Online:Sahba the Bonecrusher

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Sahba the Bonecrusher
Home City The Hollow City
Location The Shining Star
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted
Condition Spirit
Sahba the Bonecrusher

Sahba the Bonecrusher is a Redguard spirit and a member of the Undaunted found in The Shining Star, the inn located in the Hollow City.


If you're not Undaunted:

"This room's for the Undaunted, stranger. Undaunted only."

When you speak with her, she is happy to see that the Undaunted are still recruiting since her death centuries ago.

"Name's Sahba. Sahba the Bonecrusher. Good to see a fellow Undaunted.
And a live one, at that. I'm glad the extended family's still recruiting new members."
What are you doing here?
"There's not much I can do. Can't move on from this plane. And being dead, I can't return to Tamriel. At least there are Daedra to match blades with."
How did you get here?
"I don't care much for that story. Ask Tubidan if you must."

The Undaunted SongEdit

After you buy Tubidan the Alarmist a drink, he will insist on a song. Much to Sehlena and Sahba's dismay.

Tubidan the Alarmist: "Your generosity is five-clawed, my friend! Listen, everyone. That one bought this one a drink. This calls for a song!"
Savage Sehlena: "You asked for a drink? Tubidan. You're dead. What a waste of coin!"
Sahba the Bonecrusher: "You're an idiot, Tubidan."
Tubidan the Alarmist: "Silence, both of you! That one bought Khajiit a drink."
Savage Sehlena: "So now you're going to sing?"
Tubidan the Alarmist: "No. Khajiit is most Undaunted here. You will sing."
Savage Sehlena: "What? No!"
Tubidan the Alarmist: "And you will sing, Sahba."
Sahba the Bonecrusher: "Go play in the Vaults of Madness, Tubidan."
Tubidan the Alarmist: "All are staying in this tavern until you sing! So sing fools!"
Savage Sehlena: "Who knows no fear … of beast or blade?"
Sehlena and Sahba: "Undaunted … undaunted."
Tubidan the Alarmist: "Yes. Yes!"
Sahba the Bonecrusher: "Who knows no fear … of Daedric planes?"
Tubidan the Alarmist: "Tell me! Tell me who!"
Sehlena and Sahba: "Undaunted. Undaunted. We are undaunted."
Savage Sehlena: "Who knows no fear … of death? Of age?"
Tubidan the Alarmist: "Louder! By the Bright Moons! Louder!"
Sehlena and Sahba: "Undaunted. Undaunted. We are undaunted!"
Tubidan the Alarmist: "That's the stuff!"
Savage Sehlena: "Someone pass a sword through my face."
Sahba the Bonecrusher: "It wouldn't kill you."