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Varona Nelas
(RefID: xx0177DD)
Added by Dragonborn
Home Town Tel Mithryn
House Tel Mithryn Steward's House
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 8 Class Farmer
RefID xx0177DD BaseID xx01777C
Other Information
Health 108 Magicka 73
Stamina 74
Primary Skills Alchemy, Destruction, Enchanting
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type FemaleCondescending
Faction(s) DLC2PillarBuilderFaction; DLC2CrimeRavenRockFaction; Tel Mithryn Faction
Varona Nelas

Varona Nelas is a Dark Elf farmer living in the small settlement of Tel Mithryn who has the questionable honor of being personal steward to town founder Neloth. Like the other residents, she is overworked and estranged by her employer's eccentric personality and wishes herself far away. However, she is soon going to Raven Rock to pick up supplies, leading to her early demise and the quest Reluctant Steward.

Varona wears fine clothes and matching boots, and carries a steel dagger, a key to her house and a small amount of gold.

Varona will die (see notes) after you visit Tel Mithryn for the first time, so a few steps must be followed to see her daily routine and witness the many conversations between her and the other inhabitants. First, you must not leave Tel Mithryn; second, you will have to complete From the Ashes before she dares venturing outside. After that, her daily routine is a busy one: She starts the day at 6am and paces around her quarters for two hours. At 8am she visits Elynea Mothren in the local Apothecary, at 9am she visits the cook Ulves Romoran in the Tel Mithryn Kitchen, at 10am she paces around outside, at 11am she checks up on Master Neloth in the tower, then she heads back to her quarters for a one-hour lunch. At 1pm she paces around outside, at 2pm she visits Elynea, at 3pm she visits Ulves, and at 4pm she once again spends an hour outside. At 5pm she checks up on Neloth before going home for a one-hour dinner. At 7pm she makes one last visit to Elynea and then takes the rest of the evening off. Before the Sun Stone is cleansed she was supposed to work on the shrine between 10pm and 6am but doesn't due to a bug.

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Quest-Related DialogueEdit

From the AshesEdit

When you first pay a visit to Tel Mithryn, you will find Varona in the center of the settlement engaged in conversation with Talvas Fathryon. Varona is obviously concerned about Talvas' conjuration experiments and countless attempts to summon an ash guardian, and she will try to get Talvas to act responsibly, with little luck. The dialogue will differ slightly if Neloth is in Raven Rock as part of the quest Dragonborn:

"It's on your head if something goes wrong."

Varona: "Why are you out here? Aren't you supposed to be in the tower assisting Master Neloth?" OR "Why are you out here? Master Neloth is away. Aren't you supposed to stay in the tower?"
Talvas; "If you must know, I'm trying to get this Ash Guardian spell to work. Now let me concentrate. Besides, shouldn't you be worrying about the damage to the tower?"
Varona: "Master Neloth has tasked Elynea with repairing the tower. Why aren't you doing this in the lab, where it would be safer for all of us?"
Talvas: "The, uh... the lab is too small. Also, I need the ashy soil. Master Neloth knows what I'm doing. No need to bother him about it though. He's quite busy at the moment." OR "The, uh... the lab is too small. Also, I need the ashy soil. Master Neloth told me to practice this spell while he's away. No need to tell him about it when he gets back. He knows all about this."
Varona: "It's on your head if something goes wrong. Just let me get back inside first."

As promised, Varona will then enter her quarters and will not come out until you have completed the quest From the Ashes. If you speak to her in here she will say:

"I need to tell Master Neloth about that Ash Guardian, but I don't dare leave my home."

When everything is safe and Talvas has taken his spot inside the tower, she will start her daily routine.


Her greetings:

"We don't get many visitors. Is there something you need?"
"There are rumors of dragons on the mainland. I hope they don't show up here."
"I hate this ash. It gets into everything."
"Talvas says Master Neloth is asking for me."
"I hope Elynea has something for headaches."
"I'm going to have to go to Raven Rock soon. We're running low on some things."
"I'd better check on Ulves. The kitchen supplies were getting low."

Speaking to her:

What is this place?
"Tel Mithryn. It's the home of Master Neloth. You may have heard of him. He's a famous Telvanni wizard."

