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Silus Vesuius
(RefID: 000240CE)
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Home City Dawnstar
House Silus Vesuius's House
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level PC×0.75 (range=20-30) Class Destruction Mage
RefID 000240CE BaseID 000240CC
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1.3)×6.2
Magicka 50+(PC-1.3)×5
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Sneak
Class Details CombatMageDestruction
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Faction(s) CrimeFactionPale; Prevents filling aliases in WIGreeting; Thieves Guild No Pickpocketing Faction
Silus Vesuius in his museum

Silus Vesuius, an Imperial destruction mage, is a citizen of Dawnstar and the curator of the Museum of the Mythic Dawn, which is just a few artifacts and objects relating to the Mythic Dawn in display cases inside his home. The reason he created the museum is because he is a part of the family bloodline which was a part of the Mythic Dawn, a cult which attempted to bring the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon to Tamriel, during the Oblivion Crisis 200 years earlier. Talking to him completes a quest to visit the museum, received via a courier's note. He speaks reverently of the Mythic Dawn, despite their insidious background, and asks you collect the pieces of the dismantled Mehrunes' Razor, a powerful weapon.

Despite being a proud descendant of a Mythic Dawn agent and an expert in lore surrounding Mehrunes Dagon, his plan to restore Mehrunes' Razor begins to flounder. Upon gathering the pieces you will travel with Silus to a nearby shrine to the Daedric Prince where Silus attempts to summon him, in vain. But when you try to summon Mehrunes Dagon, he reveals that he has no interest in helping Silus repair the Razor at all and that Silus' life must be taken if the Razor is to be restored, prompting a brief fight between you and Silus. After Silus' death, the Prince of Destruction gladly repairs the blade and "tests your strength".

However, if you decide to spare Silus, Dagon summons two Dremora to dispatch him. If you defeat them before they kill him, he will return to his museum with the shards of the razor, and will remain friendly to you although access to the razor will be denied to you forever onward.

Silus wears Mythic Dawn robes, a pair of Mythic Dawn gloves, and a pair of Mythic Dawn boots. He is equipped with a leveled dagger which can be up to glass quality, and carries a selection of upper-class loot and gold.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

If you go to Dawnstar after receiving a museum pamphlet from a courier, you can see him and Madena having an argument in front of the museum.

Madena: "Your ancestors wouldn't want this, Silus!"
Silus Vesuius: "Why should I hide from it? This is my family's legacy!"
Madena: "It's the past! Dead oaths on dead lips. Let it stay there."
Silus Vesuius: "The museum is opening, Madena."
Silus welcomes you to his museum

You can then speak to Silus.

"And here comes my first visitor. The Museum of the Mythic Dawn is open, friend."
A courier gave me this pamphlet...
"And here you are. I hope you've found the museum to your liking."
A courier gave me this invitation.
"And here you are. Good. Come in, browse the display, and let's talk. I have a job you look perfect for."
What was that argument about?
"Never mind that. Madena is a good woman, but I have my own reasons for opening this museum, and I'm not changing my mind.
I have a collection of artifacts from the group that toppled an Empire. Their importance to history cannot be forgotten.
Why don't you come in? You can browse the displays, and we can talk. I have a job you look perfect for."
Not interested.
"Your loss, but if you change your mind, I'll be here."
Museum of the Mythic Dawn?
"Yes. My collection of artifacts from a group that toppled an Empire.
Why don't you come in? You can browse the displays, and we can talk. I have a job you look perfect for."
Sounds good.
"Let's talk inside."
Not interested.
"Your loss, but if you change your mind, I'll be here."

If you haven't received a pamphlet, you can simply approach him.

"And here comes my first visitor. The Museum of the Mythic Dawn is open, friend!
Let's talk inside."

He then leads you inside the museum. Once inside, you can speak to him. He has several greetings:

"My family were in the Mythic Dawn. My museum is our legacy."
"Wrong or right, the Mythic Dawn changed Tamriel's history. They deserve study."
"Scholars from around the world will come here one day."

You can also ask him some questions about the museum's contents.

Why did you open this museum?
"It's no secret that my family were once members of the Mythic Dawn. One of my forefathers was even chosen to assassinate Uriel Septim himself.
We hid from our past for years, became tradesman, people of coin and influence.
But I realized that the Mythic Dawn's importance -- our importance -- to history cannot be denied.
I'll see everyone in Tamriel remember that for a moment, we held the fate of the world in our hands, for good or ill."
So what is this Mythic Dawn cult?
"They were worshippers of Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Lord of Destruction and Change.
The Mythic Dawn killed Uriel Septim VII and his heirs, triggering the events that lead to the Oblivion Crisis, when the Daedra invaded Tamriel.
All that remains of the infamous cult, I've gathered in my museum."
Who is Mehrunes Dagon?
"Ah, an excellent question. Mehrunes Dagon is the Daedric Lord of Change, Destruction, and Ambition.
Dagon's Mythic Dawn cult killed the Septim Dynasty and opened the Oblivion Gates into Tamriel. They called it the Oblivion Crisis."

You can inquire about the job he mentioned earlier. Once he gives you the details, you can inquire further or tell him you want no part in this.

"Did you have any questions about the museum, or would you rather talk business?"
Let's talk about this job you want done.
"A little history, first. After the Oblivion Crisis, a number of groups cropped up dedicated to wiping out the remnants of the Mythic Dawn.
One of these groups found Mehrunes' Razor, the artifact of Dagon. They split it into three fragments and pledged to keep them apart forever.
That was almost 150 years ago, and the pieces are still being kept by the descendants of that group. And they're right here, in Skyrim."
Option Response
You want me to get those fragments? "At least two of the owners, Ghunzul and Drascua, are dangerous marauders. And the third owner, Jorgen, I only know he lives in Morthal.
Here are my notes about them. I'll gladly pay you for getting the pieces any way you can. No questions asked."
Stop right there. I'm not interested. "Fine. I can't force you to help me, but the offer is open."

