Online:Tubidan the Alarmist

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Tubidan the Alarmist
Home City The Hollow City
Location The Shining Star
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted
Condition Spirit
Tubidan the Alarmist

Tubidan the Alarmist is a Khajiit member of the Undaunted who can be found in a side room at The Shining Star in The Hollow City. He and his compatriots, Sahba the Bonecrusher and Savage Sehlena were killed years ago by an evil wizard, but they haven't let that stop them.

You can buy him a drink for 0000006969 Gold, and even though he can't drink it, this will count towards the This One's On Me achievement. When you do, he will tell you about the Vaults of Madness, adding the location to your map if you haven't discovered it yet.


If you're not Undaunted:

"My friend, this table is for the worthy, the bold.
nAnd this one thinks you don't look like either."

When you greet him, he will welcome you to the city.

"This one hopes the Hollow City finds you well, Undaunted.
Meridia's wayward township is many things, but it's never dull. Especially for an Undaunted."
Who are you?
"This one is called Tubidan. The most dauntless of the Undaunted, the Mane of Meridia's Vanished City, they call him!
An honor this must be for you. So … how about it?"
How about what?
"Would you like to buy a drink for this Khajiit?"
This one's on me. [Pay 0000006969 Gold gold] (Giving him the gold causes the Undaunted Song scene from below.)
"You'll come around."

After paying for his drink and witnessing the song. You can speak with Tubidan further and he can tell you how his group became spirits in the first place.

"I appreciate the drink. Helps keeps the anxieties under control in the depths of a dungeon.
This one believes that you are never truly alive unless you are stumbling through a trap or matching wits with a Daedra! So go! Be alive!"
How did you get here?
"This one and his Undaunted friends were very busy in life. Always delving into ancient dungeons, raiding a mad mage's home, or bursting out of a necromancer's coffins to terrify and then behead them.
Those were exciting times."
Why haven't you passed on?
"Long story. This Khajiit and his Undaunted kicked down many doors in our careers.
Kicking down doors often reveals great treasure, or forgotten places. But sometimes it reveals an angry wizard who removes your soul and stores it away."
A wizard took your soul?
"Yes, centuries ago, I think—hard to recall. He took our souls, put them in a contraption. It must have broken, because one day, this one and his Undaunted were freed.
The wizard—long dead. And this city had wandered far from where it was."
What does an Undaunted have to be anxious about?
"Oh, everything! Everything! This Khajiit's friends will tell you that they fear nothing—a powerful trait! But this one is greater than they … because this one fears everything!"
What do you mean?
"To be Undaunted is to be brave—and most will tell you different, but true bravery does not exist without fear. What does the fearless Khajiit risk? Nothing!
And those with nothing to risk have no passion to gain."
"When I go to the stream to wash my linens? A sudden storm could spirit me away! See the sword on my back? Could take my head when I sheathe it! A Daedra wants to talk? Their words literally cut like blades!
But I live my afterlife just the same."
Where can the Undaunted prove themselves in Coldharbour?
"My friend, simply walking the crumbling earth of Coldharbour is proof enough of courage! And surviving a testament to strength!
Though—I suppose there is one place more threatening and horrifying than most, save for the Throne of Brutality itself."
What place?
"The Daedra call it the Vaults of Madness.
It's the home of a demigod known as the Mad Architect. This one thinks he's Daedric, others a mere mortal—with frightening magical abilities. This one has long dreamed of raiding his coffers."
Who is this Mad Architect?
"He builds for the Daedric Princes—black-spired castles, bleeding towers of flesh. Buildings as grotesque as they are instruments of torture, and the Vaults are his vilest creation.
They are a true test for an Undaunted."

If you enter the Undaunted's room after completing the Vaults of Madness, Tubidan will realize and cheer you on.

Tubidan the Alarmist: "And the Undaunted returns! And from the Vaults of Madness themselves! Hope it was worth it—defeating the Mad Architect couldn't have been an easy feat."

The Undaunted SongEdit

After you buy Tubidan the Alarmist a drink, he will insist on a song. Much to Sehlena and Sahba's dismay.

Tubidan the Alarmist: "Your generosity is five-clawed, my friend! Listen, everyone. That one bought this one a drink. This calls for a song!"
Savage Sehlena: "You asked for a drink? Tubidan. You're dead. What a waste of coin!"
Sahba the Bonecrusher: "You're an idiot, Tubidan."
Tubidan the Alarmist: "Silence, both of you! That one bought Khajiit a drink."
Savage Sehlena: "So now you're going to sing?"
Tubidan the Alarmist: "No. Khajiit is most Undaunted here. You will sing."
Savage Sehlena: "What? No!"
Tubidan the Alarmist: "And you will sing, Sahba."
Sahba the Bonecrusher: "Go play in the Vaults of Madness, Tubidan."
Tubidan the Alarmist: "All are staying in this tavern until you sing! So sing fools!"
Savage Sehlena: "Who knows no fear … of beast or blade?"
Sehlena and Sahba: "Undaunted … undaunted."
Tubidan the Alarmist: "Yes. Yes!"
Sahba the Bonecrusher: "Who knows no fear … of Daedric planes?"
Tubidan the Alarmist: "Tell me! Tell me who!"
Sehlena and Sahba: "Undaunted. Undaunted. We are undaunted."
Savage Sehlena: "Who knows no fear … of death? Of age?"
Tubidan the Alarmist: "Louder! By the Bright Moons! Louder!"
Sehlena and Sahba: "Undaunted. Undaunted. We are undaunted!"
Tubidan the Alarmist: "That's the stuff!"
Savage Sehlena: "Someone pass a sword through my face."
Sahba the Bonecrusher: "It wouldn't kill you."


Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-food-Beer.png This One's On Me 15 Buy drinks for your Undaunted companions at each gathering.


  • Previously it was possible to learn the Vaults of Madness location from Tubidan and use that to reach northern Coldharbour early by teleporting there from a Wayshrine and leaving via the front door. Since Patch 12, however, this is no longer possible, as leaving the front door of any dungeon will just transport you back to wherever you entered from. You can still get to north Coldharbour early, but now you will need the assistance of another player to teleport to one of the Wayshrines there.