If Neloth is in Raven Rock she will add:

"He's not here right now. I think he's in Raven Rock."
He lives in a giant mushroom?
"In Morrowind, the Telvanni grow buildings from special fungus spores. Master Neloth grew one here to be his home. Don't ask me how."
Are you one of Neloth's apprentices?
"No. Talvas is his apprentice. I'm his steward. I manage the day to day affairs of Tel Mithryn."
Who else lives here?
"Talvas is Master Neloth's apprentice. If you are interested in spells, he might be willing to sell you some. Elynea is our alchemist. She specializes in mushrooms and other types of fungus. Ulves runs the kitchens."
Varona dead


Talvas: "Master Neloth is going to be casting some rather loud spells in the next day or two. You should warn the others. Oh, and if the tower door suddenly gets icy cold, don't come in."
Varona: "That man is going to kill himself one day, and take the rest of us with him. Thanks for the warning."
Talvas: "I don't want to see any of you get hurt. Oh, could you get me an extra blanket. I think I might need it."

Varona: "How are your lessons coming, Talvas?"
Talvas: "The pain has subsided. Thank you for asking. Hopefully the frost lessons are over."
Varona: "I hope it's worth it."
Talvas: "Neloth is a master wizard of the House Telvanni. I've already learned more than I would have in twice the time at the College of Winterhold."
Varona: "And suffered twice as much."

Neloth: "Varona, get me some canis root tea. Oh, and remind Elynea that she needs to fix my tower. That chamber has been withered for too long."
Varona: "You have some tea, but I'll get you a fresh cup. Elynea is waiting for fresh taproot before she can regrow that chamber."
Neloth: "Taproot? That's all? Add it to the Raven Rock list."
Varona: "I already did, but it won't do any good. They haven't had any for months."

Varona: "Master Neloth, I'm preparing for a trip to Raven Rock to pick up supplies. I have your list of soul gems, but nothing else."
Neloth: "Hmm? Oh. Raven Rock. Right. I need soul gems..."
Varona: "I know that. What else?"
Neloth: "Maybe some daedra heart. Elynea never seems to stock it. Let me get you the rest of the list tomorrow. I'm just too busy to think about this right now."
Varona: "That's what you said yesterday! I really can't put this trip off for much longer."

Varona: "Where is your list of things you need from Raven Rock?"
Ulves: "I would have had it ready, but Master Neloth wanted his meal early."
Varona: "Well I can't wait forever. Master Neloth keeps asking if I have his soul gems yet."
Ulves: "Well you'll just have to wait. Last time I brought his meal up late he asked if I wanted to be a part of one of his experiments."

Ulves: "If you're here about the canis root tea, it's almost ready."
Varona: "I don't know how he drinks that stuff."
Ulves: "At least you don't have to taste every time to see if it's brewed right."

Varona: "I'm sick of all this ash. I know dunmer [sic] aren't supposed to mind the ash, but I hate it."
Elynea: "It's a good thing you've always lived here on Solstheim. Vvardenfell is covered in ash. Red Mountain makes sure of that."
Varona: "So you've said a hundred times. But didn't you also tell me the Telvanni lands were green and lush?"
Elynea: "Maybe two hundred years ago they were. Now they say those green lands are ash covered too."

Elynea: "Are you going to Raven Rock soon? I need some thing [sic]."
Varona: "Soon. Be patient. Ulves is still making his list. And of course Master Neloth keeps adding to his. What with all the ash spawn on the road these days, I'm not leaving until the trip is worth it."
Elynea: "Bah! Patience is for the young. An old dunmer [sic] like me can't afford it."


  • When you arrive in Tel Mithryn for the first time you will find Varona arguing with Talvas Fathyron. She will then seek you out and engage in conversation. This actually marks the beginning of her death as speaking to her will cause her to die the next time you leave Tel Mithryn (going to the Sun Stone is enough to kill her), marking the start of the quest Reluctant Steward.
  • Another Varona Nelas was encountered in Morrowind. While they share the name and a loose affiliation with House Telvanni, Varona's conversations with Elynea suggest that Varona has been on Solstheim her entire life, while the Varona from Morrowind is found on Vvardenfell, confirming they are not the same person.


  • Before the Sun Stone has been cleansed, Varona was supposed to work there every night between 10pm and 6am. Due to a developer oversight, her default (sandbox) package takes precedence and the work package never activates. This also means that her "wake-up" line will never be heard: "Who brought me here? I demand to know who did this! I've got to get back. Tel Mithryn is probably falling apart."
  • The zones activating Varona's scripted death are placed in very close vicinity of Tel Mithryn, making it possible to actually see her die.
  • Sometimes Varona's body will show up without clothes.