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Morrowind:Drarayne Thelas

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Drarayne Thelas (drarayne thelas)
Home City Balmora
House Drarayne Thelas' House
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 2 Class Commoner
Other Information
Health 46 Magicka 82
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Drarayne Thelas

Drarayne Thelas is a Dark Elf commoner who has the largest collection of pillows in Balmora, or, possibly, anywhere in Morrowind. She can be found in her house on the east bank of the Odai River in the center of Balmora. She is wearing a common shirt with matching skirt and shoes. She is carrying a pillow and a key to her house. Aside from her natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by her ancestors, she knows no spells.

In her house are various clutter items and a copy of the following books: The 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 20, The Cantatas of Vivec and The Anticipations. You'll notice she has a lot of pillows, both in her house and her storage.

Related QuestsEdit

Fighters GuildEdit

  • Exterminator: Exterminate a few cave rats in a local Balmora house.


  • Thelas' Pillows: Discover the lost shipment of Drarayne Thelas' pillows in the Abandoned Shipwreck.



  • Greetings:
    • "Are you the one they sent to take care of the cave rats?"
  • cave rat:
    • [Storage Key has been added to your inventory] "These rats are such a nuisance! I'm worried they'll eat all of my pillows. You like pillows, don't you, %PCName? Anyway, I've got one trapped in my bedroom here, and the other two are in my storage area upstairs. Rats, that is...not pillows. Here's the key for that door. There are at least three of these beasts. I hope they haven't gotten into my good pillows...."
    • "Are you going to kill those cave rats for me?"
    • [100 gold has been added to your inventory] "I'll take your word that the cave rats are dead. Here, take these 100 septims. It's what I agreed to pay the Fighter's Guild."
    • "The rats haven't been back yet, %PCName."

Thelas' PillowsEdit

pillow shipment
"A shipwreck? That's horrible! Oh, all of those wonderful pillows... Well, I thank you, PCName. It is good to know what became of my shipment, though the loss of pillows saddens me. A few of those were stuffed with racer plumes. A real shame. Still, thank you for your help with this. Take this as a token of my appreciation. It has served me well."

She then rewards you with an Extra-Comfy Pillow.


  • Drarayne Thelas belongs to the Thelas family, which has their own ancestral tomb.
  • In the Tribunal expansion, a Redguard named Therdon can be found drinking his troubles away in the Winged Guar tavern. He laments that he was laid off from his job at the pillow factory the previous week. Therdon sarcastically comments (possibly in allusion to Drarayne Thelas): "The market for pillows has really bottomed out in the last few years. Turns out that the average family home doesn't need 25 pillows per person like we originally thought." Therdon can be recruited into the blacksmithing trade as part of The Smith's Apprentice.
  • Drarayne Thelas is referenced again in Oblivion, when another member of the Thelas family encounters another rat problem.