He gives you a list titled The Keepers of the Razor and sends you off. You can ask him more about Mehrunes Razor.

I want to know more about the Razor.
"The Razor is Mehrunes Dagon's personal artifact. It has always heralded bloody change and carnage.
It's held many names: Dagger of the Final Wounds, Bane of the Righteous, the Kingslayer.
The Mythic Dawn worshipped Dagon as a god. Having his Razor would be invaluable to my collection."

At this point, he says one of two lines when you exit a conversation with him.

"Good luck finding the fragments."
"I'll just be tending the museum if you need me."

There are three greetings that can occur depending on which of the razor's fragments you've given to Silus.

If you've given him no pieces If you've given him the hilt If you've given him the pommel If you've given him the blade shards
"What is it? Do you have one of the Razor fragments?" "It's strange holding a hilt that isn't connected to a dagger. Oh well." "I keep gazing into the pommel gem. Not a single flaw." "I've had to be careful handling those blade shards you found. They're each sharp enough to sever a finger with no effort."

When you bring him a piece of the razor, you'll need to give them to him individually. He rewards you with gold for each fragment you bring him.

Topic Dialogue
The hilt of Mehrunes' Razor, as promised. "Did you try the grip? Isn't it eerie how it seems to mold itself into your hand?
Here's your gold."
Here's the pommel stone of Mehrunes' Razor. "Our master craftsman are nothing compared to the perfection of the Daedra. Look at how it shines.
Here's your gold, as promised."
I have the blade shards of Mehrunes' Razor. "Look at them. The legendary sharpness of a deadric [sic] weapon. Marvelous.
And here's your payment for the shards."
I have all the pieces of the Razor. "All at once! You're efficient. I like that. Here's your reward."

After you give him a fragment of the razor, he continues the conversation by telling you which pieces you're still missing.

Pommel given Hilt given Shards given
"We just need the shards of the blade and the hilt, now." "We just need the pommel and the shards of the blade, now." "We just need the hilt and the pommel, now."
Hilt and pommel given Blade and hilt given Blade and pommel given
"There's only the shards of the blade left to collect. Exciting, isn't it?" "There's only the pommel left to collect. Exciting, isn't it?" "There's only the hilt left to collect. Exciting, isn't it?"
Silus attempts to commune with the Lord of Destruction

After you've collected all the missing pieces of Mehrunes Razor, the quest advances, and Silus tells you about what he seeks to do next. More specifically, he tells you how he's going to go about repairing the Razor. You can either ask him if he thinks Dagon will be willing to help, or tell him his ideas are terrible. Regardless of which option you pick, Silus heads over to Mehrunes Dagon's Shrine, where you can meet him to see the repairs through.

"Finally, all the pieces of Mehrunes' Razor are in my hands. It's time I let you in on something.
There's a fourth piece. That scabbard in the display case. Built to house the Razor. And there's more.
I know how to put all the pieces together. We just need to take them to Dagon's shrine and contact the Lord of Change directly."
You think Dagon will repair the Razor?
"Ever since I was a boy, I felt this strange sense of destiny surrounding the Mythic Dawn cult, and now I know what it is.
Don't you see? Fate has led you to me and to the pieces. Dagon has to answer our call. We're so close.
I'll meet you at the shrine."
This sounds like a terrible idea...
"You don't want to be part of history? Fine. I'll be at the shrine if you change your mind."

If you attempt to speak with him again after agreeing to reforge the Razor, he'll simply say, "I'll meet you at the shrine."

When you arrive at the shrine, Silus will greet you in one of several ways:

"Good. You're here. I'll place the pieces on the altar, and Dagon should speak to us."

If you try speaking to him again before the pieces are placed, he says:

"Let me put the pieces on the altar. We'll see if Mehrunes Dagon can still be reached."
Silus defends himself

Silus places the fragments on the altar and attempts to contact Mehrunes Dagon. He isn't successful, and suggests that you try it in his stead.

Silus Vesuius: "Mehrunes Dagon, the Lord of Change, we have brought your Razor to you. We beg you, please bring the blade's full glory to Tamriel again!"
Silus Vesuius: "It's not working. Why don't you give it a try? Just put your hands on the altar."

If you speak to him before putting your hands on the altar, he repeats his instructions.

"Try putting your hands on the altar. Maybe Mehrunes Dagon will speak to you."

You can speak to Silus after you meet Mehrunes Dagon. He's terrified, and attempts to bargain with you for his life.

"Wait. Wait. Don't kill me. There's another way.
I can take the pieces back to my museum. Seal them in a display case.
You get a generous amount of gold, I get to complete my collection, and nobody has to die."
Option Dialogue Response
Fine. Get out of here. "Thank you. Here's your gold. I'll make a run for it back to Dawnstar." Silus flees to Dawnstar and lives
Dagon has spoken. "Fine. I'm not dying without a fight!" Silus attacks you and dies

If you spared Silus at the shrine, he will run away while screaming:

"Run for it!"

You can speak with him back at the museum. He will say one of three greetings, sounding relieved.

"The museum is doing well. I haven't told anyone about the... incident with the Razor."
"Good to see you in my museum again. I owe you my life."
"I never thought all I would want is peace and quiet, but I think our little adventure scared me straight."


  • Editor ids suggest that Silus was originally going to be named Valmir, though that name was actually given to an unrelated NPC.