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Skyrim:Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon

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Daedric Shrine:
Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Important Treasure
Catalogue of Armor Enchantments
Console Location Code(s)
MehrunesDagonShrine, Mehrunes01
The Pale
South-southeast of Stonehills
Southwest of The Lord Stone
Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon

The Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon is the shrine to the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. It contains only one zone, Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon.

Related QuestsEdit



The easiest way to reach the shrine is to travel southwest from the Lord Stone. Before the related quest is completed, you will only find the stone altar in front of the key-locked door to Dagon's shrine. At the end of the quest, two Dremora will attack you. Both carry copies of the key which opens the door to the shrine. After completing the quest, the two Dremora will respawn every 10 days, and will attack on sight.

A moonstone ore vein is 130 feet west-northwest of the shrine. It may be reached by dropping off the cliff near the boss chest at Skyborn Altar and proceeding north to the ledge with the ore vein. On the south side of the peak with Dagon's statue is a stash of items, including a randomly enchanted helm and war axe, two potions, three gemstones, a burial urn, and a chest. The stash is to the right of a stone cairn and beneath a stylized dragon glyph.

Shrine of Mehrunes DagonEdit

Princely prizes

Upon entering, you will be in an icy tunnel. Follow it until it opens into the shrine proper, and deal with the two Dremora inside. There is a raised area in front of you with a short flight of stairs leading up, and two other short sets of ascending stairs to the same raised area at both the eastern and western ends of the small cave. The stairs are separated by large stone pillars. Turning to the left as you enter the main cave, you will find a large urn against the north wall. Against the east wall is an open chest containing two ebony ingots and four gold ingots. There is a fifth gold ingot in front of the chest, which will drop almost fully into the ground making it impossible to obtain unless you pick it up before taking any of the ingots in the open chest (this will happen every time you come here, and once fallen, it will stay that way). Ascend the stairs in front of the open chest to an unlocked chest, also against the east wall. In the southeast corner around a lit brazier is some cheap crockery, a bowl of bone meal, and a salt pile.

To the right, against the south wall is a sideboard containing two refined moonstone ingots, three further gold ingots, a random enchanted helmet, a bowl of ectoplasm, a bowl of glow dust, a random soul gem, a spell tome of Firebolt, and an unlocked strong box. In the center of the south wall is an unlocked boss chest. To the right of the boss chest, leaning against the south wall, is a staff of banishing. Farther to the right is another sideboard containing a second unlocked strong box, a copy of the Enchanting skill book Catalogue of Armor Enchantments, two bowls of glow dust, three gold ingots, two random soul gems, an ebony ingot, an elixir of strength, and another random enchanted helmet.

In the southwest corner around another lit brazier is more crockery, a bowl of bone meal, and a bowl of frost salts. Against the west wall is another unlocked chest, and farther to the right down the stairs is another large urn and an open chest containing random boots. There is a final large urn against the right-hand stone pillar as you enter, opposite the second urn.


  • The shrine is useful when you want to start smithing Daedric armor and weapons, as after killing the four respawning Dremora, you can loot their hearts.
  • The shrine is not present during the events of Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor. However, tattered tapestries belonging to the Mythic Dawn indicate they constructed the shrine sometime between 2E 582 and the Oblivion Crisis.


  • The Dremora may not respawn at the shrine, even after waiting 30 in-game days. However, leveled loot will continue to respawn inside.
    • Wait another 30 game days and they might respawn, both inside and outside.
  • One or more Dremora may spawn without a weapon, and if they aren't a mage, they will resort to attacking with their fists.