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Skyrim:Mythic Dawn Robes

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Unique Item: Mythic Dawn Robes (000b144d, 00109c11)
Type Clothes
Editor ID ClothesMythicDawnRobes
Weight Weight 2 Value Value 75
Magicka regenerates 75% faster:
Mythic Dawn Robes

Mythic Dawn Robes are the traditional clothing of members of the Mythic Dawn, preserved from the ruins of time by Silus Vesuius, who wears a set of them and displays two copies at the museum he created within his home. The Mythic Dawn Robes comes in two different styles, one with a hood (000b144d), and one without a hood (00109c11). The two different variants of the robes have the exact same weight, gold value, and enchantment, with the only difference being is that one comes with an attached hood. Alongside the different versions of the robes, a matching set of boots and gloves can also be found on Silus or in a display case within his house to complete the Mythic Dawn look. Mythic Dawn Robes have been enchanted to increase the speed of magicka regeneration by 75%, making it so that the wearer can cast more spells thanks to their more speedily increasing magicka reserves.

During a tour of the Mythic Dawn Museum, Silus Vesuius will stop at the display case with the robes in them and will passionately explain their purpose and creation: "Those robes were worn during the Mythic Dawn's secret meetings, where they plotted to bring the Daedra Mehrunes Dagon into Tamriel. Each bolt of yarn used to make the robe was colored with a dye made from sacrificial blood."

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