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Card Backs are a customization option available in Legends. Card backs are displayed during battles, with your card backs being displayed to your opponents, and yourself as you draw cards. Card backs are available in a number of different themes, which can be accessed from the collection menu.

Visually, several card backs resemble card backs that appeared in Crown Crates from ESO.

Card Backs[edit]

Image Name Availability Notes Icon
LG-back-TES 25th Anniversary.png 25th Anniversary Elder Scrolls 25th Anniversary Gift
  • Available during the Elder Scrolls 25th Anniversary as a 10 Gold purchase.
25th Anniversary Logo for Legends card back
LG-back-Agent Of The Throne.png Agent Of The Throne Summoning 2000 Imperials An Imperial Dragon Armor Cuirass
LG-back-Akatosh.png Akatosh Having at least one copy of every Jaws of Oblivion card A stained glass depiction of the Avatar Akatosh
LG-back-Aldmeri Dominion.png Aldmeri Dominion Winning 30 games with a IntelligenceWillpowerAgility deck Aldmeri Dominion eagle emblem
LG-back-Alliance War.png Alliance War Alliance War Pre-order
  • Given to players who pre-order the Alliance War expansion.
ESO ouroboros symbol
LG-back-Almsivi.png Almsivi Day 1 Bundle
  • Given to all existing players upon the launch of the new client.
Tribunal sigil
LG-back-Baandari.png Baandari Having at least one copy of every Moons of Elsweyr card
LG-back-Caius' Training.png Caius' Training Completing Caius' Training Blades emblem
LG-back-Clockwork City.png Clockwork City Purchasing the Clockwork City Triple Bundle or purchasing the Festival of Madness New Year's Countdown Deal. Clockwork City
LG-back-Core.png Core Default card back
  • The Daedric text on card back is an abridged quote from Boethiah's Glory which reads "INTO BATTLE STRIDES THE DAEDRIC PRINCE BLADE AT THE READY TO CLEAVE THE UNWORTHY".
Core Set
LG-back-Daggerfall Covenant.png Daggerfall Covenant Winning 30 games with a StrengthIntelligenceEndurance deck Daggerfall Covenant lion emblem
LG-back-Dark Brotherhood.png Dark Brotherhood Purchasing the Dark Brotherhood Triple Bundle Dark Brotherhood
LG-back-Divayth Fyr's Trials.png Divayth Fyr's Trials Completing Divayth Fyr's Trials House Telvanni emblem
LG-back-AncestorMoth.png Ancestor Moth E3 Twitch Drop
  • Awarded for using the Bethesda E3 Twitch extension during the Bethesda E3 2019 Showcase promotion livestream on Twitch in June 2019.
A Moth Priest with three ancestor moths
LG-back-Ebonheart Pact.png Ebonheart Pact Winning 30 games with a StrengthAgilityEndurance deck Ebonheart Pact dragon emblem
LG-back-Elden Root.png Elden Root With any purchase Core Set
LG-back-Empire.png Empire of Cyrodiil Winning 30 games with a WillpowerAgilityEndurance deck Empire diamond emblem
LG-back-Flame Atronach.png Flame Atronach Atronach Bundle or the Festival of Madness Flame Atronach Bundle Core Set
LG-back-Guildsworn.png Guildsworn Winning 30 games with a StrengthIntelligenceWillpower deck A combination of the Mages Guild and the Fighters Guild banners
LG-back-Hollowjack.png Hollowjack Purchasing the Festival of Madness Epic Pack Bundle on day 32 Core Set
LG-back-House Dagoth.png House Dagoth Winning 30 games with a StrengthIntelligenceAgility deck House Dagoth beetles emblem
LG-back-House Hlaalu.png House Hlaalu Winning 30 games with a StrengthWillpowerAgility deck House Hlaalu scale emblem
LG-back-House Redoran.png House Redoran Winning 30 games with a StrengthWillpowerEndurance deck House Redoran scarab emblem
