up my sleeve, but first I'll need to expel Orryn's soul from the Dragon. I'm sure our new compatriots would love to settle their unfinished business with our host.
We should be able to handle things from here. Thank you."

The AftermathEdit

After the completion of Casting the Bones, Yisareh will first deal with Orryn's soul and Thurvokun's body while giving the dead adventurers some catharsis.

Yisareh: "I think it's time we laid these old bones to rest for good."
"Caluurion, Ulfnor, Sabina, help me unravel the threads binding Orryn to your ancient foe."
Caluurion: "Turnabout is fair play."
Ulfnor: "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this."
Sabina Cedus: "Time for a taste of your own medicine, bastard."
<Orryn's ghost appears.>
Orryn the Black: "Where did I go wrong?"
Sabina Cedus: "There'll be plenty of time for regrets where you're going."
Yisareh: "Now to ensure this Dragon stays buried for a very long time."
<Starts the ritual>
Yisareh: "Breath of the Tricky God. Breeze of the Far Shores. Carry away the lingering life that clings as Sep's skin to this world."
Caluurion: "May your elusive spirit be forever swallowed by the Void."

After Orryn's soul has been banished, Yisareh can be asked about her future plans.

"You know, this has only been mildly terrifying and I've enjoyed our time together. Maybe I should start taking pledges again myself."
What did you do to the Dragon bones?
"A little bit of purification I learned from my homeland. It should be safe from any other ambitious necromancers now.
I don't usually speak ill of the dead, but I hope Tu'whacca is dunking Orryn's profane head in some sanctified latrine as we speak."
Holy rituals?
"I never said I only study necromancy. When you dabble with the dead, it pays to be well-versed in the field."
What's next for you?
"Well, now that this place is clear of danger I don't have much to report to the enclave. Think I'll make sure nothing dangerous gets left behind and start sniffing out another pledge candidate."
Got any leads?
"So you can clear them out before I get there?
I'd like to know more about this Scalecaller character Orryn was at odds with, but aside from that … not really."
It was Thurvokun's old Dragon Priest. I've already dealt with her. (Option appears if Scalecaller Peak is completed.)
"Guess it wasn't a coincidence to find you here, but I'm glad you showed up when you did.
Shame you keep beating me to these unique finds. Dragon Priest would have made for a great pledge."