Skyrim:Ash Guardian

Skyrim: Creatures: Daedra
Ash Guardian
Location Solstheim (Ashlands), Tel Mithryn, and Highpoint Tower
Species Atronach Soul Greater
Level 30 Type Daedra
BaseID xx01AAAF
Other Information
Health 601 Magicka 197
Stamina 247
Faction(s) Ash Guardian Faction
An ash guardian

Ash Guardians are atronach-like ash creatures found in various locations throughout Solstheim. They resemble the Storm Atronach except they are encased in stone rather than lightning. They can be summoned and will attack unless they feed on heart stones. They are most often found with magic users or the similar Ash Spawn.

Ash guardians can be conjured once you have completed the quest From the Ashes. They do not occupy a conjuration slot if summoned without a heart stone.

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  • Ash guardians will sometimes not fight for you even though they consume a heart stone when summoned. They will instead just sit in one spot until attacked.
  • Ash guardians will inflict no fire damage with their flame explosion attack. ?
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