LG-back-House Telvanni.png House Telvanni Winning 30 games with a IntelligenceAgilityEndurance deck House Telvanni fungus emblem
LG-back-Houses of Morrowind.png Houses of Morrowind Purchasing the Morrowind Starter Pack Houses of Morrowind set icon
LG-back-Legend.png Legend Reach Legend rank in Ranked play
  • The art depicts The Ritual constellation.
  • A premium version of this card back is awarded to players who finish the season within the top 100 Legend ranks.
Legend rank icon
LG-back-Legends Top 10.png Legends Top 10 Finish a ranked season in the top 10 Legends
  • Awarded to players who finish in the top 10 Legends ranks.
Legend top 10 rank icon
LG-back-Moongate.gif Moon Gate Completing Moons of Elsweyr introductory quest reward
  • The art is a stylized animation of a Moon Gate
  • This image is the first frame of the complete animation that can be found here.
Jone and Jode
LG-back-Mythic Dawn.png Mythic Dawn Completing Jaws of Oblivion introductory quest reward
  • The Daedric text on the card is a quote from the Mysterium Xarxes which reads: "FOR LORD DAGON FOREVER REBORN IN BLOOD AND FIRE FROM THE WATERS OF OBLIVION".
  • This cardback's name and art are references to the Mythic Dawn
The art depicts the symbol of Mehrunes Dagon surrounded by a glyph from the Mysterium Xarxes
LG-back-Naryu's Challenges.png Naryu's Challenges Completing Naryu's Challenges
  • The art is a stylized depiction of Naryu Virian, who first appeared in ESO.
Morag Tong emblem
LG-back-Nerevar Reborn.png Nerevar Reborn Having at least one copy of every Houses of Morrowind card
  • The card back's name and art refer to the Nerevarine, who was the reincarnation of the Dark Elf hero Nerevar.
Nerevar's Moon-and-Star, the House Hlaalu scales, the House Redoran scarab, and the House Telvanni fungus
LG-back-Prince of Madness.png Prince of Madness Purchasing the Isle of Madness Triple Bundle or the Isle of Madness Premium Pre-Order
  • The art depicts a stylized Sheogorath.
  • The card back from the premium pre-order has a premium animation.
LG-back-Psijic.jpg Psijic Purchasing the Festival of Madness Epic Pack Bundle on day 35 Core Set
LG-back-RubyThrone.png The Emperor Having at least one copy of every Alliance War card The Red Diamond
LG-back-Saint.png Saint Completing Isle of Madness on Master Difficulty
LG-back-Scale.png Scale Daily Login Reward for May 15, 2018 Core Set
LG-back-SeasonOfTheDragon.png Season of the Dragon Elder Scrolls Online cross promotion. Stylized dragon
LG-back-SoulGem.png Soul Gem Playing in the Grand Melee held between the 25th and 27th of October 2019.
  • A premium version of this cardback was awarded to players that placed within the top 1000.
Stylized Soul Gem.
LG-back-Storm Atronach.png Storm Atronach Atronach Bundle or the Festival of Madness Storm Atronach Bundle Core Set
LG-back-Necromancer.png The Lich Summoning 2000 Undead Stylized skull
LG-back-Tribunal Temple.png Tribunal Temple Winning 30 games with a IntelligenceWillpowerEndurance deck Dunmer Sigil of the Tribunal
LG-back-Twitch 2018.png Twitch 2018 Twitch 2018 Bundle
  • Awarded for using the Bethesda E3 Twitch extension during the Bethesda E3 2018 Showcase promotion livestream on Twitch in June 2018. Card back was not distributed until the Sparkypants Studios client was launched in September 2018.
Square logo used by ZeniMax Media Inc. and its subsidiaries
LG-back-Wrathstone.png Wrathstone Moons of Elsweyr Pre-order Depicts the Wrathstone

Old Client[edit]