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General: Recurring Characters / Running Gags

M'aiq the Liar is a Khajiit character who has recurred in many Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind, making him one of the longest running gags of the series. While every rendition of M'aiq the Liar is technically a different character, they all break the fourth wall and make some reference to Dragons.


M'Aiq in Morrowind
Main Article: Morrowind:M'Aiq the Liar
"Greetings! M'Aiq knows many things. What is your interest? You seek knowledge. M'Aiq has much. Some of it verified by actual facts!"
  • Much of M'Aiq's dialogue refers to many requested or anticipated features of Morrowind which were not included in the final release of the game.
  • His most truthful comment pointed you to the location to start Boethiah's Quest for the daedric artifact Goldbrand.
  • This is the only version of M'aiq where the a in his name is capitalized.
  • This is the only M'aiq that lacks a robed appearance.
  • This Maiq is a digitigrade-legged Suthay-raht. Every appearance since has featured a M'aiq from a plantigrade Furstock.
  • This M'aiq is encountered in 3E 427.


M'aiq in Oblivion
Main Article: Oblivion:M'aiq the Liar
"M'aiq knows much, tells some. M'aiq knows many things others do not."
  • This M'aiq references many game mechanics that are lacking from Oblivion, most which were present in previous The Elder Scrolls games, such as Levitation.
  • This M'aiq makes references to game mechanics that Oblivion added, such as Quest compass objectives.
  • This M'aiq wishes for a Colovian Fur Helm to use, a reference to the attire used by the M'aiq in Morrowind.
  • This M'aiq is encountered in 3E 433.


M'aiq in Skyrim
Main Article: Skyrim:M'aiq the Liar
"M'aiq wishes you well."
  • Much of this M'aiq's dialogue references many improvements over Oblivion, such as character models and other new features.
  • This M'aiq claims to have come from a long line of M'aiqs.
  • One of his greetings is a reference to M'aiq's greeting from Oblivion.
  • This M'aiq is encountered in 4E 201.


M'aiq in ESO
Main Article: Online:M'aiq the Liar
"M'aiq speaks the truth, except for when he doesn't. With you, always the truth."
  • This M'aiq claims to come from a long line of Qia'ms. However, this is likely a lie, as the description of a lute in Crow's Wood states that it is "a gift from M'aiq to his son, M'aiq".
  • This is the only M'aiq that does not reference any sort of strain of Lycanthrophy
  • This M'aiq can be found in most zones included in the Base Game as well as Northern Elsweyr. Finding M'aiq in all base game zones that he is present in awards you with an achievement titled I Like M'aiq
  • M'aiq references CHIM with the line "You've heard that the Khajiit love naps, yes? So does M'aiq. Though maybe M'aiq is napping now and this conversation is but a dream?"
  • This M'aiq is a Cathay Khajiit.
  • This M'aiq is encountered in 2E 582.

Other MediaEdit

Unused Legends card art, possibly for M'aiq
  • M'aiq the Liar was originally planned for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, as his voice files for entering play and attacking were datamined.
"M'aiq is not at ease on the battlefield, but M'aiq will try his best."
"M'aiq is done talking!."